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How to Remove Nail Polish Without Acetone? 05 Solutions

You notice that your nail polish has started to chip and you decide to remove it completely. So, you search for acetone and realize that you’re out of the product.

Whatever the reason, it’s not possible to buy another one at the moment. With that in mind, the following question comes to mind: how to remove nail polish without acetone, right?

First of all, it’s worth clarifying that, instead of acetone, it’s ideal to use a nail polish remover without the ingredient in its composition.

This is because the item can cause the skin to become dry and weaken the nails. But now, let’s see what to do when the product is not available. Check it out!

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The first solution promises to be simpler than you think. You know that base coat you apply before applying colored polish to strengthen your nails? Well, here it will be your best friend.

The step-by-step is easy: apply a considerable layer of the product on your nails and wait a few seconds.

Then, use a piece of cotton to remove the polish until it’s completely gone. If necessary, repeat the operation until the result meets your expectations.


Banana oil is a true ally when you’re thinking about how to remove nail polish without acetone. Did you know that the process is easy to do?

You just need to apply it to the cotton and then apply it to your nails. As a bonus, you also ensure another benefit: moisturized cuticles.


As strange as it may sound, even a simple aerosol deodorant or the hair spray you use to style your hair can help remove polish when acetone is not available.

Use cotton – or even a piece of toilet paper – spray the chosen product, rub it on your nails, and start the removal process.


In emergency situations, make a mixture of two tablespoons of ethyl alcohol and one tablespoon of sugar.

Stir well until the solution becomes pasty and then, using a cotton ball, apply it to remove the polish.

Repeat the process until all the polish is removed. This tip is great for dark colors. Afterwards, use a hand moisturizer. The same tip applies to the feet.


Lemon and vinegar are frequently used in household cleaning tricks and even to remove stains from clothes, right? But did you know that these two ingredients can also be used to remove nail polish?

To follow this option, mix equal parts of vinegar and lemon in a container large enough to fit your fingers. Soak your fingers in the mixture for about 15 minutes and then use a cotton ball to remove the polish.

Once the polish is completely removed, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and be careful if you’re going out in the sun afterwards. Apply sunscreen to the area to avoid damaging your appearance and the appearance of spots.

Knowing how to remove nail polish without acetone can help you in various situations, right? But here’s another curiosity: can we use expired nail polish? Check it out in another article we’ve prepared for you and stay tuned!

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