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InícioFASHION & BEAUTYJelly Nails are trending on TikTok and they are really beautiful!

Jelly Nails are trending on TikTok and they are really beautiful!

Jelly Nails: The hottest nail look of the year! It’s no secret that TikTok is the foundation of trends. 

This year alone, we’ve seen TikTok bring back hair ornaments, jelly nails, neon makeup, hairstyles, clothing styles, and more.

Many of these TikTok trends are throwbacks to pay homage to the greatest decades of all time, the ’90s and ’80s, but at its latest and greatest, TikTok has really nailed a trend that’s not just a throwback: Nails Jelly.

Who knew that diluting clear nail polish with colored nail polish would be a great nail tip ? At the time of writing, the hashtag #jelly nails has almost 180 million views on the app.

The name was inspired by the traditional “ Jelly ” sandals, which marked a generation of the 80s with transparent and colored straps that intertwined on the chest of the foot.

What you must be wondering is; how to make jelly nails On TikTok user @rosie.amie demonstrates that the gel nail formula is basically a mixture of clear nail polish with added color. The possibilities are endless and the result is a transparent and magnificent look.

Of course, as usual on TikTok, even a default trend always pushes creators to do what they do best: be creative. Currently in the spotlight among the TikTok realm of jelly nails are @denizsarlar28 and her red jelly nails.

This trend can super acquired for new nail ideas for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2023, what do you think?

Check out some more Jelly Nails models:

Jelly Nails - 01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
Jelly Nails - 02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
Jelly Nails - 03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
Jelly Nails - 04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
Jelly Nails - 05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Are you ready to do Jelly Nails?

As you can see, the look of nails is defined by bright and translucent colors in shades rarely seen in nature. Hot pink, neon green, and sweet apple red are some of the most popular looks, but really, they can be done in any color.

How about taking a chance on this new nail designer?

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