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How do I dry my nail polish fast? Video and Tips for a perfect nail

Anyone who loves nail polish knows well the struggle we face to dry nail polish quickly . First of all, it is worth mentioning that, although there are already nail polishes that promise ultra-fast drying, the truth is that it may take some time for this drying to be perfect.

In this sense, the best thing is not to take risks and with that smudge all the enameling work. So, our blog separated incredible tips on how to dry your nails fast and a flawless finish of the nail polish on your nails.

Preparing the environment for quick drying enamel

With the busy life we ​​lead, nothing better than optimizing our time in all areas. For those who are vain and, like me, love to always have their nails well done, getting beautiful nails in a short period of time is gold.

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In this way, pay attention to our super initial tip that makes all the difference: colder environments collaborate to quickly dry the nail polish . Therefore, if you live in regions where the climate is milder, there is an advantage.

On the other hand, for those who live in tropical regions, with more intense heat or are in the spring/summer period, it is totally possible to prepare the environment. This is because heat can lead to the formation of balls in the product. If you have an air conditioner, it will be very good for your enamel to dry faster.

However, if this is not possible, after preparing the cutilage and before starting to polish your nails, just dip your fingers in a container with very cold water. In this way, stay for a few seconds and dry well. Your nails are ready to be painted.

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Write down some tricks to dry nail polish faster:

  1. After enameling the first layer, dip your fingers in ice water again and shake your hands in order to drain the water well. Wait for a few seconds and apply another layer of nail polish;
  2. If your nails are being painted by someone else while one hand is being polished, hold a bottle of cold water in your other hand. This will leave your nails at a favorable temperature for quick drying of the nail polish;
  3. Apply a thin base coat before polishing . Likewise, the first layer of your nail polish should be very thin. Therefore, leave the brush to load a little more, only in the second application;
  4. Applying a very light sparkling nail polish is also a great option, speeding up drying;
  5. As soon as you finish the enamelling, dry your nails with the cold air of the dryer , at a distance of 30 centimeters. Oh! Don’t forget to dry under your nails too. In the absence of cool air from the dryer, use the old trick of fanning a notebook;
  6. Pass a nail polish remover before applying the base , as the alcohol in this product makes it cooler and makes drying your nails much easier.

Does wetting your fingers in cold water really work? Discover the secret behind this ancient technique

Do you know the old and perhaps well-known trick of wetting your fingers in cold water after polishing? It works yes! In particular, for drying thick nail polish. However, there is a secret: wait for the nail polish to dry a little, and only then, put your nails in the water. 


Also, the ideal is to try to remain in the ice water for about 2 to 4 minutes . As a result, enamel is completely dry, with no danger of damage. It might sound tiring, but it will ensure your nails look flawless.

Finish the nails with a nice extra shine . After all, this darling, in addition to bringing more shine to the nails, helps a lot to dry the enamel quickly , as well as protect it for longer.

Why does nail polish take so long to dry?

Because it contains several substances that, after all, were designed to guarantee the result we expect, nail polishes take hours for them to completely evaporate. In addition, they are essential for the conservation of the product.

However, we can use some homemade techniques to speed up and dry the nail polish faster. 

We were also able to take advantage of revolutionary products, such as the new nail polishes on the market, which have evolved significantly over the years.

Trick to dry nail polish to sleep

To dry the nail polish even faster, let’s give the cold water process a boost. Using this technique, place your fingers in very cold water for approximately 10 seconds.

Next, warm your nails over a stove mouth or a lit candle. But attention: be very careful at this time. The ideal is to do this at a distance of about 30 cm from the fire, in order to avoid any kind of accident. Take care, huh girl!

Now, to speed up the nail polish drying even more, apply this trick 5 times. This tip goes for drying nail polish at night so the nail doesn’t dent, as well as for cold days. In short, it’s a great alternative for you looking for how to dry your nail polish quickly.

How to dry in 30 seconds

At this point, you might be saying to me: More practicality, please! So, make use of a product that, in addition to drying the nail polish in 30 seconds, will also leave your nails with an extra shine. 

With Technology Cobertura Brilliant by Risqué, although the packaging does not advertise nail polish drying, you can find all these benefits in a single product. Anyway, he fulfills what many only promise. 

It’s worth testing there on your nails. I tested and approved. Of course, I don’t recommend you go out immediately doing extravagant tasks when using it, huh. Give it a little extra time to guarantee the result and, thus, not dent your enamelling.

With all these tips, it’s very easy to dry any enamel quickly , isn’t it? Keep accessing more articles with more than special tips on our blog. A super hug!

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