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InícioCROCHET PATTERNSCrochet thread: definitive guide with everything you need to know

Crochet thread: definitive guide with everything you need to know

The crochet thread is an indispensable material in the making of the different pieces produced by this centuries-old technique.

It may seem that choosing a crochet line is something simple or that it can be done in any way, but, in fact, it requires some care.

This is because the type of line greatly interferes with the final result of your work, and it is quite possible that a wrong choice will cause regret and a lot of time wasted.

The thread label already has information on which needle size to use to start crocheting, but other information depends on a lot of research and your interest.

That’s why this definitive guide on thread types and usage tips for beginners in crochet is so important. So, read carefully and take advantage of the discoveries to create beautiful clothes, crochet rugs and rugs , shoes, blankets, decorative pillows , among many other handicrafts.

Types of crochet thread

To know the types of crochet thread, three categories will be very important to understand the different compositions, they are: synthetic, natural and animal threads.

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The only thing you can’t lose sight of is that, in addition to the different types of fibers from which they are made, crochet threads are differentiated by weight, texture, grammage and length.

synthetic lines

Synthetic polyester, acrylic and nylon yarns are available on the market.

The polyester crochet thread has a different finish, can be waxed, glossy or not, and creates firm crochet pieces.

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It is common to use them to make cords, handbags, backpacks, baskets and berets, for example.

The acrylic thread is also very versatile, it is among the most suitable threads for crochet, competing directly with the cotton thread.

No wonder many brands offer crochet threads with a composition of 50% acrylic and 50% cotton. In fact, most Brazilian threads have acrylic in their composition.

Acrylic is light, soft, warm, and promotes the feeling of touching wool, so it is also used to imitate other types of thread, such as cotton.

This material lowers the production cost and makes the product more affordable, in addition to being easy to find, being a great option for crocheters on duty.

Finally, nylon line is ideal for creating strong pieces like those made with polyester line, but don’t confuse this nylon line with the nylon thread used for fishing.

The crochet material is made from a nylon fabric that, when used to make cords, resembles knitted yarn.

natural lines

The main natural cords used in crochet are cotton and bamboo.

The cotton thread has a very soft texture and is unlikely to cause allergies or skin irritation, which is why baby specific crochet threads are usually 100% cotton.

This line is versatile and can be used to make clothes, accessories and objects in general, such as baskets, shoes, blouses, amigurumis and coats.

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This thread is probably the most used among people who knit and crochet.

The bamboo line, on the other hand, has some controversies, because despite being considered a natural fiber, it has two production processes: chemical and mechanical.

Mechanical would be the “most natural” process for producing these threads derived from bamboo, but the minority of lines use this method because the threads end up not being very soft.

The textile result of this “natural” yarn is similar to the characteristics of linen, making it an ideal line to make crochet clothes for the summer.

So, if you find a very soft bamboo thread, it is likely that it was produced by the chemical process.

The chemical process causes bamboo to be mixed with chemical solvents, such as caustic soda, and products made this way are considered semi-synthetic.

animal yarn

As the name implies, animal yarns are of animal origin, and the best known are wool yarn and cashmere.

Wool is widely used for the production of baby clothes, as well as cotton threads, serving well for making shoes, scarves and blouses in general.

It is a warm and soft thread, which is why it is often used to crochet clothes for the cold weather.

Crochet thread - 05
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However, there are many models of different pieces made with woolen thread, so don’t stick to just one feature.

It is important to emphasize that wool and cotton are not the same thing, despite having similar textures, one is of animal origin and the other has vegetable origin, respectively.

In the case of the cashmere line, it is made with goat hair and has this name because it is a product manufactured in the Kashmir region of India.

The pure cashmere yarn has a very different texture, with a soft and well-curled appearance, making it ideal for making shawls.

However, this raw material is usually included in different crochet thread products that have a mixed composition.

mixed lines

Mixed lines are all those that make yarn with different raw materials, often with the aim of reducing production costs and maintaining satisfactory quality.

Thus, it is difficult to categorize this type of crochet thread, but in general it can be considered a semi-natural or semi-synthetic thread.

With this, it is still possible for the same tube (roll) of crochet thread to have different textures.

crochet thread colors

Crochet thread colors can be soft, sober, solid or blended.

Soft colors are always light and pleasant, bringing delicacy and subtlety to crochet pieces. When using a sober color, the option will probably be between neutral colors according to a color palette that contains white, brown, black, gray or beige.

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When we say “solid color” it means that it can be any color, as this only defines that the line is monochromatic. Therefore, it has only one color that can be soft or very vivid.

This is different from a blended line, as it has several color shades, where it contains tones that are very far apart or very close.

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Tones that are seen as close together on a color scale can form, for example, a gradient scale.

This type of line can have different sets of colors, with many novelties that are frequently presented in the craft market.

Where to buy wholesale crochet thread?

All lines are sold in tubes/rolls (name given by retailers). However, many manufacturers tighten the price to sell wholesale crochet lines to consumers and retailers, that is, several tubes are sold at once.

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The best way to buy wholesale crochet thread is by contacting the manufacturers, either virtually or in person.

However, to make it easier, since everything is easier on the internet, several sets of thread are already sold wholesale by different websites.

There are stores that sell crochet threads from different brands and manufacturers at a lower price, either wholesale or retail.

How to mend crochet thread?

Exercise the amendment of the crochet line with a thinner thread, if you are a beginner.

Start by placing the two lines in parallel, one at the top and the other at the bottom, so that they are not end to end to allow space between the nodes. Pass the end of the top thread under the other thread and tie a knot.

Do the same with the other end, always leaving a little tail.

Grab both sides and pull the spliced ​​yarn so the knots meet. Then cut off the remaining ends.

See also how to make the amendment with thicker wires, following this step by step.

Watch the CrocheTerapia Art By: Débora tutorial and learn:

Tips from Alice Arteira on how to mend a crochet thread without a knot:

What is the best crochet thread for beginners?

For beginners, it’s best to start with thin lines. However, they shouldn’t be too thin, in fact, just avoid very thick threads, as the consistency of the stitches might not be so nice at first.

Thick threads, with a lack of experience, end up fraying, as they are made with many layers of yarn.

Crochet thread - 09
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Therefore, also prefer synthetic yarns, such as acrylic and nylon, they can be good options for beginners’ confections because they are more consistent.

After all, they are lines that offer consistency and can easily create even more rigid pieces, and still have a low cost, that is, affordable prices.

They are also easily found in craft stores and specialized websites.

With a huge variety of colors that these crochet lines bring, beginners will also be very inspired to put their creations into practice.

What is the best thread to make crochet sousplat?

In this case, the best line depends on the desired style and the suggested model.

If you want a more rustic sousplat, you can use a thicker string that offers a rougher finish.

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The rule, however, says that the more extravagant the thread, the simpler the crochet stitches must be to make the piece.

If you want a more delicate sousplat with complex points, use a thinner line with solid colors.

Thus, the piece will draw attention because of the model, otherwise, in a simpler model, use and abuse the mixed colors, because the main charm will be in them.

In this way, first identify what you want to do to bet on the best crochet line.

What is the best crochet thread for making clothes?

Crochet clothes can be big or small, for heat or cold, for parties and events or for everyday life.

Think about all this before choosing a crochet thread, because, as you may already know, each type of thread has a very different texture and finish.

Crochet thread - 11
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Threads for warm clothing are generally thicker and have softer textures.

Threads for summer tend to be thinner, with a softness relative to the type of yarn.

Depending on the length, whether it is a large or small garment, making the thread work will not only depend on the type of thread, but also on the chosen weave.

More open wefts end up yielding more, but thicker threads also make larger stitches, which can favor yield.

See also that the colors of the threads will greatly influence the choice, as it is a fundamental characteristic for clothing production.

For a specific event, maybe the ideal is a very colorful outfit, while, to stay at home, there are those who prefer more sober and neutral clothes.

Follow your style and choose the right line for the desired clothing model, according to the length and texture of the crochet threads.

3 options to buy crochet threads direct from the factory

Buying direct from the factory is investing less to get more products at once.

Crochet thread - 12
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Factories tend to sell cheaper and also sell wholesale to retailers or consumers who work with crochet. Therefore, some websites of these manufacturers offer unmissable offers.

Crochet thread - 13
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If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’re very interested in the types of crochet thread and the most expected thing is that you want to buy the best brands at the lowest price.

So, below are three manufacturers/brands websites to help you choose the ideal crochet thread for your work.

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