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InícioCROCHET PATTERNSA wildcard technique: create several pieces with the crochet square

A wildcard technique: create several pieces with the crochet square

Whether for clothes, accessories or decoration objects, the crochet square is one of the simplest methods of making items with this technique. 

Both in blouses and in crochet bedspreads and rugs , the technique results in different and elegant pieces. To find out what it is and learn different ways to create yours, read on!

What is crochet square

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Also known as granny squares, the crochet square consists of using this technique to make several squares that will then be joined together to form a single piece – such as blouses, quilts, cushion covers and crochet sousplats .

How to crochet square and join this trend

Even if you still don’t know how to crochet , learning the square step by step is easier than you might think: below, see different models and shapes to create your version!

Classic crochet square

Simple and sophisticated, this square model is the perfect option to compose any type of piece. 

Also, because it uses the most classic crochet stitches, this tutorial is ideal to be followed even by beginners!

Crochet for beginners : easy crochet square

Even those who haven’t mastered the crochet technique that much can follow this tutorial without any problems! With this step-by-step guide, you can create individual squares and then learn how to put them together to create whatever pieces you want.

How to crochet square for cropped blouse

Create a crochet blouse worthy of the best boutiques from scratch with this tutorial! Using squares of two different sizes, it is possible to create a crop top that makes any look even more stylish! Check out the video to discover all the tips and steps.

Step by step crochet square for quilt and pillow

Colorful and stylish, this square is ideal for composing bedspreads and cushion covers. 

In the video, you learn both how to make the squares and the step by step to unite them when composing the final piece. 

With this tutorial, your home will be even more beautiful and charming!

Colorful crochet square

To create fun and different pieces, the tip in this video is to use and abuse colors. 

Choose the colored lines that you like the most and follow the step by step to create beautiful crochet squares and compose the most diverse pieces of clothing or decoration items.

Square crochet with led yarn

How about taking your crochet squares to another level? In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the conducted thread technique – which consists of using two or more colors of thread at once – to create different effects and designs in the squares.

Flower crochet square

Make your squares even more special with this template: using different colors to create a single square, you can get an effect that transforms the center of the square into a flower! This version is ideal for those who want to bring a romantic and cheerful look to their crochet pieces.

The possibilities for creating pieces with this technique are many: so, be sure to discover these crochet treadmill models .

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