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InícioCROCHET PATTERNSCrochet skirt: how to make 45 models in children's and adult sizes

Crochet skirt: how to make 45 models in children’s and adult sizes

The crochet skirt can be used in different environments such as the beach, shopping, park, so it is very difficult to forget it in the wardrobe.

Whether long, medium or short, each model has a unique charm.

It doesn’t matter the age, because it can be done specifically for each person.

In addition, crochet skirt and blouse sets are a very attractive alternative. And for those who make money selling crochet crafts , this piece is a success.

Pay attention to trends and get into fashion without losing your style. Learn how to make the ideal crochet clothing model for your level of experience, without fear of taking risks.

skirt - 01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

How to make a crochet skirt step by step

Learn how to make it now, a monochromatic skirt with a detailed hem, a firm waistband and basic stitches along the entire length.

Necessary materials

  • 2 skeins of twine/crochet yarn (3 skeins for size XL)
  • Needle No. 3

For all sizes, only the length and width change.

  • Size S – start with 170 chains, 24 rows in length with 34 blocks.
  • Size M – start with 180 chains, 26 rows in length with 36 blocks.
  • Size L – start with 200 chains, 30 rows in length with 40 blocks.
  • Size XL – start with 240 chains, 34 rows long with 44 blocks.

The suggested length in each size refers to a skirt just above the knee, however, make the length you think is best.

After starting the cord of initial chains, join the last and first chain, closing the cord. On the row of base blocks to form the length, start with 3 double crochets + 1 chain + 1 double crochet.

Skip four base chains and continue like this until the end of the row. On the next row, start with a double crochet + a chain + three double crochets.

Intersperse the position of the blocks, placing block over the gaps of the base chains. In this way, intersperse the rows until you reach the length.

finishing nozzle 

When finishing the rows of the base, start with the finishing process making the beak. Orient yourself according to the formation of sequences of blocks.

1st row of beak

Block of five double crochets + three chain stitches held by a single crochet in the next chain stitch space on the base + three chain stitches + block.

2nd row of beak

Block of five double crochets separated by a chain, each. Then separate the blocks with three chains.

3rd row of beak

Double crochet over double crochet, separated by a chain, but in the center point, make two double crochets in the same space (separated by a chain). In the 3rd row, each block is separated by a chain, only.

4th row of the beak

Block of five double crochets + two chains + five double crochets, over the V-shaped space on the previous row.

Between one block and another, make two chains + a single crochet in the center point at the base of this gap + two chains.

5th row of the beak

Start by making a double crochet over the third double crochet as the base of the block from the previous row.

There will be three double crochets over the high points of the base blocks + five double crochets in the same hole as the chains + three double crochets over the base high points.

The range is a chain, always starting the block at the third high point of the base block.

6th row of the beak

Walk with very low stitches until you reach the central part of the block, at this point make three double crochets + three chains + three double crochets + three chains.

In the chain space between one beak and another make a double crochet. Follow with three chains of separation and follow with the block as normal.

7th row of the beak

Final finishing done with a single crochet + three chains + picot stitch. Do this three times over the fans, separating the blocks with a single crochet.

Between one beak and the other, after the single crochet, make three chains + one single crochet + three chains + one single crochet + three chains.

As for the top of the skirt, make two double crochets in the chain space, then two double crochets on top of the blocks. All stitches are separated by a chain.

The waistband rows are double crochets over double crochets and there will be three rows in total. Pass the elastic at the end, assembling the waistband with the final finishes.

See how to finish watching the step by step of Professor Simone Eleotério :

Children’s crochet skirt

The children’s skirt usually has a lot of ruffles or, at the very least, vibrant or simple colors, from warm to lighter tones.

skirt - 02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Elements such as bows, fringes and pompoms are welcome and make the piece soft and fluffy.

Sets (blouse and skirt) are quite common and generally use the same color palette.

skirt - 03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Details with flowers also suggest more affectionate and cheerful ideas. Floral templates are great, even if the flowers are monochrome and serve as small decorations.

Long crochet skirt 

You can bet on the long crochet skirt as an option to wear on your best days. Ideal for those who want to stay in fashion and/or in the craft market.

The piece is always renewed, with trends that come and go, being the darling because it has a special touch of modernity and elegance.

skirt - 04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

They go well with tank tops and can have a more open or closed weave, like any other crochet skirt.

The long skirt also doesn’t need to be the length that goes from the waist to the heel, it can be a little shorter.

This piece attracts many looks and is the reason for great income in craftsmanship, in addition to a lot of satisfaction when it comes to comfort and femininity.

Tips for making a crochet skirt for the beach

Crochet makes any piece of beachwear stylish and can also make clothes very comfortable and cool.

The weave style will depend on the chosen model and, among so many options, the ideal is to keep the size short, above the knee or with slits.

skirt - 05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Any color can be used to make a crochet beach skirt, including dark colors such as brown and black. However, cheerful and lighter colors are the favorite for this type of piece.

More sober colors create charming looks for the evenings, the vibrant ones are more suitable for day trips.

When in doubt about how to start your beach skirt, bet on the pineapple stitch that is used in crochet to create hollow areas with a beautiful and sophisticated design.  

Round crochet skirt template

The round skirt is a super romantic and high-spirited model. It goes well together with a tank top, cropped, top and simple jackets. In general, it is done with closed and very close stitches, but it is worth trying different and more elaborate stitches.

skirt - 06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Frills, flowers, detailed borders and other aspects can make a lot of difference and add to the beauty of this skirt so full of charm and attitude.

crochet midi skirt

The crochet midi skirt goes above the knees and is one of the most elegant options among women’s looks. It is on the rise in the market and in fashion trends, with several models that make it possible to adapt the piece according to the style.

skirt - 07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Crochet midi skirts are delicate, but they can also convey seriousness.

The mix between lightness and austerity is a hallmark of this piece, which is why the crochet midi skirt might surprise you. More and more, the play finds supporters and admirers on the streets, in social and professional spheres.

And, now that you know a little about each model, it’s time to try each one of them to guarantee a crochet skirt for all your day-to-day occasions.

Easy to make crochet skirt ideas

See simple and modern models of crochet skirts to get even more inspiration!

1 – Crochet skirt with square and a sensational ruffle

Crochet skirt - 01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

2 – Short white crochet skirt model to compose an exclusive look

Crochet skirt - 02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

3 – Blue crochet skirt to make beautiful combinations

Crochet skirt - 03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

4 – Super stylish crochet skirt and cropped set

Crochet skirt - 04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

5 – Long and colorful crochet skirt option with lining

Crochet skirt - 05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

6 – White crochet skirt with ruffles and roses that goes with everything!

Crochet skirt - 06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

7 – A real charm this pink children’s crochet skirt 

Crochet skirt - 07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

8 – Elegance and modernity in a single piece

Crochet skirt - 08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

9 – Handmade crochet skirt for delicate and romantic women

Crochet skirt - 09
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

10 – Children’s skirt crochet easy to make

Crochet skirt - 10
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

11 – This baby crochet skirt in pink and white is so cute

Crochet skirt - 11
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

12 – Round crochet skirt in a gray tone to wear during the day and at night

Crochet skirt - 12
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

13 – Skirt in zig zag crochet that is worth having in your wardrobe

Crochet skirt - 13
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

14 – A delicacy, this long gradient skirt made with Anne thread

Crochet skirt - 14
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

15 – Crochet skirt for evasive beachwear in pink

Crochet skirt - 15
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

16 – Tutti-frutti skirt made with Fashion line for a party look

Crochet skirt - 16
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

17 – Long skirt crocheted with motifs made with Charme thread

Crochet skirt - 17
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

18 – Popcorn stitch crochet skirt made with EuroRoma Fiore yarn

Crochet skirt - 18
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

19 – Children’s doll model striped skirt

Crochet skirt - 19
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

20 – Like mother like daughter crochet skirt

Crochet skirt - 20
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

21 – Super different feminine long skirt

Crochet skirt - 21
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

22 – Model of crochet skirt with suspenders for children

Crochet skirt - 22
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

23 – Simple idea for those who prefer knee-length crochet skirts

Crochet skirt - 23
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

24 – A crochet outfit that every woman should have at home!

Crochet skirt - 24
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

25 – Piece made with blended thread is a strong trend

Crochet skirt - 25
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

26 – A comfortable and beautiful skirt for more formal occasions

Crochet skirt - 26
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

27 – Skirt for Halloween made with a lot of creativity

Crochet skirt - 27
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

28 – Very charming baby skirt

Crochet skirt - 28
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

29 – Colored crochet mini skirt

Crochet skirt - 29
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

30 – Chic crochet skirt with ruffles in pineapple stitch

Crochet skirt - 30
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

31 – Elegant straight skirt for parties and social events

Crochet skirt - 31
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

32 – Skirt with slit and cloud appliqués

Crochet skirt - 32
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

33 – Set of cropped and short skirt for girls

Crochet skirt - 33
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

34 – Another crochet set option to rock!

Crochet skirt - 34
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

35 – Skirt made of crochet for baby in two colors

Crochet skirt - 35
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

36 – Basic green crochet skirt for everyday life

Crochet skirt - 36
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

37 – Crochet skirt for tea towels 

Crochet skirt - 37
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

38 – Brown flared skirt made with fan stitch

Crochet skirt - 38
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

39 – Beautiful model with drawstring adjustment at the waist

Crochet skirt - 39
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

40 – White crochet skirt for a very youthful look 

Crochet skirt - 40
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

41 – Crochet mini skirt for the beach 

Crochet skirt - 41
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

42 – Long white crochet skirt for a sophisticated look

Crochet skirt - 42
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

43 – Slits on the sides that make the difference

Crochet skirt - 43
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

44 – Crochet beach skirt and ecru color vase

Crochet skirt - 44
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

45 – Crochet tiffany skirt made with Glamor thread

Crochet skirt - 45
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

46 – Skirt made with Verano yarn

Crochet skirt - 46
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

47 – Mermaid skirt made with baroque Maxcolor

Crochet skirt - 47
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

48 – Long skirt with crochet fish scale and Camila Fashion line

Crochet skirt - 48
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

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