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InícioFASHION & BEAUTYChrome Nails; perfect trend for New Year's Eve 2023

Chrome Nails; perfect trend for New Year’s Eve 2023

Chrome nails go from one extreme to another in women ‘s taste. That’s because anyone who enjoys a very striking style is certainly a great choice for a great style this New Year’s Eve!

But how to make nails with this effect at home?

We brought you very easy tricks so that you can leave your nails with a chrome effect, avoiding the traditional. 

So follow our tips and capriche!

What is a chrome nail?

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Although it is very similar to the metallic style, the chrome effect differs in that, in addition to having a specific nail polish for this application, the results for chrome nails can also arise from some types of ideas and tricks.

This effect stands out more in terms of brightness compared to the metallic effect. Anyway, it’s worth checking out and innovating in the design of your nails.

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How to do chrome nails

To create a chrome-plated style on your nails, in addition to nail polishes with a chrome-effect already on the market , there are also simple and easy techniques. This ensures that even those who don’t have much experience in the world of nail designs can get incredible nuances. 

In this way, see the material options that guarantee the chrome result and that are easily found in general or cosmetics markets, as well as in pharmacies:

  • chrome powder;
  • Aluminum paper;
  • Glitter;
  • Eye shadow;
  • Illuminating powder.

First step towards the chrome effect on nails

First, if you have any old nail polish on your nails, remove it completely. Next, prepare your cuticles normally and according to your custom, as well as adapting the size of your nails, filing them, for example. 

Pass a base coat, choose the nail polish of your choice and apply. In this way, wait some time between one application and another of the products, so that they are dry. Also, before the next step, wait for about 3 minutes.

Step Two: Choose the Powder

Once you’ve defined the powder to be applied, as suggested above, apply it using a small eyeshadow brush, tapping lightly. However, as an extra tip, we can recommend that instead of applying a specific colored nail polish, just the base can be used.

In this sense, the ideal is to apply the foundation, wait for it to dry for a moment, but not 100% and apply the chosen powder. We also recommend reapplying both foundation and powder.

Creating a chrome effect on nails with aluminum foil

Very easily it is possible to create chrome nails using a material that practically all housewives have: aluminum foil. That’s right! For this, follow the step by step:

  1. After having prepared your nails as usual, cut the aluminum foil in a size a little bigger than a fingernail;
  2. Place over each nail, then measure and trim the excess;
  3. Then, polish your nails with a silver nail polish. This color helps to cover possible flaws in the placement of aluminum foil;
  4. Then, without the polish drying completely, paste each piece of paper cut out over each nail;
  5. Thus, remove the side leftovers with the help of nail pliers;
  6. To leave the paper completely uniform on the nails, pass a cotton swab and smooth the surface;
  7. Finally, apply a very generous layer of foundation.

Now, just abuse your creativity by playing with colors when creating your chrome nails. What are you waiting for to share these tips with friends?

Oh! Be sure to also discover many other female tips on our blog by reading other articles. A super hug and see you next time!

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