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InícioFASHION & BEAUTYAlmond nails with French tips: a classic that reinvents itself every season

Almond nails with French tips: a classic that reinvents itself every season

The almond nail with French tip combines the beloved shape found in beauty salons with a timeless technique that’s always on-trend.

This style is practical, easy to maintain, and resilient. Why not learn the characteristics of this design and get inspired by 15 beautiful examples? Follow along with the article!

What are almond nails?

Almond nails have an almond shape – translated from English, “amêndoa” – meaning the design resembles this nut.

The most striking features are the narrow sides and rounded tip. This style is often a middle ground, sitting between the stiletto and oval nail shapes.

To adopt the style, you simply need to file the tips until they have a slender appearance, then gradually round them off. This model is a favorite among celebrities and exudes elegance and modernity.

The design is perfect for women who want to grow their nails or have short fingers, as the almond nail gives the impression of lengthening the finger, making it appear longer.

15 Almond nail with French tip inspirations to receive many compliments

Everyone loves a compliment, right? Below, you’ll find a variety of decoration ideas to inspire and create stunning almond nails with French tips.

Have fun exploring colors and patterns in the process!

1- The almond nail with reverse French tip looks very stylish

Almond nails-01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

2- The classic and basic black stands out with the design

Almond nails-02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

3- While white brings a touch of delicacy to the nail

Almond nails-03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

4- Another alternative is to include gold for a contrasting effect

Almond nails-04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

5- Why not try a French tip with glitter?

Almond nails-05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
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6- Romantics can opt for a French tip with cute details

Almond nails-06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

7- Minimalist decorations look perfect on almond nails

Almond nails-07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

8- Plaid is another way to impress and showcase a modern style

Almond nails-08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

9- As is mixing the French tip with charming stickers

Almond nails-09
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

10- The neon French tip is super trendy and provides a unique highlight

Almond nails-010
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

11- Details make all the difference in almond nails with French tips

Almond nails-011
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

12- Unleash your creativity and invest in designs that transform your nails

Almond nails-012
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

13- Adding extra elements, like rhinestones, makes a big difference in the decoration

Almond nails-013
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

14- Incorporate plenty of shine and color to your compositions

Almond nails-014
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

15- And create powerful combinations for your almond nails with French tips

Almond nails-015
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

There are many nail art options! So don’t waste any more time and start practicing various French tip styles. To help you with this mission, there’s a selection of tutorials in the next section. Stay tuned!

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