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How to Make Nails Polish Last Longer? Find Out!

How to Make Nails Polish Last Longer? Do you feel like you paint your nails, carry out the varnishing, and shortly afterwards, the polish starts to chip and lose its shine?

Soon, you realize that you spent a lot of time in the process to ruin the result so quickly, and you wonder, in fact, what to do to make the polish last longer and combat this unpleasant situation, right? That’s what we’re going to find out!

Painting nails is an activity that is part of many people’s routines. Nowadays, with so many options available to consumers, it’s easy to create different productions and change up the look.

Thus, it’s possible to make numerous combinations and innovate the look according to the occasion, right? But, there’s no denying that there’s nothing more annoying when the polish begins to wear off.

With this, the following question comes to mind: how to increase the longevity of the polish? Keep reading to find out!


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There are several tricks that help extend the duration of polish on the nails. In some cases, you need to change some habits you have in your daily life.

In others, you’ll have to adopt new techniques to ensure that the varnishing remains perfect over the days.

So, find out what to do now!


Before starting to apply the polish, it’s necessary to take care of the cuticles. To do this, you should push them back with the help of a special spatula, after applying a cuticle softener.

The product is a true ally when it comes to nail care, serving to moisturize and soften the area. With this, it becomes easier to push or slightly remove the cuticles. 


The buffer file should also not be left out of the process. With it, file the surface of the nails so that they become uniform and smooth. However, the recommendation is to use it only once a month.

Also, use the traditional nail file to give the desired shape to the nail and strengthen it. Therefore, shape it well to avoid frequent breakage.


After you’ve taken care of the cuticles, trimmed and filed the nails, it’s time to apply the strengthening base coat.

The use of this item is essential to make the nail more resilient and promote healthy growth.

Another benefit is that the polish adheres better. That is, there are many advantages in a single product.


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Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
  • Control the number of layers: do not apply more than two layers of polish. Distribute the products well on the nail for good adherence. Thick layers do not adhere easily and take longer to dry. As a result, there is a higher chance of spoiling.
  • Use clove: here, the tip is to put five cloves inside the base coat or polish you will use 24 hours before use. The ingredient makes the product resistant to fungus and prevents nail fungus.
  • Don’t use expired polish: after the expiry date, the polish should not be used, as it will affect the outcome of the varnishing. Some products may lose their effectiveness. Also, it weakens the nails and causes allergies.
  • Protect your nails with gloves: another way to preserve the varnishing and make it last longer is to use gloves when washing dishes and handling cleaning products. This measure is simple and should be adopted in your routine. Also opt for a top coat to make your nails even stronger.

Now that you know what to do to make nail polish last longer, incorporate these tips into your daily routine and prevent your polish from chipping easily.

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