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InícioCROCHET PATTERNSCrochet hook: which is the best type, model and size to buy

Crochet hook: which is the best type, model and size to buy

The crochet hook is an essential material for the craft productions of this technique. And to choose the ideal needle, you need to know how to identify the best type, model and size for your work.

There are many options for working with knitted yarn,  twine and other crochet threads . It all depends on the need and personal preference, which can be in relation to the cost x benefit, the aesthetics or the expected comfort when doing the crochet step by step .

The proposal here is to make a brief orientation about the existing options and the best options for each craftsman.

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From the information and tips that will be presented, you can have a great idea about the crochet hook and how it should be compared and chosen, based on the main criteria.

Watch the types and recommendations very carefully!

crochet hook types

The types of crochet hooks may vary according to the material used to make them, that is, the production base and the available sizes.

nickel plated steel needle

It is a needle made with a heavier material, but very resistant. The downside is the fact that it is found in smaller sizes only.

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It is suitable and ideal for the finest wires, as their sizes vary between 0.60mm and 2.10mm.

aluminum needle

It is lighter than the needle made of nickel-plated steel and all standard sizes are available for crochet.

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This material is the most commonly found in the crochet handicraft market, but it can vary in colors and in the constitution of the cable from other materials. However, when it is made entirely of aluminum the cost is much lower.

In addition to being beautiful and stylish, when the aluminum needles are colored, they place each color referring to a single size. This way, the identification by sizes is easier to do and your needle kit is even more organized.

plastic needle 

This needle is the lightest of all because it is usually made of hollow plastic.

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This type is also available in all sizes, including jumbo-sized needles. In addition, they can also be colored, having an attractive and youthful appearance.

bamboo needle 

It is an ideal material for working thicker string lines, or fabric threads and even plastic threads, and it has options for all types of sizes.

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It is worth remembering that bamboo is a material considered ecological, as long as it is used in a natural and sustainable way. That is, bamboo should not undergo chemical processes, which use synthetic and polluting materials.

The manufacturer of any bamboo product needs to provide this information.

Aluminum needle with rubberized or plastic handle

The handle of this needle becomes more anatomical because of the rubber and makes handling more comfortable.

Crochet hook - 06
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The anatomical format brings more convenience and comfort to the hands and, generally, these handles tend to be soft and colorful.

This type is little known and has a more recent production, being considered an ergonomic model for the hands.

It has a rubberized central part where the fingers grip the needle, so the rest of the handle is plastic.

It is also known as “Clover Needle”, because Clover is the brand that made available and imported (from Japan) this type of crochet hook in the global market.

double pointed needle

This double point on the needle helps in making many jobs, since each hook will have a different size.

Crochet hook - 07
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In other words, it’s like two needles in one, allowing for some very specific types of crochet, such as Tunisian or Afghan.

Aluminum needle with bamboo handle

It’s ideal for anyone who likes the firmness of the bamboo handle but prefers the way the wire slides over the aluminum hook.

Crochet hook - 08
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The bamboo handle usually has the color and texture of wood, without much customization, but this aspect is also very charming and rustic.

Among so many types of needles, in general, it is worth mentioning that the more anatomical or ergonomic the needle is, the more expensive it will be.

The cost will also depend on the type of material and the manufacturer, but it is preferable to avoid calluses on your hands and to have quality material for making crochet crafts.

In that case, think about the best cost x benefit for you and choose the ideal crochet hook for your work.

What are the crochet hook sizes?

The crochet hooks, which are made of nickel-plated steel, are available in sizes from 0.60mm to 2.10mm.

The larger sizes for making crochet are only found from aluminum, plastic or bamboo needles.

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Not all needle manufacturers produce all sizes of each material, but this is relative and deserves good, detailed market research.

Search the sizes and models of the main well-known manufacturers in Brazil, which are Círculo, Corrente, Clover, Telanipo, Serend, Maluli, We Care About and Tulip. But, in any case, the sizes vary and go beyond 2mm, reaching up to 20 millimeters.

So, to summarize and define all the sizes of crochet hooks, the main sizes can be mentioned, which are these:

0,60mm – 0,75mm – 1mm – 1,25mm – 1,75mm – 2mm – 2,5mm – 3mm – 3,5mm – 4mm – 4,5mm – 5mm – 5,5mm.

Up to 2mm needles are used for delicate work through the finest threads.

Crochet hook - 10
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From 2 millimeters onwards, the needles can already be used in thicker threads that make the work more productive. However, intermediate threads will ask for needles between 2.5mm and 3.5mm.

It is noteworthy that there are needles much larger than 5.5mm, but the measurements mentioned are considered within a standard and reasonable scale for beginners.

The larger sizes, such as 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm, are suitable for crochet using fabric threads or other thicker materials.

And the jumbo-sized crochet hooks are between 15mm and 20mm thick.

How to choose the perfect crochet hook for beginners?

The ideal is to start with the intermediate needles, which can help in the process of adapting to work. The first step is to get the hang of holding the hook and handling the yarn, developing all kinds of crochet stitches.

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Larger needles will be used for thicker threads, which end up being easier to slide and slip through the needle, hindering learning.

Smaller needles are used for finer threads, which end up being more difficult to control at work, due to the delicacy of the process.

Therefore, among the most indicated needles, an intermediate size is recommended, such as 3mm or 3.5mm.

What is the crochet hook number for knitted yarn?

Mesh yarn is a fabric yarn that needs sizes above 4mm depending on the thickness of the yarn. The measurement of the knitted thread will be the reference for choosing the ideal needle size, which can range from 4mm to 10mm.

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In this way, the thicker the knitted yarn, the larger the crochet hook will be to be able to handle the material properly. In some cases, the knitted yarn may be so thick that even larger needles will be needed.

Pay attention to the needle number recommended for the job, which is often found, mostly on the label of the knitted yarn rolls that are sold.

This reference is very important and, if necessary, follow these tips:

  • If the yarn overshoots the end of the hook, the needle is too big;
  • If the thread does not reach halfway to the end of the hook, the needle is too small;
  • If the yarn is flush with the end of the hook, the needle is the right size.

What is the largest crochet hook number?

The largest crochet hook number, until then, would be 20 millimeters.

This size is within the scale considered for needles that serve very thick threads and can be framed in the jumbo size for this reason.

Crochet hook - 13
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The jumbo size is the extra-large size (XL), and in crochet it is determined when the needles are between 15mm and 20mm. However, in knitting this size increases and is between 20mm and 25mm.

For beginners, the jumbo size needle is not recommended and its use depends a lot on the size of the yarn and the type of work. Both the needle and the thread are called jumbo when the size or numbering is among the largest possible.

Therefore, many threads are also sold as “jumbo threads” and this is important as it helps in identifying the best needles to handle them.

Both materials will be heavier and this would be another aspect in which it justifies the best use for people and artisans more experienced in crochet.

Which crochet hook for twine work?

For twine work, the type of needle may vary depending on the preference of each craftsman. After all, there are people who prefer to hold the thread from a rubber cable, with the aluminum hook, so that the thread slides easily.

Crochet hook - 14
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Another option would be to use nickel-plated steel needles for detailed work with a very fine string. So, the wire size will also influence the choice.

The needle needs to be the right size to fit the thread, leaving it very close to the end of the hook. The strings, which are sold by small, medium or large rolls, have the number of the ideal needle for the job on their labels.

The type of crochet can also influence the choice, in which you can tend and opt for a double-pointed hook, if necessary.

Like needles, strings also have numbers that generally follow a considerable combination of specific sizes of yarn and needles.

Crochet hook - 15
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At first, the following reference can be considered:

  • No. 2 twine fits the 1.75mm to 2mm needle well.
  • No. 3 twine fits the 2.5mm to 3mm needle well.
  • #4 twine fits well for the 3mm to 3.5mm needle.
  • No. 6 twine fits the 3.5mm to 4mm needle well.
  • #8 String fits the 4.5mm to 5mm needle well.

From this reference, it is possible to conclude that for a specific string numbering, at least two different needle sizes can be used.

What will define is the way each person works in crochet, as this is something very personal and is defined through practice.

Therefore, it is essential to try and practice crochet to understand your skills, before limiting your arsenal of needles.

From this point of view, the crochet hook ends up being a variable and relative option, but the definition of this material cannot exceed some limits that would harm the work

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