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Base with formaldehyde: check out why the item provides nail resistance

Thin nails that bend and break easily can be a nightmare for many people. However, the base with formaldehyde base may be the solution for those looking to strengthen their nails. 

To understand more about the benefits of this item, follow the information contained in this article.

Base with formaldehyde is bad?

According to dermatologist Samira Raad (CRM-PE 20145), “formaldehyde is a preservative allowed by Anvisa for use in low concentrations”, so its use in nail bases is allowed, as these products have formulas with acceptable levels of formaldehyde. 

With that, she adds that the function of formaldehyde in the base “is to increase the resistance of the nail plate, which is the hard part of the nail”.

However, it is worth mentioning that it is necessary to follow all the care for the application of the foundation, so that it does not end up causing harm. Thus, if you realize that there is an allergy to formaldehyde with the use of the item, suspend its use. 

Furthermore, the product should not be applied in the cuticle region, it should be applied below it until the end of the length of the nails.

Benefits of foundation with formaldehyde

The base with formaldehyde provides several benefits to the nails, as long as this compound is found in low amounts, allowing its beneficial properties to be activated safely. 

In addition, as it is aligned with vitamins, formaldehyde intensifies these advantages. To understand more about the beneficial performance of the item, read the topics below:

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  • The base with formaldehyde makes nails harder: Formaldehyde promotes an increase in the binding of proteins that form nails, a factor that makes them more rigid. Therefore, as it collaborates to make the nails hard, the foundation with formaldehyde is highly recommended for those who have softened nails.
  • Provides nutrition to the nails: In addition to the presence of formaldehyde, which is found in low amounts, most products based on formaldehyde have vitamins and minerals in their composition. Because of this, the base ends up contributing to the development and growth of nails.
  • Provides a better fixation of the enamel: The application of the base with formaldehyde prevents it from ending up peeling at the ends, in addition to helping to reduce nail scaling.
  • Helps in nail growth: The formaldehyde base usually gathers components aimed at healthy nail growth, which are essential for them to grow healthy and rigid, so that they do not bend easily when they are large.

It is possible to notice that the bases that take formaldehyde confer benefits linked to the increase of the resistance of the nails and help in their growth, as long as they are products that dose this component. 

Even why, this is due not only to the presence of formaldehyde, but also to the fact that there are other components involved in this type of base, such as vitamins and calcium. That’s why formaldehyde base provides healthy and beautiful nails.

The best bases with formaldehyde for healthy nails

Considering that the formaldehyde base provides more resistance and helps in the development of nails, starting to use it can provide benefits for you. 

In this sense, below are listed the main bases with formaldehyde with proven results. So, check out the list below:

1. Top Beauty Concrete Strengthening Enamel – $

As a formaldehyde-enriched product, this nail base provides increased protein binding and promotes nail hardening. 

In addition, the item provides the formation of a protective film to the nails. It is noteworthy that it has an ultra-fast drying action and is not tested on animals.

“My nail today is big and very strong. She has never been as tough as she is now. My nail does not bend, no matter how long it is. It is a base that is very worthwhile” – Jessi Moreira

2. Nail Strengthening Nutribomba Base – $$$$

It is a base with formaldehyde indicated for weak, thin, peeling nails that do not grow. The product will cause you to receive a large load of vitamins responsible for the healthy development of nails. Thus, this base ensures strong and large nails.

“This bomb base, it changed my life, because it helped to harden my nail. Before, it was very soft and now mine doesn’t break easily” – Mayara Pessanha

3. UnhaFort Muriel Nail Strengthening Base – $$

Developed to give nails more resistance, this base with formaldehyde contributes to strengthening brittle and weakened nails, making them grow in a healthy way. Of daily use, the item is still efficient regarding nail mycoses.

“It dries very quickly, has an alcohol smell that is not bothersome and is even pleasant” – Bella

Based on the information exposed throughout this article, it was possible to perceive that the base with formaldehyde can guarantee surprising results to the nails when used with all care.

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