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How skincare for skin with vitiligo works and what is the importance of this care

Vitiligo is a chronic disease that causes white patches on the skin due to a lack of melanin. 

As explained by Dr. Cristine Carvalho, a dermatologist specialized in the subject and coordinator of the hives laboratory, “melanin is the pigment that gives color to the skin, it helps in self-protection against radiation, mainly solar radiation, and other external agents”.

Experts clarify doubts about skin with vitiligo and give tips to keep it healthy in the daily routine

This dermatological disease can appear at any age and affect various parts of the body, especially the face, hands, elbows, feet and knees. In USA, about 0.5% of the population lives with vitiligo – which, although not contagious, still generates a lot of prejudice due to misinformation. 

This causes emotional impacts on people who suffer from the disease, such as anxiety , depression and low self- esteem .

Although vitiligo affects both men and women equally, they suffer more from self-image, as a result of the aesthetic demands imposed by society. In this sense, it is important not only to take care of the skin, but also to work on self-acceptance. 

Thus, the medical specialist in dermatology Dr. Geisa Costa says that “taking care of mental health is fundamental, since one of the causes of the condition is emotional changes or trauma”. Next, check out more information given by the experts in conversation with the Women’s Tips .

Vitiligo skin care

Daily care is essential, regardless of skin type . However, as Geisa Costa explains, “it is common for some patients with vitiligo to report, in the office, sensitivity and pain in the affected areas. 

In addition, complications such as sunburn and even emotional symptoms, such as stress, can worsen the condition if the person does not take proper care”.

Professionals comment that skin with vitiligo is more likely to suffer from sunburn. “So it’s important to protect it whenever you’re outdoors, either with protective clothing, sunglasses or regularly applying sunscreen with an SPF greater than 50”, advises Costa.

In addition, the specialist informs that the skin with vitiligo tends to be more dry in the winter, so it is essential to keep it hydrated. 

She points out “that both sunscreen and moisturizers must be prescribed by a dermatologist”. Carvalho adds that “good daily hydration also helps protect the skin barrier”.

Skincare for skin with vitiligo

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Much is said about care routine for different skins and their peculiarities. But is skincare for skin with vitiligo any different? According to Costa, the cleaning and hydration stages are the same, but the products must be chosen according to the skin type and always with medical guidance. 

However, “people with vitiligo should skip the exfoliation and peeling step, as trauma can make the patches worse.”

Regarding skin hygiene, it should be carried out “with softer products, and a good moisturizer should also be part of the skincare routine”, highlights Carvalho. 

In addition, the specialist adds that, “after the assessment of the patient’s skin type, the correct diagnosis of the type of vitiligo and which therapy should be instituted, some other product indicated by the dermatologist can be used”.

To assist in the treatment of vitiligo, supplements, vitamins and antioxidants can be included, always through examinations and professional evaluation. According to Carvalho, “ Vitamins C , D and E are important as adjuvants to treatment”.

However, in addition to the skincare routine, vitiligo patients can perform skin cleansing to remove dirt, buildup of impurities and dead cells. Dermatologists report that there are no restrictions on performing the procedure, as long as it is done with caution and with a qualified professional.

However, it is important “to avoid acidic and abrasive substances, which can injure the most sensitive skin of those who have this disease with greater intensity”, warns Cristine Carvalho.

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