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Can You use Expired Nail Polish? Discover if There are Health Risks

You decide to do your nails, and when you realize it, the chosen nail polish has expired. So, the following question comes to mind: can you use expired nail polish?

This is a common doubt that often arises when it comes to applying nail polish.

We know it’s common to have several bottles of nail polish at home, and often we don’t pay attention to the expiration date, right?

Besides, with so many colors and new releases that are launched in different seasons of the year, it’s easy to build a collection and have a special shade for every occasion.


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After picking up the nail polish, you see that it has passed the expiration date. Based on that, it’s important to analyze some characteristics, such as the texture.

If it’s thick, the tip is to discard it because the process of applying the polish will be affected, and the result won’t meet your expectations.

Another important aspect to consider is to check if the polish is cracked or even whitish. It’s also necessary to evaluate if there has been a change in color.

Moreover, expired nail polish takes longer to dry completely and can even result in the appearance of bubbles.

At times, nail polish within the expiration date can stay still for a long time and turn whitish. If this happens, simply roll the bottle between your hands, and the color will return to normal soon.

In any case, it’s always good to evaluate if everything is fine. When storing your collection, choose a well-ventilated space and always close the lid tightly to preserve it.

Nevertheless, the recommendation is not to use expired nail polish. Even though it may be painful to throw away that beloved color, don’t hesitate to discard it.

Apart from the points already mentioned, it’s also possible that using the product after its expiration date can cause allergies and weaken your nails.


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Another important topic is knowing how to properly dispose of nail polish after it has expired. To do so, pour the liquid onto a piece of paper or newspaper. Wait a few minutes and then throw it away in regular trash.

If the polish has hardened, apply a small amount of polish remover to the inside of the bottle and stir it well until it softens.

This process also helps to clean the bottle. Then, dispose of the packaging at a recycling point.


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In addition to discarding expired nail polish, other precautions are important to avoid contamination and risk to your health.

The first tip is not to share nail clippers and metal cuticle pushers with others, as cuts can transmit diseases such as hepatitis C.

When opting to use the tools provided by a manicurist, make sure they have been properly sterilized and are suitable for use. The nail file also deserves attention.

The professional should use each file only once, individually, and then discard it. If the file is yours, do not lend it to anyone because there is a risk of transmitting highly contagious fungal infections.

Discovering whether you can use expired nail polish and learning other nail care tips are important actions to keep them healthy. Enjoy!

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