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Gloss with Hyaluronic Acid: 06 Options for a super hydrated mouth

Doubts to add a gloss with hyaluronic acid to your make-up? Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian are references for hydrated, plump and sexy lips, a trend that is currently on the rise. 

If these are the features you’re looking for, makeup tricks, lip balms and contouring techniques are already part of your makeup routine. 

What is gloss with hyaluronic acid used for

In addition to giving volume to the lips, the gloss with hyaluronic acid also promises to hydrate the region. 

According to dermatologist Simone Stringhini (CRM 52534680), this is the main function of the substance: hydration. “Hyaluronic acid is a neutral molecule that exists in our body for the purpose of hydration and collagen stimulation. 

So much so that there are several serums, creams with hyaluronic acid in the composition that have no side effects for the skin”, explains the professional.

The acid acts filling in the creases of the lips, outlining the contour and giving the feeling that the mouth has swelled. It also improves the appearance of the region, eliminating dryness. 

However, there are several types of hyaluronic acid that directly interfere with the expected result. This is the difference between topical use and lip fillers.

“The filling is done with crosslinked hyaluronic acid”, explains Simone, “there are several molecules of hyaluronic acid with bridges between them, as if it were a glue, constituting a true network. So this makes the gel dense and prevents degradation by hyaluronidase.”

The gloss is the opposite. According to the dermatologist, its particles are small, penetrate easily, but are destroyed by the body more quickly. 

Because of this, its effect is temporary. That is, its volumizing effect is unable to reproduce a lip filling.

Is swelling and burning common?

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Some bloggers have reported burning, redness and swelling of the lips and the surrounding skin during the first minutes of products that promise to add volume to the lips. 

In some cases, it was impossible to maintain the gloss for the indicated time. Simone Stringhini warns:

“It is necessary to understand what this irritating substance is, which was purposely placed in the product to stimulate swelling in the lips and is causing this redness”. Simone reaffirms that hyaluronic acid does not behave that way and reiterates: “we should not insist on the product if you have an allergic reaction. If the irritation is very severe, see your dermatologist.”

How to use gloss with hyaluronic acid

The indication of the brands is to apply the gloss from the middle to the sides, on the lower and upper lips, following the natural contour of the lips. 

It takes approximately 5 minutes to take effect, but the time may vary according to the brand. The gloss can be used before or after lipstick and reapplied whenever you want.

6 brands of gloss with hyaluronic acid that you can find at the drugstore

Interested in the benefits of this substance? Check below some cosmetic and dermatological brands that present the best cost-benefits for you.

1. Hyaluage Lip Up Gloss – $$$$$$

Dermage is a well-known brand among dermatologists and has its own makeup line. It is an option for those looking for a dermatological treatment for the lips, as it has 5 types of hyaluronic acid in its composition. 

The gloss is indicated to avoid loss of lip contour, creases and dryness. In addition, the brand promises a volumizing effect. To have both effects, you need to iron both sides of the product.

2. Up Lips – $$$$

Up Lips is a gloss with hyaluronic acid that has variety. With six striking color options, it presents itself as the darling of celebrities. The gloss has sodium hyaluronate in the composition and promises hydration and shine for 24 hours. On the official website you can find it for up to $ 89.70.

3. Lifter Gloss – $$$$

Another brand that works with a variety of colors, Maybelline has 7 options, from pink to nude shades. In addition, they all come with an XL applicator, which facilitates the application of the product. Among its benefits are lip contour definition and deep hydration.

4. Lips On – $$

Vult’s Lips On has sodium hyaluronate, the type of hyaluronic acid that helps the mouth get fuller and hydrates the skin. It is one of the most financially accessible products, ranging from $23.00 to $31.90 depending on the site.

5. Lip Volume -$$$

Blant’s Lip Volume has, in addition to hyaluronic acid, D-panthenol and vitamin E. Because of these substances, it deeply hydrates and prevents premature aging of the lips. The gloss also has three colors: pink, nude and colorless. The latter promises to intensify the natural color of the region.

6. Power Lips – $$

Vizzela’s gloss also contains vitamin E, and sodium hyaluronate, low molecular mass hyaluronic acid that retains water in the lips. Power Lips is also a more economical and cost-effective option. It has two color options, colorless and tint, which is reddish.

Are you looking for a longer-lasting solution to plump your lips? See all about lip filling.

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