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InícioFASHION & BEAUTYHow to remove blackhead from nose? Dermatologist teaches home and safe methods

How to remove blackhead from nose? Dermatologist teaches home and safe methods

Comedons appear mainly on the face and nose, disturbing the self- esteem of several people. 

Prof. Angela Bonjorno Arantes, coordinator of the postgraduate course in Cosmetology and Advanced Aesthetics at PUC-PR, explains how to remove blackheads from the nose, talks about what causes formation, clarifies doubts and gives care tips. Follow!

What causes nose blackheads?

Angela Bonjorno explains that blackheads are “a dermatological condition considered a manifestation of acne in its initial stage (non-inflammatory stage 1)”. 

Thus, the formation of comedones occurs when the sebaceous glands are obstructed by excess fat. 

This problem affects about 90% of the population and usually appears at puberty, “with the beginning of the production of sex hormones”.

According to the specialist, “the occurrence of blackheads can be aggravated by stress, genetic predisposition, emotional factors and diet”. 

In addition, she informs that blackheads can be separated into 2 types: the closed comedone, which “presents itself in the form of yellowish white dots with discreet relief”; and the open comedone, which “is more visible and appears in the form of brownish or black dots, usually without apparent relief”.

How do you remove blackheads from the nose

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When blackhead extraction is performed improperly, “inflammation and infections in the follicle can occur, as well as the evolution of non-inflammatory acne to inflammatory acne. Therefore, it is essential to sanitize the skin and hands”. To facilitate the withdrawal process, the professional shares a safe step-by-step:

  • Prepare the skin: “prepare the skin of the face by washing with an antiseptic soap”.
  • Physical exfoliation: use a physical exfoliant, “preferably with exfoliating microspheres produced with natural or synthetic waxes. Do not use stone powder or fruit seeds that can damage the skin”.
  • Blackhead softener application: “apply a blackhead softener cosmetic”. There are several available on the market.
  • Cover the area with a moistened and heated tissue: with the heated tissue, “you can improve the effect of the softener”.
  • Perform the extraction: “use sanitized gloves or protect your fingers with cotton dampened in an antiseptic solution to perform the compression”. You can also use metal rods made for this purpose or flexible cotton rods.
  • Apply a soothing tonic: after extraction, apply a “tonic with soothing astringent properties to rebalance the pH and reduce skin redness. The use of cold compresses with chamomile tea and calendula help in the process”.

About softening cosmetics, the professional informs that “Aminomethylpropanol, triethanolamine, isopropanolamine and sodium bicarbonate are excellent chemical softeners, but the effectiveness depends on the concentration of the ingredient in the product”. In addition, “it is very important to observe the mode of use recommended by the manufacturer so as not to harm the skin”.

Arantes defends that “the efficient extraction of the blackhead is only possible by compression. Exfoliating agents can improve the surface appearance of the skin, but the sebum accumulated within the ducts will not be removed, becoming evident again in a short time”. In the next topic, the professional clarifies doubts on the subject.

Questions about how to remove blackheads from nose answered

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There is no shortage of tutorials on the internet with unusual methods for removing blackheads from your nose at home. However, are they safe? The aesthetic specialist clarifies the main doubts on the subject:

Women’s Tips – Is it safe to remove blackheads from your nose at home?

Angela Bonjorno Arantes – if the skin on the face, hands, nails and instruments are clean and sanitized with 70ºGL alcohol or chlorhexidine solution, the procedure may be safer. However, it is important to perform the compression gently to avoid trauma and stains.

Is it safe to remove blackheads from your nose with toothpaste?

The application of toothpaste does not present significant risks, but only promotes a very superficial exfoliation of the skin, with low efficacy. In short, it’s safe, but it doesn’t work.

Is it safe to remove a blackhead from your nose with a needle?

The use of piercing objects can injure the skin and favor the occurrence of infections. Needles should only be used by experienced professionals, as trauma can trigger a worsening of the skin’s appearance.

Is it safe to remove blackheads from your nose with tweezers?

Using tweezers to extract blackheads does not pose significant risks. However, the result of the extraction will not be satisfactory, as it is not possible to “pinch” and pull the fatty substances.

Is it safe to remove blackheads from your nose with egg?

The egg does not favor blackhead extraction, but its application does not pose significant risks to the skin.

Is it safe to remove blackheads from your nose with glue?

It’s definitely not safe. Glue has chemical ingredients that are not indicated or even safe to use on the skin. Delete this idea!

Is it safe to remove blackheads from your nose with baking soda?

Bicarbonate is an ingredient that can help soften the keratin in the skin and on the surface of the comedo. However, remember that cosmetic products undergo safety and efficacy studies. In home use, there is no concentration control, alkalinity, among other parameters that can damage the skin. It may work as a softener, but it’s definitely not completely safe.

Is it safe to remove blackheads from your nose with granulated sugar?

When diluted with water, sugar can be a good moisturizing agent for the skin. However, be very careful with the application of sugar crystals, as there is a very significant difference between an “exfoliating” product and an “exfoliating” product. To exfoliate means to remove leaves or cell layers. Already skinning means scratching, injuring the skin. Crystal sugar has a crystalline structure with many points and edges that can scratch the skin, meaning there are more risks than benefits.

With the doubts clarified, you can see that not all methods available on the internet are safe. Before testing a technique, it is important to seek professional information. Continue reading to check out care tips that will help you avoid the proliferation of blackheads.

Care tips for skin with blackheads

According to Arantes, in the case of acneic skin , that is, with “predisposition for the formation of blackheads, it is important to clean the skin periodically, preventing the comedone from getting too big and leaving irreversible marks after its extraction”. In addition, she shares care tips for skin with blackheads:

  • Do not sleep with makeup.
  • Wash your face daily with liquid soap specific to your skin type.
  • Extract blackheads every 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Do not manipulate the skin without performing hygiene and asepsis of the regions.

In addition to home care, the professional informs that “some procedures can improve the appearance of dilated pores, including microneedling , chemical peelings , laser, pulsed light”. To find out which one is best for you, consult a professional.

Videos on how to remove blackheads from the nose

In this selection of videos, you can see how to remove blackheads on the nose. Take advantage of pore cleaning tips to make a complete at-home treatment.

Removing blackheads with metal rods

In this video, Bruna Harmel shows how to remove blackheads at home. She uses a kit of metallic rods in the extraction. The process is very fast and simple!

Skin cleansing and blackhead removal

The beautician Patrícia Elias shares a homemade skin cleaning with blackhead removal. It is not a procedure to be done every day or weekly, but every fortnight or a month, depending on the production of blackheads.

Deep pore cleansing at home

The beautician Talita Rodrigues presents a deep cleaning of the pores. The procedure can be done weekly and has the application of clay to enhance cleaning.

Now you know how to safely remove blackheads from your nose at home. Don’t forget that maintaining a cleaning routine is important for the process. Take the opportunity to get to know the acne map and understand what the location of each pimple reveals.

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