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InícioCROCHET PATTERNSCrochet necklace: tutorials and inspirations for this stylish piece

Crochet necklace: tutorials and inspirations for this stylish piece

The crochet necklace is an accessory full of personality, as well as being sustainable and timeless.

 Want to know how to add this stylish item to your outfits? Learn how to make models of the piece and see incredible inspirations to create your own!

How to crochet necklace: tips and step by step

Do you have questions about how to crochet a necklace and what types of accessories can be made? We selected great tutorials to give you that helping hand. Check out:

How to crochet necklace with knitted yarn

Knitting yarn, crochet hook and tapestry needle: only 3 items will be needed for your necklace. With a mouse tail, you start assembling your piece.

Mandala crochet necklace: tutorial

In summary, the necklace made in the mandala style can be made with leftover thread: 4 tones of thread and a 2.5mm needle are the basis of this necklace, which is made with rings. See in the video!

Crochet necklace with flowers: how to make

As for this tutorial, you will need a little more practice: after all, flowers are not that easy to make. In the video you will learn how to make a delicate crochet necklace with flowers.

How to make a crochet necklace quickly

Here, you will learn how to make a beautiful necklace, with details, quickly and easily. The knitted wire will be the material used to make the necklace.

Did you like the tips? Now, just choose your favorite model and put the step by step into practice!

15 crochet necklace photos to inspire you

We selected photos of various styles of crochet necklaces for you to be inspired and create your own. 

No matter the model: you will fall in love with this authentic piece!

1. The crochet necklace is a charming and original piece

Crochet necklace - 01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

2. It can have multiple layers

Crochet necklace - 02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

3. Or be very discreet

Crochet necklace - 03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

4. You can opt for a more flashy necklace

Crochet necklace - 04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

5. Colorful crochet necklaces are beautiful

Crochet necklace - 05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

6. Mixing colors is a great option to use with more basic looks

Crochet necklace - 06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

7. You can opt for a single color necklace

Crochet necklace - 07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

8. Thus, it matches more looks

Crochet necklace - 08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

9. This type of necklace can be an essential part of your style.

Crochet necklace - 09
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

10. And it will enhance your clothes

Crochet necklace - 10
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

11. You can add colored rhinestones to your necklace

Crochet necklace - 11
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

12. The more details you put into the necklace, the prettier it is

Crochet necklace - 12
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

13. How about betting on this sustainable necklace?

Crochet necklace - 13
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

14. The crochet necklace is perfect for those who like originality

Crochet necklace - 14
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

15. Yes, it’s a very different choice, but full of style!

Crochet necklace - 15
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

As you’ve seen, crochet can be used to create beautiful fashion accessories like these necklaces and more. For more ideas, check out how to crochet earrings !

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