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InícioFASHION & BEAUTYLights X lit brunette: what is the difference between the procedures?

Lights X lit brunette: what is the difference between the procedures?

And when it comes to lights and lit brunette, have you ever stopped to think what the difference would be? 

There are many procedures to change hair color. Some require a good discoloration, while others are more relaxed and close to the natural tone of the hair. 

Hairdresser Tatiana Araújo answered this question and even brought tips to choose the best technique for her case. Follow the article!

What is the difference between lights and lit brunette?

Tatiana explained that there are, yes, differences between lights and lit brunette. Also, the choice of technique depends a lot on the person’s situation or objective, such as colored locks or hiding white hair. See what she said:


Lights X lit brunette - 01
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According to the hairdresser, “highlights are a type of technique that consists of lightening the hair from the root to the length, usually done in lighter tones, but it is also possible to do it in darker tones. 

Therefore, it creates a greater contrast between the discolored strands and those that are in the natural tone”.

She also mentioned that hair lights are more suitable for those who already have naturally lighter locks and “don’t want to do a lot of work or spend money on maintenance. Thus, the bleach will not be as strong and aggressive to the hair”.

illuminated brunette

Lights X lit brunette - 02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

The hairdresser commented that the lightened brunette is more suitable for dark hair, as they tend to suffer more damage in discoloration. “The lit brunette technique is done with a darker color, giving a smaller difference between the natural hair tone and the dyed tone. 

The contrast is also more natural, since it doesn’t start from the root. This type of procedure is done based on the length of the hair, starting at the height of the ear”, she concluded, emphasizing that maintenance is much simpler.

Both techniques are valid for highlights, but it’s worth studying your hair color better and doing a pre-discoloration preparation before deciding. This way you avoid having an unwanted result or dealing with brittle and lifeless strands.

How to choose between lights and lit brunette

Tatiana also brought tips to help you choose between the two techniques. So, before going to the salon to ask your hairdresser to change your look, it is worth:

  • Invest in the lightened brunette if your root is very dark, to avoid the appearance of sloppiness;
  • If you have curly hair, prefer the lightened brunette so that the strands do not become brittle and have split ends;
  • Throw yourself in the lights to disguise white and gray hair;
  • Prefer the lit brunette to test a less aggressive change;
  • Opt for lights if you have plenty of time to take care of the strands, preventing dryness and stains.

The decision depends a lot on how much wires can be damaged and on the care you need to have afterwards. If you are always on the right products and have time to treat your locks, take the opportunity to test both techniques.

Frequently asked questions about lights and lit brunette

Women’s Tips – Can I do highlights and lit brunette together?

Tatiana Araújo: Yes, you can pull the locks from the root, but bleach for less time to open the strands without being in such a light shade of blonde. After this step, you can use toners to achieve the lightened brunette tone you want.

Lights are made only in shades of blonde? And the lit brunette?

Highlights can be made for those who want to dye their hair with fantasy dyes as well. For example, at carnival we see many girls who like to leave their hair pink, blue or purple to enjoy the party, and this technique allows this. 

Already the lit brunette can vary in shades, ranging from honey, passing through dulce de leche and arriving at chocolate. There are many possibilities with this procedure.

What are the main lit brunette techniques?

Babylights are indicated for those who want a more subtle effect on their hair. Free hands are famous for creating a more differential and natural result, without being too marked. 

Californians have been known for years and are still widely used to achieve the lightened brunette, which consists of starting the lightened part from the middle of the hair to the ends. 

Finally, ombré hair is very thin strands spread along the length of the strands, giving a natural effect.

Do I need to tint the wires on the lights? And in the lit brunette? How to choose the shader?

The toner is generally used for those who want to remove the yellow in cases of blondes or those who want to intensify tones such as red and copper. 

The choice of this product varies according to the desire of the person who performs the chosen technique, the ideal thing is that this shader is indicated by a professional, as its excess can dry out and leave the hair too gray. 

In the case of the lit brunette effect, there is no need to tint, the toner itself will make the color uniform.

As you can see, lights and light brunette provide different effects on the strands, however, they can appear together and create a unique effect on the locks. Talk to your hairdresser about what you want and play without fear. Now, be sure to also check out the article on blonde highlights .

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