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InícioFASHION & BEAUTY12 curly hair accessories that will transform your look

12 curly hair accessories that will transform your look

Whether for a big event or for everyday wear, curly hair accessories take any look to the next level. They are beautiful and very practical!

giving that amazing up when it comes to producing. Check out a variety of power hairstyle options and tutorials .

12 Curly hair accessories you must have

If you don’t have a lot of hairstyling skills but you don’t want to have your hair always the same, accessories will become your best friends. And in curls then, they stand out even more creating several different styles. Choose your favorites:

1. Scrunchie

curly hair - 01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Scrunchies are a strong trend. They hold the hair and are much more interesting than a simple hair tie. They are covered in fabric and may also have bows. See where to buy:

  1. Scrunchie with bow, at Loja Submarino
  2. Leather Scrunchie , at the Aliexpress Store
  3. Basic scrunchie, at Loja Americanas
  4. Bicolor scrunchie , at Loja Renner
  5. Printed Scrunchie , at Dafiti Store

2. Scarf

curly hair - 02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Want to be in fashion? Then bet on the scarf. They have different prints and are made with a very soft fabric, being easy to handle. Perfect for a relaxed look! Get yours now:

  1. Leopard scarf, at Loja Submarino
  2. Printed scarf, at Loja Americanas
  3. Scarf with collages , at Loja Renner
  4. Satin handkerchief , at Dafiti Store
  5. Scarves , at the Aliexpress Store

3. Bandana

curly hair - 03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

From neck to head! Headbands have a wonderful new function. They have classic designs that do not go unnoticed. Tying them is very easy and you can create beautiful bows. Choose one to call your own:

  1. Pink Bandana , at the Kanui Store
  2. Purple Bandana, at the Submarine Shop
  3. Colorful bandana , on Aliexpress Store
  4. Black bandana , at Dafiti Store
  5. Blue bandana , at Loja Renner

4. Hat

curly hair - 04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

In addition to being very functional, hats make any woman more elegant. Protect yourself from the sun and look even more beautiful with this incredible accessory. Invest in these beautiful models:

  1. Straw Hat , at the Kanui Shop
  2. Capri hat, at Loja Americanas
  3. Luxury Hat, at Submarino Shop
  4. Striped Hat , at the C&A Store
  5. Assorted Hats , at the Aliexpress Store

5. Cap

curly hair - 05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

It’s not just in sports that the cap is successful. It has become a great style accessory with young and surprising versions. You can choose from different fabrics, formats, designs and phrases. Check out:

  1. Floral cap , at Oqvestir Store
  2. Cap with phrase , at Loja Renner
  3. Sports cap , at Dafiti Store
  4. Basic cap , at the Kanui Store
  5. Flat cap , at C&A Store

6. arch

curly hair - 06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

The arches will save you on lazy days. They are very practical and create a beautiful face frame. It will be difficult to choose just one option among so many incredible ones:

  1. Pearl arch, in the Submarino Store
  2. Velvet archery, at Loja Americanas
  3. Kitten bow , at the Aliexpress Store
  4. Rainbow arch , at Loja Renner
  5. Velvet bow, at the Shop2gether Store

7. Flower

curly hair - 07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Whether for the beach or for an event, the flower in the hair is perfect for conveying an image of sweetness and delicacy. With artificial options, they will always be guaranteed in the closet. Bet on this beautiful accessory:

  1. Chiffon hair flower, at Loja Americanas
  2. Hair flower for wedding , on Aliexpress Store
  3. Silver Hair Flower , at the Kanui Shop
  4. Colorful hair flower, at the Submarine Shop
  5. Nude hair flower , at Dafiti Store

8. Clip

curly hair - 08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Enough with the boring tick-tock. The barrettes arrived with everything and are increasingly elaborate. With them, you can tie your hair in various ways and create a wonderful hairstyle in seconds. Choose one to call your own:

  1. Loop with stones , at C&A Store
  2. Wavy barrette , at Amaro Store
  3. Clip with sections , at Shop2gether Store
  4. Assorted clips, at the Submarino Store
  5. Bow clip, at Oqvestir Store

9. Clamp

curly hair - 09
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

The bobby pins were usually hidden in the hair, but these modern versions will make them stand out. Just stick it between the curls and pin it in the way that suits you the most. Buy yours and test several possibilities:

  1. Simple clamp , at the Kanui Store
  2. Luxury Clamp , on Aliexpress Store
  3. Clamp with rhinestones, at Loja Submarino
  4. Staple with colored drips , at Dafiti Store
  5. Pearl clip, at Loja Americanas

10. Decorative comb

curly hair - 10
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Practicality and beauty are two qualities of this beautiful accessory. It is called a comb, because it has little hooks and fits easily between the curls. They are decorated with flowers, sparkles and more. Take a look:

  1. Comb for bride , at Aliexpress Store
  2. Crystal comb, at Loja Americanas
  3. Rhinestone comb , on Aliexpress Store
  4. Plastic comb, in the Submarine Shop
  5. Vintage comb, at Loja Americanas

11. Cap

curly hair - 11
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

With so many beautiful hats, you don’t have to wait for the cold to get them out of the closet. They have been successful among teenagers, as they convey a very stylish and relaxed image. But if you want to warm up, there are also some more neutral and classic models. See more:

  1. Basic cap , at C&A Store
  2. Cap with fold , at Loja Renner
  3. Crochet cap, at Loja Americanas
  4. Cap with pompom, at Loja Submarino
  5. Colored caps , at the Aliexpress Store

12. Tiara

curly hair - 12
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Want to feel like a princess? Bet on tiaras. They are perfect for brides and graduates, but also have very casual models. Be it glitter or fabric, there will be no shortage of occasions to use it. How about buying one of each?

  1. Brilliant Tiara , at Shop2gether Store
  2. Glamorous Tiara , at Aliexpress Store
  3. Fabric headband, at Dafiti Store
  4. Knot Tiara , at Amaro Store
  5. Tiara Tyedye , at Loja Renner

With so many beautiful accessories, laziness will be put aside and dressing up will be more fun. Regardless of the occasion, they won’t get out of your head. How about using them in some professional-worthy hairstyles?

How to make hairstyles with accessories for curly hair

You’ll save trips to the salon with these wonderful tutorials. Next, you’ll learn how to use your accessories in different ways, to try different combinations and impress everyone. Don’t miss:

Hairstyle with barrette

For the barrette to stand out, you need to comb your hair well, pulling it back, securing it with the clips and then putting it on. It’s the perfect option for a classy, ​​rich-faced look.

Hairstyle with scrunchie

If you want more volume in your hair, bet on scrunchies. They are perfect to use in big ponytails or in small locks. Here, it will be placed over a regular hair elastic, so that the hairstyle is well structured.

Hairstyle with scarf

With this step by step, the task of tying a scarf will be much easier. And best of all, there are several ways to use it that will enhance your curls even more. Be sure to test them all!

Hairstyle with tiara

Going to a wedding or special event? Tiaras are the perfect accessory. In this video you will find elegant hairstyle options with her. Find the one that suits you best and feel like a true princess.

After this complete selection, the accessories will be present in your routine. And if you want to make your look even more impressive, check out these options on how to wear your curly hair , which will convince you to innovate.

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