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Unlock the Secret to Effortless Cleaning of Door Tracks

Have you ever found yourself staring at the tracks of your sliding doors, wondering how on earth you’re supposed to get them clean? You’re not alone.

It’s one of those cleaning tasks that’s easy to overlook because it seems so inconsequential yet hard to tackle.

But fear not, I’ve discovered a secret that makes cleaning door tracks not just possible, but effortless. Let me share with you a hack that changed the game for me.

The Magic of a Toilet Paper Roll in Cleaning Door Tracks

It might sound odd at first, but hear me out. Vacuums are our go-to for cleaning, but they often fall short in tight spaces. Even with a tapered attachment, those tiny, hard-to-reach spots remain dusty.

And those brush attachments? They tend to just shuffle the dirt around. That’s where the humble toilet paper roll comes into play for cleaning door tracks.

As I stumbled upon an Instagram Reel from A Clean Bee, showcasing this very trick, I was skeptical. Many viral cleaning hacks end up being more of a miss than a hit.

Despite my doubts, I decided to give it a try. The trick is to attach a toilet paper roll to the end of your vacuum hose. This might require saving your next roll instead of tossing it out.

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The roll’s tip is flexible, allowing you to adjust its size to fit into those narrow spaces while maintaining strong suction.

Putting the Hack to the Test

When it was finally time to test this hack, I encountered a slight hiccup. My vacuum’s stick was too large for the roll to fit around. Not one to give up easily, I adapted by bending the roll to fit inside the stick.

To my surprise, it worked wonders on the dirty track of my patio door. The process was simple, effective, and quick. The suction power was uncompromised, and the roll reached every nook and cranny, pulling up dirt with ease.

After vacuuming, a quick wipe down with a mixture of vinegar and water was all it took to finish the job. The track wasn’t exactly brand-new, but it looked significantly better. This hack saved me from the usual hassle of sweeping and struggling with a vacuum in small spaces.


In conclusion, cleaning door tracks doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a simple toilet paper roll and your vacuum, you can reach those tight spaces effortlessly.

This hack not only simplifies the cleaning process but also delivers impressive results. I highly recommend giving it a try; it might just change your cleaning routine for the better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a specific type of vacuum to use this hack?

No, any vacuum that allows you to attach the toilet paper roll to its hose or stick should work.

Can I use this method for other tight spaces?

Yes, this hack can be adapted for cleaning any small, hard-to-reach areas.

What if the toilet paper roll doesn’t fit my vacuum?

You can try bending the roll to fit inside the vacuum stick, as I did, or slightly adjust the size of the roll.

Is this method effective for all types of dirt?

It’s effective for loose dirt and debris. For more stubborn grime, a follow-up wipe with a cleaning solution might be necessary.

How often should I clean my door tracks?

It depends on usage and location, but generally, cleaning them every few months is a good practice.

Can I use paper towel rolls instead of toilet paper rolls?

Yes, paper towel rolls can work too, especially if you need a larger size.

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