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French manicure: check out 6 options for you to try

French manicures are trends that have marked decades, nowadays there are different ways to do them and super authentic modeling with colors, glitter, and rhinestones.

The Colorama line has a range of nail polish colors as well as treatments and finishers to make your French manicure look amazing!

Check out the 6 French manicure options we’ve chosen for you to try out this classic.

What is the origin of the French manicure?

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Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

The French manicure is not of French origin as everyone thinks. The businessman and Polish aesthetician, Max Factor was famous in the beauty industry, his idea was to make pinkish or light beige nails with white tips, for that he created a pinkish cream to be used over the nails and a whitish liquid.

The term “french manicure”, translated to French manicure in Portuguese, was named by the makeup artist Jeff Pink, who was an American Hollywood makeup artist.

The famous French manicure was created in the mid-1970s, in the USA, at the time the colors were only reds, browns, and lilacs, the main idea was that this style was something neutral for Hollywood actresses.

With this decorated nail, it would be possible to match various outfits. Over time it gained more and more space and today it is one of the most used decorations.

What are the types of French manicure?

There are various types of French manicure that you can choose for your decorated nail. The traditional, which is a classic, the French and the colored French that can be done with combinations of colors of your preference.

Other French manicure models are gaining space. The double, reverse, and decorated French give a new look to this classic, all without losing the essence of the traditional.

With more options, you can choose between different types of French and combine with glitters, colors, and rhinestones to make the French manicure gorgeous.

Traditional French manicure

French manicure-02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

The traditional French manicure is a classic modeling that has crossed generations and continues to be loved.

With a layer of rosy nude nail polish or even a transparent white nail polish with the white tip. This type of French never goes out of style, being a great modeling for everyday and special events.

Short French manicure

French manicure-03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

The French manicure can also be done on short nails, using techniques it is possible to achieve this perfect result.

In this case, use the same step as the traditional, a layer of nail polish of your choice and the white tip or even with details like glitter and colored nail polish. Short French manicures are beautiful and authentic.

Colored French manicure

French manicure-04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

The colored French manicures have become a trend. In this modeling, you can choose various colors with many incredible combinations.

For example, a layer of nude nail polish, with the colored tips in pastel tones look beautiful and stylish for everyday, composing many possibilities of looks.

Double French manicure

The double French manicure has been a success in the beauty world. The way to reproduce this new idea are two lines at the tip, one can be thicker and the other thinner, leaving a space between them or two lines together.

The double French can be in traditional colors, colored or similar colors, which forms a space between them and brings a color gradient. This is an option for those who like something modern and delicate.

Reverse French manicure

The reverse French manicure is a nail designer trend, used in nail extensions both in the gel and acrylic option.

Its purpose is to work on the base of the nails making them well elongated with a finish at the tips, all this with many colors and different decorations that make up a beautiful result and ensure durability.

Decorated French manicure

French manicure-05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

The decorated French manicure is the combination everyone loves! From the French with decorations present at the tip of the nails like various drawings, rhinestones, and stickers.

The decorated French manicures tend to be delicate or even bold, depending on what is chosen it is a perfect option for every day or for special events.

How to do the French manicure?

French manicures are a classic and also very easy to do. Check out the following step-by-step guide and learn how to do French manicures:

  • 1-Prepare your nails with a base of your preference, be it for strengthening or growth.
  • 2-Apply the nail polish of the shade of your choice, such as shades of pink and transparent white or even colored over the nail. If necessary, apply another layer of nail polish and let it dry completely.
  • 3-Use the tip of your nail polish brush in white color, or another as per your choice, apply a line at the tip of your nail of the size and proportion you find necessary. Another way to make the line at the tip of the nail is the use of tapes to mark the right space, facilitating the process.
  • 4-Finish with a nail polish that provides shine and one for quick drying, this way it avoids creases and smudges, besides ensuring shine for your French.

Get to know the Colorama nail polish collection

French manicure-06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Colorama is a very complete nail polish brand, its portfolios feature nail treatment polishes for your nails to grow healthily.

In addition to a range of colors for all tastes and in the end, we have quick-drying nail polish for you to have freedom after painting your nails. Next, we have selected some products that will make your French manicure perfect!

The Satin Base is a great option to start your nail polish, to complete and take care of your nail, the Nutribase Pro-Strengthening works strengthening your nail with calcium and fluorine, making them strong and healthy.

Colorama’s White Petal nail polish is perfect for use on the tip of the nail, to make the French manicure line being a super intense white.

Delicate and captivating, the Veil Nail Polish is inspired by wedding dresses, with its transparency it composes the nail very well making the French manicure perfect.

To finish our French manicure, Colorama’s Extra Shine, guarantees an extra layer of a lot of shine for the nail polish and to complete the Quick Drying Oil guarantees quick drying, avoiding situations like creases and smudges. Bet on Colorama products to have a beautiful and long-lasting French manicure.

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