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Light nails: inspirations for a delicate polish

Light nails are very trendy right now, with many variations of colors and shimmers to dare and dive into this trend.

Light nails are a perfect choice for various types of events, as they have a delicate, modern, and discrete proposal.

Check out the tips that Colorama has put together for you to invest in this nail decor!

Which nail polish colors to use for light and delicate nails?

Light nails-00
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Light nails tend to be very delicate, but to achieve this result it is essential to use polish shades with this proposal. Start with white polish, as it is a classic in various compositions, mainly in lighter options.

Light pink polish has its charm and looks perfect, nude is the polish trend and a super modern and sophisticated option for those who like light nails.

Now, if you want more highlight, bet on pearlescent and shimmering polishes made up of colors and subtle shines, resulting in a perfect and delicate combo.

White Polish

Light nails-03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

White polish is a perfect suggestion for those who are more discreet, besides various shades of whites between intense and transparent and also with sparkles.

This darling is perfect for those who love light nails and can also compose many possibilities as it matches everything.

Light Pink Polish

Light nails-04
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Light pink polish has its beauty and charm, being versatile the pink color is associated with delicacy and softness.

For lovers of this beautiful color there are many shades in pink, with shimmers and also pearlescent. Choose your favorite for discrete and elegant light nails.

Nude Polish

Light nails-05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Nude polish is an elegant and modern color, it is known for being an extension of the skin, so there are many nuances to cater to all skin types.

Varying between shades of rosy nude and brown nude are the main ones in the palette. Classic and refined, it is perfect for everyday wear and its elegance works for special occasions.

Pearlescent or Shimmering Polish

Light nails-06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Pearlescent or shimmering polishes are two very delicate options, the difference is that the pearlescent is made up of small sparkly particles that reflect in illuminated places.

Shimmering ones, on the other hand, have a coating with fewer sparkles and come very close to metallics, being widely used on top of more intense polishes and decorated nail options.

They are romantic and beautiful, besides making the light nails subtly shiny, being versatile for day and night events.

Bet on delicate nail decorations

Light nails-000
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Decorated nails are trends and delicate ones have gained a lot of space, with shades of white, light pink, and nude.

These types of decorated nails create a beautiful composition involving a lot of delicacy and softness in the production.

Bet on the mixture of these light shades with rhinestones, such as strass and pearls, in addition to the pearlescent and shimmering ones that make the delicate nails perfect. With this decoration, they look beautiful for brides and also guests or for special events.

Get to know Colorama polishes

Colorama is a very complete polish brand, in its portfolio you find many options to rock your light nails. You find options for all tastes and colors, see below some polish options!

The “Estrela de luz” polish is a classic option in the color white being transparent, another option of intense white is the “Batida de Coco” polish, compared to the drink, it is an irresistible white tone.

For a romantic production, the “Pétala” polish is a super delicate and discreet light pink tone. The “Sem Retoque” nude is a successful polish, with a rosy nude tone, indeed no touch-up is needed.

The “Algodão Do Doce” polish is a perfect shimmer, with a light pink hue. Another pearlescent option is “Geada”, with a white tone it looks beautiful in light nail productions. Bet on Colorama products to make your light nails delicate and attractive.

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