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InícioCROCHET PATTERNSCrochet pillows: 20 charming models to make at home

Crochet pillows: 20 charming models to make at home

Check out beautiful tutorials on crochet pillows, accessible even for beginners in crochet and make your home even more charming

Crochet is an incredible manual art, after all it depends on the combination of stitches, but mainly on the creativity and dedication of those who do it .

The variety of things that can be created using the crochet technique is really impressive and, in addition to this versatility, it is able to make any environment more charming and cozy.

Crocheting is a good idea to relax, decorate your home, gift who you like or even to earn some extra money at the end of the month. 

If you already know this and have crochet as a hobby, check out the step by step of beautiful crochet pillows for you to learn, make and reinvent.

For those who don’t know anything about crochet, but want to get involved in this new hobby, check out this video that teaches you the basic crochet stitches step by step and then venture into the cushions below (and whatever else you want!)

1. Cushion with central flower

In this first model, only one color is used, which makes it easier for those who are not very familiar with the crochet technique. The result is beautiful and the step by step is simple, just be patient to learn the sequence of stitches and tell everything correctly.

2. Delicate crochet pillow

This pillow is super romantic and delicate. Combining spaces and double crochets, the model is simple to make and the secret is not to forget any dots as the rows increase (the correct amounts are in the video). You can also adapt the pillow to your liking by changing the colors that go in the details of the model.

3. Cushion in maxi crochet without needle

This is a great idea for anyone just starting out in the art of crochet or looking for a different and practical pillow. The maxi technique results in thicker stitches, making it quicker to finish the pillow.

The yarn used is knitted, which brings personality to the piece and fills the stitches. And the most curious thing: the stitches are made using only the fingers, which facilitates the process and makes it even more handcrafted, as it is a work created only with the thread and your hand!

4. Pineapple Point Cushion

The Pineapple stitch is the result of combining chains, double crochets and popcorn stitches (resulting from a trick with 4 double crochets). Although it seems laborious, you just need to be careful when counting the stitches and getting the location of each type of stitch right. In the end, you will be amazed by the beauty of this pillow!

5. Colorful pillow with flowers

The idea here is perfect for anyone looking for a touch of joy for the room or the environment in which they intend to place the pillow. The model combines different colors with white to give balance to the piece. With patience, anyone can produce this lovely pillow!

6. Almofada Patchwork

This is an elaborate crochet pillow that has an amazing end result! The sides of the pillow have different patterns, but always keeping the geometric reference of the patchworks, so this model becomes 2 in 1. For those who are more experienced in crochet or want to challenge themselves in this art, this model is a very interesting option!

7. Flower Gisele Cushion

Flor Gisele combines different types of stitches, but it looks beautiful and is not difficult to do. The pillow starts with the central flower and is done all at once, that is, when the piece is finished it will come out with the flower, the white extension of the pillow and the pink details in the corners. Change the color to freshen up the look of this model!

8. Layered pillow

This pillow looks impressive, but it’s not as complicated to make as it looks. It’s made up of two sides, a scaled one (above) and a simpler one (this video) . After making the two separate sides, just “sew” them with low stitches.

Square : the little square that helps you create more cushions

In addition to the traditional way of weaving a pillow, there are squares, which are basically small crochet squares. You can find countless models of squares and, to create your pillow cover, just join the squares, depending on the size of the chosen square.

The advantage lies in producing an elaborate cushion in small steps, without having to alternate the types and quantities of stitches throughout the length of the piece. From square to square, you make your cover and you can even combine different square models. Check out some models to test:

1. Square simples

This is a more basic square and that’s why it goes well in different types of productions, in addition to the cushion. Many squares, like this one, combine different colors to create more interesting patterns, but nothing prevents you from making yours with just one color of thread.

2.Basic Square

Another super versatile and simple model, this square is an option for those who want to produce more neutral pieces or even perfect their crochet stitches before making something bigger. In addition to teaching the square model, the video explains how to read the crochet graphics, which can help you expand your creation possibilities. It’s worth watching!

3. Square frills

Despite being simple, this square enchants with its delicacy and elegance. The pattern is made with just three rows, which means it’s quick to make and accessible no matter your crochet level.

4. Square with hollow flower

Another great option for beginners to create elaborate looking pieces without too much effort. The central flower is composed of a circle of double crochets and petals made from a sequence of chains and single crochets. The result is a very charming square!

5. Square flower 12 petals

The highlight of this square model is its colorful and imposing central flower. A trick to make the result even more sophisticated is to use mixed yarn. The finishing of this square (white part) also has an interesting work, but it’s all simple to do.

6.Square mosaic

The name derives from the alternating layers of colors that make up the square. When combined, the mosaic squares produce a beautiful geometric effect! Change the colors according to your taste and have a pillow with your face!

7. Square margaridas

This one is also a small square, but it delights with its softness. The piece takes the original daisy colors, but nothing prevents you from replacing them with other shades. The popcorn stitch is used on the petals and then just follow with a sequence of double crochets.

8. Square summer

As the name implies, this square is quite striking and cheerful. It is basically formed by a flower and a small “margin” that guarantees the square shape of the piece. The stitches are simple, but you’ll be amazed at the end result!

9. Square Flower Weathervane

For those who want a flowery and elaborate pillow, but don’t want a very complex step-by-step, the weathervane flower is a great choice. As in the previous model, the flower occupies most of the square, and it is only necessary to weave a small border to finish.

10. Square flor Gabi

The flower that gives the square its name is simply beautiful, after all its petals are woven in high relief and catch the eye. Although sophisticated, it only takes patience and attention to step by step to make it.

11. Square flor Adelaide

Continuing with the squares with flowers in high relief, the Adelaide flower is a delicate model with 8 petals that also stands out in the square. Vary the colors to make it look like you and create a pillow that fits perfectly with your corner!

12. Celtic Interlaced Square

The result of this square is really surprising and can make a very beautiful pillow! Intertwining requires extra attention, but it’s not a seven-headed bug, in the video you learn step by step.

13. Square argolas

This model follows the same line as the previous one, but with a simpler interweaving. Two double crochet loops intertwine in the center of the square and then the edges of the square are filled with groups of double crochets and chain gaps. Again, the result is elaborate, but you don’t have to be a crochet expert to make this square.

Ready-to-buy crochet pillows

Now, if you fell in love with the idea of ​​having crochet pillows, but prefer not to make them yourself, you can also buy beautiful ready-made models. See some options:

Crochet pillows - 01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Cushion in chochet for $ 65 at Elo7

Crochet pillows - 02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Pipoca crochet pillow for $ 144 at Elo7

Crochet pillows - 03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Flower pink crochet pillow for $ 119.90 at Elo7

Crochet pillows - 04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Zig zag crochet pillow for $ 80 at Elo7

Crochet pillows - 05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Anne crochet pillow for $ 30 at Elo7

Crochet pillows - 06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Matizada crochet pillow for $ 90 at Elo7

Crochet pillows - 07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Braided crochet pillow for $ 265 at Elo7

Crochet pillows - 08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Delicate crochet pillow for $210 at Elo7

Crochet pillows - 09
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Charm crochet pillow for $ 160 at Elo7

Saw? It is possible to have a beautiful piece of crochet at home, whether you do it yourself or value the work of those who take this technique as a source of income.

More crochet pillows to inspire you

Finally, how about some more ideas and inspiration before you get your hands dirty? See more crochet pillows with different colors, models and finishes:

crochet pillows-01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
crochet pillows-02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
crochet pillows-03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
crochet pillows-04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
crochet pillows-05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
crochet pillows-05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
Crochet pillows - 16
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
Crochet pillows - 17
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
Crochet pillows - 18
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
Crochet pillows - 19
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
Crochet pillows - 20
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
Crochet pillows - 21
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
Crochet pillows - 22
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

After so much inspiration, it makes you want to buy the materials and start doing it, doesn’t it? Take advantage of this opportunity to occupy your time, relax, make your home more charming and even make some money. Let’s crochet?

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