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InícioFASHION & BEAUTYMarbled Nails: 30 Models to make beautiful decorations

Marbled Nails: 30 Models to make beautiful decorations

Marbled nails are those that have the effect that mimics marble. If you are looking for new styles of decoration, marbled may be what you need. 

Check out the selection of images below, with beautiful inspirations of charming and super elegant nails using this effect.

30 photos of marbled nails to try

The marbled technique is full of variety, full of colors, tones and designs. So, check out 30 different options with this effect:

1. The marbled nail is very versatile

Marbled Nails-01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – beautiful nails

2. You can decorate on every nail

Marbled Nails-02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Cleidiane Gomes

3. Or on a single nail

Marbled Nails-03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Very beautiful nail polish and beauty

4. Look at this super sweet purple

Marbled Nails-04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Ana Paula Cunha

5. Want a more classic imitation? This might be a good option.

Marbled Nails-05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Ana Bardini Studio

6. Style your marbled nails as you like

Marbled Nails-06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Iraneide Nails

7. Bright combinations make the effect even more striking

Marbled Nails-07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Aline MendesAline Mendes

8. Powerful nails for powerful women, right?

Marbled Nails-08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Studio Latisha

9. The marble ones combine with other nail arts and it looks amazing

Marbled Nails-09
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Jaque Nails Style

10. With the classic mix of gray and white you will find perfect marbled

Marbled Nails-010
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Carol’s Corner

11. And who said you can’t wear pink? Look how perfect!

Marbled Nails-011
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Moema Nails

12. Create a beautiful francesinha with a marbled effect

Marbled Nails-012
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Shirley Lins Nail Master

13. White next to a darker brown can be a great combination

Marbled Nails-013
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Sandrinha Nail Master

14. And of course you can alternate nail colors and styles with it

Marbled Nails-014
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Darlene Araújo Nails

15. It is worth betting on sparkling colors

Marbled Nails-015
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Gabi Cindra Nails

16. Have you thought about a reddish marble?

Marbled Nails-016
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Paula Rezende Nails

17. With matte you can create this decoration without fear

Marbled Nails-017
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Natalia Ribeiro

18. You can also bet on the harmony between nail polish colors

Marbled Nails-018
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Patricia Miranda Design

19. Or dare with a super powerful decoration

Marbled Nails-019
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Moema Nails

20. Feel free to intersperse with colors you love

Marbled Nails-020
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Teti Souza

21. Or create your marbled nails with a mix of colors

Marbled Nails-021
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – daila aguiar

22. You can use them any day

Marbled Nails-022
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Ju’s natural nails

23. For events and with a lot of shine, if you prefer!

Marbled Nails-023
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Prislaine Moraes

24. Your marbles can be unique

Marbled Nails-024
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Renata Kratza Nails

25. Very simple

Marbled Nails-025
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Studio Nayá Raulim

26. And quite glamorous, just like you!

Marbled Nails-026
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Darlene Araújo Nails

27. Don’t want to draw too much attention? Choose darker tones

Marbled Nails-027
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Yasmin Nail Designer

28. Want to show off your cuteness? Bet on pastries

Marbled Nails-028
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Cris Nails

29. Use and abuse creativity to create your

Marbled Nails-029
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Fernanda Rodrigues

30. And have majestic marbled nails!

Marbled Nails-030
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Amanda Camargo Nails

Beautiful inspirations, isn’t it? You can get this effect with the most varied colors and in many sizes and formats. Below, see some videos to try some models.

How to do marbled nails

Want to learn how to make your own marbled nails? In the sequence of videos below you will know different ways to get nails in this style. Rock each one of them!

Create a beautiful marbled single nail

In this Samy tutorial you will learn how to make a marbled single nail in a very simple and practical way. You will only need a few shades of nail polish and a toothpick. Watch the step by step and make yours!

3 different styles of marbled nails

Learn with Lalá how to make three amazing marbled nails. She teaches how to create this nail art directly on the nail, depositing the mixture on the nail and using the stamp. Check out the step-by-step of each style in the video and rock this decoration.

Make a marbled nail using your creativity

By following all of Paola’s step-by-step, you can get marbled nails with a lot of creativity and a lot of detail. She teaches how to do it with a thin brush, top coat and a very light shade of nail polish. Check out the result and learn how to make your own!

Quickly make your marbled nails

Naty will show you the simplest and easiest way she uses to create your nails with a marbled effect. She uses three nail polish shades and emphasizes the importance of a specific shade to guarantee an incredible result.

Like the marbled nail ideas? This style looks really amazing on nails and you will love to have this art on your hands. Check out some mermaid nail ideas too. It’s one more beautiful than the other!

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