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How to Safely Lighten Eyebrows at Home: Pro Tips Revealed

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought about lightening eyebrows to refresh your look or match a new hair color? You’re not alone.

The trend of eyebrow lightening has gained popularity, not just among celebrities like Kim Kardashian West but also among beauty enthusiasts seeking a change.

But how do you safely lighten your eyebrows at home? I’ve delved into the process, guided by the expertise of Joey Healy, an eyebrow aficionado, to bring you pro tips on achieving your desired brow shade without stepping into a salon.

Preparing for Lightening Eyebrows

Before diving into the world of lightening eyebrows, it’s crucial to test the waters. Joey Healy suggests using a concealer or highlighter, a powder, and a brow pencil lighter than your usual shade to simulate the lighter brow look.

This step helps you visualize the change and decide if it’s truly what you want. Additionally, conducting a patch test is essential, especially for those with sensitive skin or allergies, to avoid any adverse reactions.

Getting Started with a Clean Slate

Once you’re ready to lighten your brows, the first step is to ensure your face is clean. Remove all traces of skincare, moisturizer, and makeup.

Healy emphasizes the importance of working with ‘virgin’ hair, meaning if you’ve recently dyed or bleached your brows, you should wait until the color fades before attempting to lighten them again.

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Mixing and Applying the Bleach

For lightening eyebrows, you’ll need a bleach kit, which typically includes an activator and bleaching paste. Mix these components with an old, clean makeup brush.

Then, use a spoolie brush to evenly apply the mixture through your brows, using Q-tips to clean up any excess around the edges. This step ensures an even application and prevents the bleach from affecting the surrounding skin.

Timing and Removing the Solution

Patience is key when lightening eyebrows. Start by leaving the bleach on for three minutes, then use cotton balls and tap water to remove it. If the desired shade isn’t achieved, reapply for one-minute intervals. Healy warns against rushing this process, as going too light too quickly can result in an unwanted orange cast.

Maintenance and Touch-Ups

Post-lightening maintenance is crucial. Healy points out that bleached brows will eventually shed and regrow, potentially leading to uneven color if re-bleached too soon.

To avoid a “spickle-speckle” problem, he recommends using a tinted gel between touch-ups, ensuring your brows have returned to their natural state before repeating the lightening process.

In conclusion, lightening eyebrows at home can be a safe and effective way to change your look, provided you follow the right steps and take necessary precautions.

Whether you’re aiming for a subtle change or a dramatic transformation, these pro tips will help you achieve your desired brow shade while maintaining the health of your brows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I lighten my eyebrows if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, but perform a patch test first to ensure you don’t react negatively to the bleach.

How long does eyebrow lightening last?

It varies, but typically until your natural brow color grows back in.

Can I use hair bleach on my eyebrows?

It’s recommended to use products specifically designed for eyebrows to avoid irritation.

What if my eyebrows turn orange?

Reapply the bleach for a shorter duration to correct the shade, but proceed with caution.

How often can I lighten my eyebrows?

Wait until your brows have fully regrown to their natural state before re-bleaching.

Is it necessary to do a patch test every time?

Yes, to ensure you haven’t developed new sensitivities.

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