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InícioCROCHET PATTERNSCrochet top: how to do it step by step 40 unmissable models

Crochet top: how to do it step by step 40 unmissable models

The crochet top is the touch of subtlety, beauty and naturalness of any look. It can be used in different occasions and weather conditions.

As a result, it has been gaining more space on the streets and in closets, showing diversity in shapes, sizes and colors.

The models are incredibly charming and the personalized ones are highlighted by who makes them and who uses them.

Because it is made of crochet, the cropped or top becomes more casual and natural, but in addition to conveying simplicity, crochet is rich in details .

top - 01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Making your own garment or even more diversified production of tops is enriching along with this age-old technique.

Choose the model that most values ​​your body and pleases your taste to make the most of it.

How to crochet top step by step

This recipe shows the step by step of a top size P, for larger tops the tip is to use a base bra as a reference.

top - 02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Necessary materials:

  • Cotton yarn (twine)
  • 2mm needle

Step by step:

1st career

Start with 10 chains, adding three more chains at the end to make the first double crochet in the eighth chain you made (counting from the beginning).

Follow the row with double crochets, ending with three double crochets within the same space.

Make another chain and three double crochets in the same space, following the loop with double crochets in each base space.

2nd career

Go up a double crochet for each base stitch and on the turn curve make 3 double crochets + 1 chain + three double crochets within the same space.

The shape for the cup that will be formed has an oval tip (the top) and a straight base.

3rd to 6th row

Make four more rows of double crochets with increases at the top.

7th career

Then continue with another sequence on the sides, making half double crochets (three times holding the hook) and loop them all together.

Follow with two chains + three double crochets together in the same space, to the top.

At the tip make 3 double crochets together + 1 chain + 3 double crochets together, then continue with the lateral sequence again until the end of the row.

8th career

Double crochets over each base stitch and two double crochets in open spaces, fasten off to finish.

second bowl

Essa é a finalização do primeiro bojo, o segundo bojo é feito da mesma maneira com exceção da 8ª e última carreira, pois esta vai servir para juntar essas duas partes no top.

Coloque lado avesso com avesso, unindo os bojos no primeiro ponto com um ponto baixíssimo, iniciando a 8ª carreira na parte que ainda não tem.

Com os tops unidos, faça um contorno de pontos baixos a partir de uma alça de ponto alto.

No topo, faça três pontos baixos e crie um detalhe com alças de ponto alto e pontos baixos no centro da união das partes do bojo.


Com os bojos unidos, a parte de baixo é feita separadamente com um trabalho feito de pontos altos e pontos baixos.

É preciso fazer um espaço na base para passar o cordão (o próprio fio de algodão) que será amarrado no topo de cada bojo e que vai ajustar o top no seu corpo.

See the complete step-by-step in the video by Claudete Azevedo Crochet :

Which yarn to use to make a crochet top?

A cotton thread (string) that is not too thick is the best option. Thinner strands are firmer and less frayed.

top - 03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

What is the best needle to make crochet tops?

For those who want to make a more elastic top, you can bet on knitted yarn that can also give a great result. Oh! And the choice of color is up to you.

The needle must match the size of the thread.

top - 04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Always check the recommended needle on the packaging of the ball of yarn, to make sure that the needle that will be used will work for the thickness of the yarn chosen.

For a finer thread, as suggested, 1.5mm to 3mm needles are used.

Simple crochet top

O famoso top/cropped de crochê é uma peça que consiste em diferentes níveis de dificuldade devido à sua diversidade de modelos.

Alguns dos modelos mais simples do top de crochê, são os de “tomara que caia” e os que tem formato de trapézio, pois as carreiras costumam ser mais contínuas e retas.

Os formatos mais simples possuem pouca variação de pontos, com foco nas diminuições e aumentos.

top - 05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Os tops com bojos podem ser fáceis, desde que os pontos de crochê usados sejam os mais básicos.

Desenhos mais elaborados nessas peças necessitam de mais experiência no crochê para obter um bom resultado, então verifique todo o passo a passo antes de começar a fazer.

Top de crochê tomara que caia

O “tomara que caia” é uma peça que nunca sai de moda e está incluída em diferentes estilos.

With crochet it would not be different, the current trend is in the use of the shade of “raw cotton”.

Another trend is the braided cords in the middle of the piece, which contrasts with the more closed points of the piece that are necessary to cover the bust.

top - 06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

The edges of this top can be made in another color to also give contrast and even make your crochet top more charming.

It can be colorful, have ruffles and braids, and other elements.

In these tops, buttons can be added in the center and fringes at the base for another customization, for example.

Another possibility is to leave the crochet top with a more elaborate back design, made with more hollow stitches.

In the summer, this piece is one of the most requested and, moreover, it is one of the easiest models to make.

Colorful crochet top

The colorful crochet top can scare beginners to crochet, but there are basic ways for anyone who wants to start making this type of model.

top - 07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

A basic way to do it is to bet on different colors for each row of the piece.

Another way is to make a career group, larger or smaller, for one and another specific color.

The combinations are up to each woman who wants a colorful and cheerful crochet top, to rock forming beautiful casual and social looks.

Children’s crochet top

Kids also crochet and look cute in these comfy pieces made with cotton yarn.

top - 08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Tops with fringes and ruffles are starting to gain prominence in these models, because they make the piece even cuter and more cheerful.

Rock these tops , also using pompoms and crochet flowers to decorate them.

These models usually do not have a bulge and are usually quite colorful, always think about making the piece beautiful and pleasant.

Gypsy style top model

crochet work on the neckline that extends through all the straps, in addition to the back closure that is straight with crossed laces, made with 100% cotton yarn in coral color.

And ideal for several occasions, the piece has a bulge, the ends of the lashing straps are finished in translucent beads.

top - 09
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

40 creative color ideas and top models for you to be inspired and choose your favorite

The crochet top has many possibilities, through different colors, shapes and sizes for you to try.

01- With different colors, its weave forms a beautiful design below the bust, which guarantees a special charm to the piece.

Crochet top - 01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

02- Bet on bulge for the cropped to have greater support

Crochet top - 02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

03- The single front crochet crop top is a well used model

Crochet top - 03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

04- Bet on designs with crochet stitches, this brings a different look to your coppred

Crochet top - 04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

05- The navy blue model is very basic and very beautiful

Crochet top - 05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

06- Bet on a crochet cropped model with thin straps

Crochet top - 06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

07- The flowers help compose a very delicate cropped model

Crochet top - 07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

08- The models can be more closed up to the neck, they look cute

Crochet top - 08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

09- Invest in different colors and have a very cheerful cropped

Crochet top - 09
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

10- Top model with wider spaghetti straps also looks really cool

Crochet top - 10
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

11- The colorful triangle cropped model is very modern

Crochet top - 11
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

12- You can include accessories to decorate, such as shells, whelks, etc.

Crochet top - 12
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

13- Model with wider straps and loose blouse style looks very modern

Crochet top - 13
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

14- Piece with worked handles and yellow color

Crochet top - 14
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

15- Bicolor models are great options

Crochet top - 15
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

16- The model with fringes looks great

Crochet top - 16
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

17- You can finish with crossed handles

Crochet top - 17
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

18- Models in gradient tones are very interesting and women love them

Crochet top - 18
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

19- Crochet cropped in the modern gypsy model

Crochet top - 19
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

20- Also put a little bow to create an extra detail in your cropped

Crochet top - 20
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

21- Lots of color and style in this beautiful halter top, made in cotton yarn. 

Crochet top - 21
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

22- The white model can gain colors and is very fun

Crochet top - 22
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

23- Your hemming can be done with special stitches up to the back

Crochet top - 23
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

24- Some models are longer and can be closed on the shoulder

Crochet top - 24
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

25- Crochet top with band: colorful details make the difference

Crochet top - 25
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

26- The white cropped is a model that cannot be missing, it is a key piece

Crochet top - 26
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

27- The more open stitches and the “v” cut make your cropped beautiful

Crochet top - 27
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

28- Pom poms at the end of the spaghetti strap, small details that make all the difference

Crochet top - 28
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

29- Your basic black dress can come to life with a mix of other colors

Crochet top - 29
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

30- The single front model has fringes and is super stylish

Crochet top - 30
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

31- With very thin straps and bordered with crochet designs

Crochet top - 31
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

32- Also create very short models, it’s fun

Crochet top - 32
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

33- A colorful and cheerful piece that goes well with everything

Crochet top - 33
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

34- Made with 100% cotton Anne thread, it can be made in the size of your choice.

Crochet top - 34
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

35- Create different models with ruffles on the tip

Crochet top - 35
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

36- Models with double straps look very modern

Crochet top - 36
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

37- Handles that stay on the arm are super high

Crochet top - 37
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

38- You can create your cropped from squares decorated in crochet

Crochet top - 38
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

39- Tops with ruffles are super delicate

Crochet top - 39
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

40 – This navy blue crochet top is super modern and current

Crochet top - 40
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

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