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Gel bath: technique that promises to strengthen natural nails

Nail care is part of the female universe, that’s a fact, but keeping your nails always beautiful can be a challenge for some women. 

Thinking about it, many techniques were created to offer beauty and durability, as is the case of the gel bath. 

Next, the professional Shay Nascimento tells details and curiosities of this procedure. Check out!

What is a gel bath

You may have already heard about the gel bath technique on nails, but would you know what it’s for or how it’s done? Well then! According to Shay, “The gel bath is a gel structure on top of the natural nail”. 

However, unlike nail extension procedures, “the bath does not lengthen, but it protects the natural nail from breakage”, says the specialist, who goes on to explain: “consequently, every impact of blows goes to the gel and not to the natural nail, which helps in the growth”.

In addition to protection, the professional also says that the technique provides durability of “2 to 3 weeks with the same nail polish”, which is great for those who have a busy life and don’t want to worry about having to do their nails every week.

And if you are curious to know how the procedure is performed, then the specialist explains the technique step by step that has won the hearts of many women. Check out:

How is a gel bath done?

  • The first step is to sand the natural nail with fine sandpaper so as not to damage the structure;
  • Subsequently, it is necessary to clean the nails with a sanitizing prep;
  • The third step, according to the professional, is on account of the dehydrator and the primer that will prepare the nails to receive the layer of gel;
  • Then, the construction of the base layer is carried out, a first final layer of gel that will need to dry in a cabin for about 1 minute;
  • After drying the base coat, the creation of the gel structure begins, which will also need to be dried in the cabin;
  • The penultimate step is sanding and polishing the gel to give the nails a natural finish;
  • Finally, the top coat is applied to seal the entire structure and the nails undergo the last drying in the cabin. Once that’s done, just glaze.

How it works and what are its benefits

Gel bath-04
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The gel bath is perfect for those who don’t want to change the length of their natural nails, but want to protect them so that they grow without breaking, in addition, of course, to leave their nails done for longer. 

The layer of the product “provides more resistance to the natural nails and helps to keep the nail polish shiny for longer and without peeling”, explains the expert.

The value of the procedure varies according to each professional, but according to Shay, “the average price is around 80 to 150 reais”. 

Also, just like stretching techniques, gel bath also needs care. “It is necessary to carry out maintenance every 20 to 30 days, depending on the nail” says the nail designer.

However, it should be noted that there are contraindications for performing the gel bath. 

The professional states that “as with any gel procedure, the technique cannot be performed on those who have mycosis, who are undergoing chemotherapy, who are allergic to the products or any type of nail fungus”. 

So always be aware of these factors and look for a trained professional who offers you safety and quality.

Gel nail X gel bath

Here’s a doubt that can cause some confusion: does gel nail and gel bath make a difference? According to Shay Nascimento, there is. 

As said by the expert herself at the beginning of the article, although the two techniques are performed with the same product base, the gel bath does not change the size of the nails.

“The gel nail is lengthened with the gel to the size the client wants, while the gel bath is applied only on top of the natural nail”, says Shay, who also emphasizes “if the client’s nail is short, with the bath of gel will remain short”.

Gel bath is a great solution for those who have fragile nails and want to have natural growth without the structure of stretching. 

But if you want to opt for less invasive care, also check out these great tips on how to have perfect , healthy, strong and beautiful nails always.

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