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InícioFASHION & BEAUTYLoafer: learn how to wear the favorite shoe of minimalists

Loafer: learn how to wear the favorite shoe of minimalists

Modern, lightweight, and comfortable: the loafer is a classic women’s shoe that is highly versatile.

It is popular among women who prefer a minimalist style of dressing and consistently appears as a fashion favorite.

Check out a list of outfits with loafers for inspiration and learn how to create your own.

Difference between loafer, moccasin, and Oxford

The difference between these three shoes lies in the details. The loafer has less visible stitching, flatter soles, and typically features metallic adornments.

The style was created in the 1930s and has always been very popular. Its name is a translation of the English word “lazy” and refers to the ease of slipping on the shoe.

The moccasin has more apparent stitching and may have an appliqué or decoration, usually made of leather, and does not have laces.

The Oxford, on the other hand, is the most distinct of the three, as it is characterized by laces, with or without a heel, and is basic and very comfortable.

It’s important to note that, although similar, over time, shoe designs have emerged that combine the characteristics of more than one of these styles.

All three have transitioned from a more “masculine” realm to the feminine, and despite their specific features, they are easy to pair with any outfit.

Determine which one best suits your style, and if it’s the loafer, continue reading for references on how to put together a look with it.

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25 photos of outfits with loafers to inspire you to create your own

The loafer has become a trend for composing both retro-style and more modern outfits. If you’re someone who values comfort but still wants to feel beautiful and fashionable, opting for a look with loafers is definitely a great choice.

Take a look at these inspirations below!

1- Start by opting for basic outfits

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

2- Use pieces like jeans

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

3- And neutral colors

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

4- To create an everyday combination

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

5- Loafers are often worn with white socks

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

6- But they also look super stylish with black ones

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

7- Although black is the classic choice, they also come in other colors

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

8- Whites, beiges, and light colors, in general, are great for elegant looks

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

9- But if you go for a more casual combination, it’s sure to be a hit

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
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10- Colored loafers draw more attention

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

11- And can become the focal point of color in your outfit

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

12- They look beautiful with skirts, both for events and parties

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

13- As well as everyday situations and outdoor strolls

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

14- Yes, loafers can have heels too!

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

15- Including high ones with thicker designs

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

16- They pair very well with pieces like coats and blazers

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

17- Knit and leather items

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

18- And the classic white shirt

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

19- Over the years, loafers have modernized

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest
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20- And gained block or lug heels

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

21- They became favorites in more chic ensembles

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

22- And provide contrast in more casual looks

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

23- They work for fashionistas

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

24- But also for those who prefer basic and modern clothing

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

25- The key is to understand how they can match with pieces that suit your style!

Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Did any of these looks catch your eye? Open your wardrobe, find similar pieces that would look great with this shoe, and become a #loaferlover. If you don’t have a pair yet, check out below where you can find them.

By having a loafer in your closet, you can put together countless outfits and create various proposals, so investing in this shoe might be the right choice to enhance your style. If you want a timeless trend that goes well with your loafers, opt for tailoring.

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