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InícioFASHION & BEAUTYHow to use Glitter on Nails. Try these 5 tips!

How to use Glitter on Nails. Try these 5 tips!

That glitter on nails is an extra charm, no one can deny it. So, if today the Nail designer of your nails is you and you don’t know where to start, this article will help you. 

Even if you are not used to it, you will be able to make beautiful and shiny nails easily. First of all, in order for the glitter to fix well on the nails, it needs to be applied correctly. 

Otherwise, the first time you go to wash your hands, wash your hair, or do any other task, all the glitter is gone.

How to make glitter decoration on nails?

At first, there are several color options, either powder glitter or flocked glitter. The latter is more recommended for encapsulated nails. Now, the glitter powder is super easy to apply to other types of nails.

In this way, the polyester one has the finer texture, as well as greater brightness compared to brocal glitter. So, to fix this type of glitter on your nails, follow the step by step below.

To apply glitter powder, you will need

  • extra shine
  • Surface for depositing excess glitter
  • Brush to remove excess (preferably a broom brush)
  • Glitter powder in one color only or in assorted colors, as per your choice
Glitter on Nails - 01
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Step by step:

  1. After preparing your nails and applying the nail polish of your choice, choose the nail or nails you will apply the glitter to. So, start by applying a generous layer of extra shine; 
  2. Then deposit the glitter on the nails, tapping the pot to distribute it evenly;
  3. Right after, press lightly with your finger, so that the glitter sticks well to the nail;
  4. If you notice flaws in this distribution, reapply the extra shine and then pour more powder;
  5. Always finish with a last layer of extra shine.

Attention: remember to remove excess glitter after each application, using the broom brush.

Applying flocked glitter in a simple way

On encapsulated nails, the flocked glitter adheres very well. However, there are nail polishes that already contain this type of glitter. So that the shine is better deposited on the nails, apply a good amount of nail polish on a sponge.

Finally, start depositing all the sponge product on the nail and with that, the nail is much more filled with the shine of the flocked glitter. Finally, apply an extra shine. 

And you, how do you like to use glitter on your nails ? Oh! Be sure to check out more amazing tips on our blog. A hug and see you next!

How to apply GLITTER to Nail Polish & Gel Polish – 3 Ways!

Today we are going to share this video from Natasha Lee’s channel where you will learn how to use glitter on your nails. Check out!

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