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InícioFASHION & BEAUTYFacial revitalization regenerates, hydrates and nourishes the skin

Facial revitalization regenerates, hydrates and nourishes the skin

Facial revitalization is among the most popular treatment methods to promote skin cell regeneration. 

The dermatologist, Dr. Luciane Scattone, and the specialist in clinical dermatology, Dr. Fátima Tubini, cited the benefits and clarified common doubts about the technique. Follow!

What is Facial Revitalization?

According to Dr. Fátima Tubini, facial revitalization is an aesthetic procedure that promotes cell renewal. “Our skin is constantly subjected to harmful effects, such as sun exposure, pollution and lifestyle habits. 

Thus, the treatment is indicated for those who want healthier, hydrated and brighter skin”. Dr. Luciane Scattone complements by saying that revitalization removes dead cells and prepares the face to receive hydration.

5 benefits of facial revitalization for the skin

Facial revitalization stands out not only for its regenerating and nourishing action, but also for promoting other benefits for the skin. Check out the main ones cited by dermatologists:

  • Removes dead cells: according to Dr. Luciane Scattone, the technique “removes dead cells through some chemical product or exfoliation”. In this way, the components penetrate the skin more easily”.
  • Beautiful, illuminated skin: facial revitalization promotes the absorption of vitamins, proteins and trace elements. So, the procedure “leaves the skin more beautiful, hydrated, uniform and illuminated”, mentions Dr. Fatima Tubini.
  • Controls Oiliness: According to Dr. Luciane Scattone, the technique “is indicated, mainly, for those with oily and thicker skin”. By removing dead cells, the procedure avoids pore obstruction and consequently helps control oiliness.
  • Combats free radicals: according to Dr. Fátima Tubini, “facial revitalization helps fight free radicals” – these molecules are responsible for causing damage to the skin, mainly premature aging .
  • Deeply cleanses the skin: Dr. Fátima Tubini comments that the technique deeply cleans the skin. In this way, “it prevents the accumulation of dead cells and the obstruction of pores”.

According to Dr. Luciane Scattone, it is important to clarify that “facial revitalization does not remove spots, freckles and melanosis , but the procedure can improve the contribution of whitening”. That’s because the absorption of the product helps to mitigate the spots on the skin .

How Facial Revitalization is Done

To perform the procedure, you need to follow three stages of treatment: exfoliation, hydration and skin nutrition. Below, see more details about each process.


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Dr. Luciene Scattone explains that “the first stage of revitalization consists of exfoliation to remove the horny layer of the skin”. This process can be done using exfoliating agents for the face , in addition, it prepares the region for the next stages of hydration and nutrition.


The next step in facial revitalization is to apply moisturizing agents to reduce the natural wear and tear of the tissue in order to “improve the texture and restore the skin’s natural luminosity,” explains Dr. Fatima. 

The choice of products will be made according to the person’s skin type. For example, “the creams are indicated for dry skin, the cream gel for mixed skin and the serum for oily skin”, clarifies Dr. Luciene Scattone.


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In the last treatment process, nutritional agents, vitamins and trace elements are applied. These assets will penetrate the skin leaving it more nourished, healthy and beautiful. After all the steps, it is important to apply sunscreen .

According to Dr. Fátima Tubini, facial revitalization cannot be done at home. She recommends carrying out the procedure with a qualified professional, so all the necessary steps will be supervised, with no risk of the rebound effect .

Frequently Asked Questions about Facial Revitalization

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Now that you already know the benefits of facial revitalization and how the treatment is done, Dr. Luciane Scattone clarifies other common doubts about aesthetic treatment. She check:

Women’s Tips – How long does facial revitalization last?

Luciane Scattone – It lasts for the cell renewal time of the skin, that is, from 21 to 28 days. Therefore, it is recommended to carry out the procedure once a month.

What care should I have?

After the procedure, you cannot apply products with components that irritate the skin, as well as any non-indicated acid, as the skin becomes permeable. In addition, it is recommended to avoid the sun and, whenever there is exposure, apply sunscreen.

Are there any contraindications?

It is contraindicated for people with inflammatory skin diseases. So, the ideal is to first treat these injuries and then carry out the revitalization. Furthermore, the intensity of the procedure must be proportional to the thickness of the skin, as it can be aggressive on very thin skin.

What is the difference between revitalization and skin cleansing?

Revitalization will not carry out the treatment of removing blackheads and pimples, as it only complements skin cleansing, that is, it eliminates dead cells, thus, the assets that hydrate and nourish can better penetrate the skin.

Other facial care is extremely important and can be done at home with guidance from a dermatologist. So bet on skincare and keep your skin beautiful, healthy and protected!

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