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Drying Your Hair Before Sleep is Essential: Here are 5 Reasons

Drying your hair before bed is essential. Prevents tangled, brittle strands, messy hair, dandruff, and potential allergic reactions.

There are days when we get home and only after performing various tasks do we take a shower, right?

With that, often, we only wash our hair at night, when it’s already close to bedtime.

This raises the importance of drying your hair before going to sleep, but do you know why?

That’s what you’ll find out here!

Drying Your Hair Before Sleep is Essential?

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Drying your locks is important for several reasons. One of them is that sleeping with wet hair makes it get tangled easily, which is not pleasant at all, right?

Therefore, it is important to incorporate this habit into your routine and avoid the mentioned problem and the ones you will see below.


We believe that, in your daily routine, your goal is not to have fragile and brittle strands, right?

Well, if your goal is not that, then you should prepare to dry your hair before going to bed.

After all, humidity makes the hair fibers more fragile. As a result, there are more chances of the strands breaking, since they are weaker and more elastic.


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In addition to problems that can bring health consequences, lying down with damp hair also makes it extremely messy the next morning.

This means that the appearance will not be the way you want, and you will have to take more time to fix it than usual.

After all, the strands will not have a defined shape, agree?


Dandruff is an inflammation that results in red lesions on the scalp and other areas. It causes flaking and itching, being quite unpleasant, and requiring treatment.

The condition can come about for several reasons, and one of them is sleeping with wet hair.

The stuffy and humid environment, created in friction with the pillow, causes an increase in fungus, leading to infections, such as dandruff.


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Wet hair causes bed clothes, such as pillows, to also get wet.

This scenario is not good for those with asthma or rhinitis, as there is more chance of the proliferation of mites and fungi.

As a consequence, allergic crises can become more intense due to contact with wet fabrics.

Now that you know what can happen if you don’t dry your hair before sleeping, get ready to include drying in your daily routine.

If it is not possible to do the process naturally, use a hairdryer, but don’t forget the thermal protector, which creates a protective barrier on the strands and protects against damage from high temperatures, ok?

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