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50 Wonderful crochet works with knitted yarn

After all, this age-old technique is capable of creating surprising pieces with any type of yarn, but with knitted yarn the pieces gain a different texture and the perfect firmness for some types of crafts.

It’s time to get to know the wonderful works that are made of crochet with knitted thread.

This yarn is very soft and very resistant, ideal for making a women’s bag , organizing basket, decorative rug , cachepô, hygiene kit, peseira , among many other handicrafts.

In fact, it’s impossible to know all the creative options, because every day ideas are reinvented and each person can adapt different models and styles.

knitted yarn - 01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Therefore, just be inspired by some works and realize the advantages that these pieces can bring to your decorations, decorating people and environments.

Knit yarn crochet for beginners

Mesh yarn, for those who don’t know, is a kind of industrial waste, because it is made from leftover knits that are used to make various textile pieces.

knitted yarn - 02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Therefore, beginners need to know some characteristics of this material to make a crochet with knitted wire without problems or fears.

When buying knitted yarn in haberdashery, fabric or craft stores, you will come across a common roll, in the same format as a roll of twine.

knitted yarn - 03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

However, as these are leftovers of a particular knitted fabric, the material of the knitted yarn is always unique, and may contain thicknesses and splices along the same roll.

This factor is very variable, but brands also seek to avoid inconvenience to consumers, guaranteeing a quality product.

Those who buy it should already know that the material, despite everything, helps to avoid discarding fabric scraps. Thus becoming an ecological and more sustainable piece for the world.

knitted yarn - 04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

If you are starting out in this technique, it is important to value the knitted yarn, above all, for this reason.

However, there are still other advantages, such as the fact that the knitted wire is usually much thicker than the string, making the crochet process much faster.

The crochet stitches become larger, due to the thickness of the thread and, in this way, the piece gains length with fewer rows and stitches made.

knitted yarn - 05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

In addition, the beautiful and charming pieces, which crochet with knitted yarn makes possible, can be made with repetitions of simple stitches.

Crochet does not change with the change of material, the difference is in the texture, aesthetics and manual skill that needs to adapt.

Wonderful crochet - 06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

By the way, pieces with knitted yarn also tend to be firmer and, therefore, it is recommended to make organizing baskets, purses and backpacks with this type of yarn.

The basket is one of the easiest pieces for beginners, because it doesn’t need elaborate details, having a regular shape with few variations in stitches and finishes.

Despite the numerous creative options that exist for making certain organizers, most models opt for simplicity. Another type of fundamental piece for those who are starting out are the rugs.

Rugs with knitted threads are firm and soft, absorb moisture better and have very simple models available in tutorials on the internet.

Wonderful crochet - 07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

It is important to start with regular shapes, that is, those that do not vary during the process, that is, they do not start straight and then create curves. In this way, make circular, square or rectangular rugs.

Anyone who manages to make rugs and baskets is safer to explore other possibilities that are very similar to the process of making these pieces.

It can be, for example, pieces of sousplats, pillows, bed for pets, bag holders (bag pullers), puffs and blankets.

Wonderful crochet - 08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

To advance, even if you are a beginner, try making bags from monochrome models and that have few details.

Be sure to experiment for fear of failing, the most important thing is to practice and choose the simplest models within the options you prefer.

Knitted yarn crochet bag

Crochet bags with knitted yarn combine art and sustainability, being considered highly sought after items for their aesthetics and contribution to the environment.

Wonderful crochet - 09
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

After all, industrial bags consume a lot of animal and vegetable raw materials from nature.

Knitted yarn is gaining more and more space, including for new fashion trends that the most recognized brands launch on the market.

This material is very resistant and firm, so it ends up being considered an ideal material to make crochet bags and backpacks.

Wonderful crochet - 10
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Crochet hooks to make pieces of this type can vary between 9mm and 30mm depending on the thickness of the yarn. Therefore, any bag model can be made with this yarn, proving the versatility of the material.

Bags can be shoulder, back or handbags; with or without appliqués, such as buttons, zippers, metal handles, webbing, rhinestones, leather, metals and fringes.

Wonderful crochet - 11
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

The crochet technique also allows the creation of extremely different and original models, which can have names written based on the color of the yarn.

In addition to words, color differentiation during crochet can create other types of custom prints. Between small and large bags, the same format can vary a lot too.

Wonderful crochet - 12
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

They can be, for example, round with greater firmness, round with malleable sides, round with a “V” opening, round with triangular parts, etc.

A rectangular model can also have a round base and vice versa.

Wonderful crochet - 13
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Other formats of crochet bags leave the geometric shapes a little and come to life with models known as the bag bag and the baguette bag.

The variations are impressive and highlight beautiful crochet stitches, especially when it is possible to be inspired by images to carry out the work.

Wonderful crochet - 14
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Through styles and shapes, the models are configured, so that the floral styles match any format, for example.

With this, mini bags can have a rustic style or they can be very chic and modern. In this way, various types of bags for children, for adults, for the beach or for travel arise.

Wonderful crochet - 15
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

When inspirations arrive, it’s important to let them flow and build the piece with great affection.

Wonderful crochet - 16
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Crochet basket with knitted wire

As mentioned before, the crochet basket is a great piece for beginners, but it can be done with a lot of detail and stunning finishes as well.

Wonderful crochet - 17
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Each person must choose the basket model according to their capabilities and skills in crochet, to make the appropriate stitches and according to the desired prints.

The basket can serve thousands of different uses. A large basket can serve, for example, to put dirty clothes and complement the decoration of the bathroom or service area.

Wonderful crochet - 18
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

A medium basket can be useful in organizing documents or personal items, in the same way that it can contribute to organizing other objects, such as books and food.

The small basket can become a pencil holder or a cover for small plant pots, such as succulents and some delicate flowers.

Wonderful crochet - 19
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

That same basket for plants can come with a suspender, also made in crochet, to place them on the ceiling.

Regardless of size, the crochet basket with knitted wire is often considered an organizing basket, precisely because it organizes different pieces.

In this way, it also decorates the room and creates an atmosphere of creativity.

Wonderful crochet - 20
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

The baskets can be rigid to remain on the floor or on top of a bench, shelf or table. However, they can also be flexible and soft, like the stork-basket type that hangs on the walls to place the usual items.

It is common for this type of basket to be used to carry specific objects, such as toilet paper, plastic bags, craft materials, among other items.

Wonderful crochet - 21
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

The aesthetics of each basket is also contextualized in its function, ensuring that need and desire are in harmony.

Toy baskets can be colored, inspired by children’s characters, humanizing nature figures, such as animals.

Wonderful crochet - 22
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Personalized items can also reflect a personal interest, as is the case with themed baskets.

Wonderful crochet - 23
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Thus, the baskets can represent themes, known as: strawberry or pineapple, summer or winter, Christmas or Easter, kitten or puppy, flowers or hearts.

They can also be neutral, with or without geometric prints, and with or without details/applications. There are baskets made with a single color of knitted yarn, which only have details with ribbons to decorate them.

Wonderful crochet - 24
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Each craftsman or craftswoman can create their own detail with other types of yarn as well, to serve as appliqués on the basket made with knitted yarn.

Adapt ideas and create the basket with the desired size, pattern, shape and details, exploring different styles and models for inspiration.

Wonderful crochet - 25
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Knitted yarn crochet rug

The rug is another incredible and fundamental piece, especially for those who are starting to crochet. After all, the rug is not a piece that needs to be very detailed or have special finishes.

Wonderful crochet - 26
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

It’s a simple piece that only requires skill in making the stitches and handling the decreases and increases during the rows.

Rectangular and square models are even easier in this regard, as it is easier to perform standard increases and decreases.

Wonderful crochet - 27
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

This is different for circular models, which often require experience to be able to identify the best moment to carry out such increases or decreases.

Errors of this category cause capsizing and other irregularities in the carpets.

Anyway, the beginner can overcome any challenge, just have the right material and use the best method to start.

Wonderful crochet - 28
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Therefore, amateurs and professionals will always be focusing on this type of piece, because it is quite usual and necessary.

Knitted yarn is one of the best yarns for rug making, and can create large and small rugs for all rooms and styles.

Wonderful crochet - 29
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Although knitted wire is generally thicker than twine, it comes in varying thicknesses and can perform impressive finishing and barring.

The seams are not apparent if there is technique and preparation, so the rug can have many seams to make it colorful or with allegorical representations.

Knitted yarn rugs are soft and full of charm, are easy to wash and can decorate the environment in your own way.

Wonderful crochet - 30
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Knitted yarn crochet pillow

Cushions are wonderful pieces to make with knitted yarn. Through crochet they gain incredible textures and can be colored, printed or monochrome.

Wonderful crochet - 31
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

They are elegant and sophisticated, whatever the style, and, in addition, they create a homogeneous or heterogeneous atmosphere with other pieces made in crochet.

Cushions are usually made in sets, either between them or with other pieces, such as blankets, towels or curtains.

Wonderful crochet - 32
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

In this way, the colors can match or not, creating a pattern for decoration or mixing several possibilities to get out of a pattern.

Thus, the pillows, among themselves or among other pieces, can have totally different prints, formats and colors, the same or similar.

It’s important to talk about the context to think about each piece individually, after all, it’s very unusual to make just one pillow for decoration.

Wonderful crochet - 33
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Think carefully about the inspirations you want to use and invest in pillows to decorate bedrooms, balconies or living rooms. The cushions can be placed on armchairs, sofas, beds, chairs, ottomans, among other seats and supports.

There are those who want to create pillows for pets too, which makes the environment even more creative and welcoming. In any case, bring comfort, safety and beauty to your crochet pieces with knitted yarn and enjoy it all.

50 Crochet craft ideas with knitted yarn

1 – Organizer box with lid and a beautiful heart pendant

Wonderful - 01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

2 – Crochet notebook cover in knitted yarn

Wonderful - 02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

3 – Crochet cell phone case with several color options

Wonderful - 03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

4 – Different mesh wire door weight

Wonderful - 04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

5 – Another easy to make crochet door stopper

Wonderful - 05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

6 – Super stylish crochet mat

Wonderful - 06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

7 – Crochet cover for round wooden stool

Wonderful - 07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

8 – Another simple and beautiful bench cover

Wonderful - 08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

9 – Crochet pet bed in knitted yarn

Wonderful - 09
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

10 – A comfortable and beautiful bed

Wonderful - 10
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

11 – Cover for crochet puff

Wonderful - 11
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

12 – Crochet keychain with tassel knitted wire

Wonderful - 12
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

13 – Crochet Christmas ornaments to decorate the house with crafts

Wonderful - 13
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

14 – Knitted yarn crochet keychains

Wonderful - 14
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

15 – Mandala of the Divine Holy Spirit  

Wonderful - 15
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

16 – Crochet necklace for beginners

Wonderful - 16
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

17 – Pencil holder basket made with two colors of knitted yarn

Wonderful - 17
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

18 – Fun knitted yarn rug

Wonderful - 18
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

19 – Another great crochet rug suggestion to make at home

Wonderful - 19
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

20 – Sucks up for beginners

Wonderful - 20
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

21 – Greek eye keychain for souvenir

Wonderful - 21
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

22 – Napkin holder for set table

Wonderful - 22
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

23 – Pulls super cute dust bag to decorate the kitchen

Wonderful - 23
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

24 – Car door or trash can

Wonderful - 24
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

25 – Trio of knitted wire organizer baskets

Wonderful - 25
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

26 – Crochet tray with wood for the coffee table

Wonderful - 26
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

27 – Crochet backpack in practical knitted yarn for everyday use

Wonderful - 27
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

28 – Crochet bag with knitted yarn for walking

Wonderful - 28
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

29 – Another nice backpack with a zipper

Wonderful - 29
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

30 – Amazing color gradient

Wonderful - 30
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

31 – Sensational crochet handbag

Wonderful - 31
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

32 – Crochet remote control holder with pocket

Wonderful - 32
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

33 – Cutlery holder crochet basket kit

Wonderful - 33
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

34 – Crochet fruit bowl in cherry and cream colors

Wonderful - 34
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

35 – Cutlery holder and napkin holder kit 

Wonderful - 35
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

36 – Crochet toilet paper holder in knitted yarn

Wonderful - 36
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

37 – To keep the bathroom always organized! 

Wonderful - 37
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

38 – Crochet wine holder with leather handles to gift someone

Wonderful - 38
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

39 – Knitted yarn sousplat with heart napkin holder

Wonderful - 39
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

40 – Water green knitted crochet earring

Wonderful - 40
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

41 – Crochet footboard for double bed

Wonderful - 41
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

42 – Nest holder or plant pot holder

Wonderful - 41
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

43 – Knitted yarn crochet hygiene kit with thermos bottle cover   

Wonderful - 43
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

44 – Crochet pot holder for large plant pot

Wonderful - 44
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

45 – Toilet bag with button and tassel

Wonderful - 45
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

46 – Firm and resistant beach bag with magnet closure

Wonderful - 46
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

47 – Very comfortable knitted slipper 

Wonderful - 47
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

48 – Crochet fanny pack

Wonderful - 48
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

49 – Round crochet bag 

Wonderful - 49
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

50 – Colorful crochet stuff holder

Wonderful - 50
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

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