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Gel nails: Tips, photos and step by step 2023

Having gel nails has become more and more natural. That’s because the advantages of having this type of material wrapped around your nails are countless.

So, thinking about it, our blog brought enlightening information about this darling of the moment.

We also brought an unmissable step-by-step application of gel on nails. That way, even if you are a beginner or even would like to learn how to put this material on your nails, stay tuned with us until the end.

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What are the benefits of having gel nails?

We know that there are many substances that compromise the health of our body.

Even in the universe of beauty, some seemingly harmless products can cause damage from their first contact with our skin, for example.

This is the case with some removers and nail polishes. However, gel nails, in addition to not causing health risks, are longer lasting than natural ones. 

In addition, they offer extra protection to the nails, which is really nice when they are brittle and weak.

Gel Nail Inspirations:

What is the value of gel nail?

The value of the gel nail procedure can vary between $70 to $150 reais, always depending on the professional, place or state you live in.

See the quick and easy step-by-step application

  • Cut and/or file the natural nails in order to leave them prepared;
  • If you want an elongated nail, that is, longer than the length of the natural one, stick a sticker on each one, marking the desired length and shape on the traced lines;
  • Apply a layer of Clear gel to the natural nail to make the base coat and, if you are using adhesive for stretching, apply the Strong gel over it (this gel has the quality of a control gel). In short, it is an easy-to-use product, especially for those who still don’t have control over how to spread the gel;
  • To dry the gel, place the nails in a device (cabin) with led or ultra-violet light, for approximately 30 seconds. Don’t worry about the slight “shock”;
  • Then apply another layer of Strong gel and again place the nails under the cabin for another 30 seconds;
  • Now, put a clip on the sides, to secure it better and go back to the cabin for another 30 seconds;
  • Remove the adhesive, if you are stretching;
  • Apply a layer of builder gel to level the entire length of the nail;
  • Go back to the cabin, however, this time for only 15 seconds;
  • Use a structure to fit behind the nail, in the shape of a cone, so as not to put pressure on the nail and place a clip on the sides again;
  • This time, leave your nails in the booth for 60 seconds and remove the clip;
  • Spray some water and clean to remove the gum from the gel;
  • Use a finishing bur to level the tips, sides and length along the gel nails;
  • Finally, file your nails and do the cutilage;
  • Clean your hands, apply the sealant very carefully, letting the brush slide to drain all the excess so that the nail does not create a “bump”;
  • Take the nails for another cabin shock for 15 seconds and apply the sealant to the inside of the nail, always carefully;
  • Finally, cure in the booth for 120 seconds, reserving the last 30 seconds to turn your hands and receive the light on the inside of your nails.

Anyway, I wish much success in each application of gel nails, as well as in any other structure chosen to leave, both your nails and your clients, impeccable!

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