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InícioCROCHET PATTERNS15 amigurumi photos and step by step to make cute pets

15 amigurumi photos and step by step to make cute pets

They are cute, full of color and, after a little practice, not that difficult to make. Have you ever heard of amigurumi? 

To learn more about this art and start creating now, check out tips for beginners and the necessary materials below, as well as tutorials and beautiful ideas to get inspired.

          What does amigurumi mean?

          From the Japanese ami , which means mesh, and nuigurumi , which means plush doll, this is an oriental technique for making animals with knitting or crochet stitches. 

          This creative work has been successful in Japan for a long time, but it was only in recent years that it started to become more popular.

          Being used both as decorative objects and toys for children, amigurumis usually imitate animal or human shapes. 

          They are handmade, in an artisanal work that involves persistence and a lot of creativity.

          The best part is that currently it is possible to find several recipes available to make the most beautiful dolls. 

          In addition, you can make custom amigurumis and sell them to friends, colleagues or even online, supplementing your income. Did you like it?

          Amigurumi for beginners: 4 tips to get started with the technique

          amigurumi - 01
          Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

          Before learning a little more about the world of amigurumis, here’s a tip: those who already know how to crochet a few stitches or chains may find it easier to get their hands dirty – or lines. 

          However, for those who are new to crochet, it is not an impossible job either. See the tips below:

          Necessary materials

          The most basic materials for those who want to start making amigurumi animals and ornaments are thread, needles and stuffing. Acrylic filler, found in haberdashery, is a good choice for the inside of the pieces. 

          Another option is to take advantage of leftover thread, not wasting any of your materials.

          The most used needles are crochet ones. The size will depend on your thread and the type of stitch you want to make – tighter or not. 

          As the price of these items is usually more affordable, it is worth buying several and seeing which one fits best for your work. Learn more about the materials in the video:

          Other supplies you may need are: scissors, tape measure, tapestry needle, glue, felt, and fabric paint. 

          The latter are for making details on the dolls.

          Threads for amigurumi

          There is no specific line for making amigurumi. There are a wide variety of colors, textures and brands available for you to choose from. 

          What is important to know is that the thickness of the line interferes with the final size of the pets. The thinner the line, the more delicate the result. Watch the video to understand more:

          Generally, cotton threads are the most used. Mercerized cotton ones have a very nice shine. 

          The thicker ones are ideal for those who are just starting out in this craft world. Oh, no need to worry: thread packages usually indicate which needle is best for use.

          How to read amigurumi recipes

          Learning how to read amigurumi recipes is the most important step to start making your pets. 

          There are some points that are more common, such as Magic Ring, Career and High Point. Each of them has its specific symbol. 

          If you prefer, search on Google, print the most used points and have them close by whenever you need to make an appointment.

          Recipes are written career by career, in other countries. There is a marking from the beginning of the row, such as 1st row or 1st. Then it is specified what you need to do and how many times. Chunks are divided by comma or +. 

          The end of the recipe line shows how many points you will have in your career. Did you find it complicated? Check it out in the video above!

          Crocheting your first ball

          In the ball pattern, you will find the following abbreviations: AM (Magic Ring), slx (slip stitch), sc (slip stitch), aum (increase) and dim (decrease). The video below shows the complete step-by-step and, in addition, teaches you how to make each of these dots.

          Practice a little bit a day until you get the hang of it and become more confident. Just like learning to play an instrument, doing crafts requires dedication.

          5 amigurumi tutorials to do at home

          After acquiring the first materials and mastering the stitches, it’s time to move on to new projects. Ready?

          1. Panda vase

          This vase in the shape of a panda is just a whim. The best thing is that only two thread colors are used. In addition, pretend cacti are a nice option for those who cannot keep plants at home.

          2. Bunny

          Whether for an Easter-themed decoration or even a cute ornament, this rabbit is charming. 

          In fact, this tutorial is two in one: with the same recipe used for the rabbit’s body, you can make eggs!

          3. Tie Kitten

          To make this amigurumi kitty, you’ll need one color of thread for the body, one for the clothes and one for the tie. 

          Also, you’ll use silicone glue and little buttons to make the eyes and the snout. Play on video to learn!

          4. little fox

          The list of materials to make the little fox is not very long: skeins of 3 colors, 3mm crochet hook, buttons for the details, silicon fiber and scissors. 

          The explanation is very detailed, excellent for beginners.

          5. Easy octopus

          According to some experiments carried out in Denmark, crochet octopuses reassure premature babies, making them safer and more comfortable. 

          Is not cool? In the video above, you can see how to make your own octopus.

          Maybe your first creations won’t turn out exactly the way you were imagining, it’s normal! But soon you’ll get used to it and be proud of your amigurumis.

          15 Amigurumi photos to delight you

          Just use the hashtag #amigurumi and you will come across many beautiful creations on Instagram. Here are just a few of the cutest amigurumis we’ve come across:

          1. These bride and groom are endlessly cute

          amigurumi - 02
          Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

          2. The king of the jungle also got a passionate version

          amigurumi - 03
          Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

          3. How to deal with this scarf fox?

          amigurumi - 04
          Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

          4. These colorful fruits won our hearts

          amigurumi - 05
          Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

          5. Seriously, look at these cacti

          amigurumi - 06
          Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

          6. Those in love with giraffes vibrate!

          amigurumi - 07
          Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

          7. The gateiras on duty too

          amigurumi - 08
          Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

          8. This collection of octopuses has our respect

          amigurumi - 09
          Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

          9. This whale was used to decorate a party

          amigurumi - 10
          Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

          10. These dolls are pure delicacy

          amigurumi - 11
          Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

          11. Would you say no to this kitty?

          amigurumi - 12
          Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

          12. Mini Llamas Are Just Adorable

          amigurumi - 13
          Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

          13. We have nothing but praise for this overalls-wearing koala

          amigurumi - 14
          Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

          14. What’s cuter than a panda? Two pandas!

          amigurumi - 15
          Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

          15. And a pink piggy couldn’t be missing

          amigurumi - 16
          Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

          Thread and needle in hand? Choose your favorite idea to put this cute technique into practice now!

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