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Know how to interpret the porosity test to meet the needs of the yarn

When putting together a new hair routine, it’s extremely important to address your hair’s true needs at the moment. 

Meanwhile, can you analyze the signs that the wires give you to put together that perfect capillary schedule? 

The porosity test is one of the methods that help assess the health of your hair. To understand more about it, check out the post!

What is the porosity test?

According to hairdresser Aline Lima , “the porosity test is a method that evaluates the health of the strands, in which the level of porosity of the hair is observed”. This feature is extremely important, as the strands can only absorb nutrients from masks and hair oils thanks to the pores.

Basically, the test consists of “putting a hair in a glass of water and waiting a few minutes to see if it floats, stays in the middle of the glass or sinks completely”. Depending on the result, you can see if your hair porosity is low, medium or high. From this, it is possible to assemble a capillary schedule to meet the true needs of your threads.

Does the porosity test work?

porosity test - 01
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As you noticed, the test only analyzes the porosity level of the hair. Despite being an important characteristic, it is extremely necessary to remember that the wires have numerous specifications to be analyzed. So, consider that sometimes your hair may not be facing a porosity problem, but needs attention in another aspect.

In addition, the specialist recalls that “the strands are not completely homogeneous throughout the head”. This means that, depending on the region, you can detect a higher or lower level of porosity. In any case, “there are other ways to assess the health of the threads. A good professional can detect if the hair is really porous and what is the best treatment”.

Step by step to do the porosity test correctly

After getting inside the porosity test specifications, you certainly want to analyze your threads, don’t you? To do this, select strands from different regions of your head and follow the steps instructed by the specialist:

  • Step 1: Wash your hair to remove all impurities from the strands and thus achieve a more correct result.
  • Step 2: Fill a glass with filtered water and place the dry yarn inside.
  • Step 3: Wait at least 10 minutes.
  • Step 4: Observe if the hair is floating, if it is in the middle of the glass or completely sunk.

Repeat the steps with different strands taken from different regions of your head. Don’t forget to write down the results for each test you perform. Then move on to the next topic and find out what porosity level can mean.

Meaning of porosity levels

Now that you have all the results written down, find out what the porosity levels mean and stay on top of the hairdresser’s explanation. Remember that, depending on the result, it is possible to set up a schedule to solve a possible porosity problem. Follow:

low porosity

porosity test - 02
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If one of your tests resulted in a floating strand, know that this region of your hair has low porosity. According to the specialist, “this means that the cuticles are well closed and, therefore, the wires are experiencing difficulty absorbing water and / or nutrients from treatments”.

Another sign that can symbolize low porosity is that your hair is taking too long to dry. In that case, hydration is the most effective treatment, as it is possible to open the pores a little more to facilitate the absorption of nutrients.

Medium porosity

porosity test - 03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

“This means that the cuticles are open to the right extent and the wires are able to absorb water and treatments. In other words, the hair is healthy”, says the hairdresser. This means that you can already celebrate if your strand was in the middle of the glass, but always remember not to relax in hair care to keep the porosity level in balance.

High porosity

porosity test - 04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

If the result of the porosity test signaled a sunken strand, your hair is experiencing high porosity. This means that “the cuticles are too open, resulting in hair that cannot keep nutrients in the strand”. To close the pores a little, you need to set up a schedule focused on hair reconstruction .

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