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InícioFASHION & BEAUTYCreate a balanced and unique look with the marsala bridesmaid dress

Create a balanced and unique look with the marsala bridesmaid dress

The marsala bridesmaid dress tone transforms any look, even for godmother dresses . Unlike red, the marsala tone is more closed, becoming one of the ideal colors for this event. 

However, you need to pay attention to the details to harmonize the piece. Check out valuable tips to look beautiful wearing a marsala godmother dress.

How to combine the marsala dress for godmother?

The marsala tone may be a little more closed than red , but it still has some specificities. If you are struggling to harmonize the look, consider following the tips below:

1. Can you wear a marsala dress for a daytime wedding?

marsala bridesmaid dress - 01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Marsala can even be a darker tone that reminds you of night parties, but it is not a rule to wear clothes with this color only on these occasions. Yes, marsala can be used in daytime weddings, especially if the party decoration is very flowery. So, prefer dress models with lace details or cutouts and leave shiny fabrics for more nocturnal parties.

2. What is the best bridesmaid makeup with marsala dress?

marsala bridesmaid dress - 02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

As it is an intense and striking color, the marsala godmother dress calls for makeup in silver tones, for lighter skin tones, and bronze and gold tones, for darker skin tones. If you want to be more basic, you can bet on the different shades of nude. For the lips, choose a lipstick with a more neutral tone that resembles your natural mouth color. When in doubt, always use colors that harmonize with the tone of the dress.

3. What color shoes to wear with marsala dress?

marsala bridesmaid dress - 03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Not to make a mistake, classic and neutral colors are the best to wear with the marsala godmother dress. That is, black, white, gold, silver and nude are great tones, especially if you use these colors in your makeup. In addition, the marsala tone itself in the shoe can make your combination completely elegant.

4. What accessories go with marsala?

marsala bridesmaid dress - 04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Accessories in gold or silver material are the ones that best match the marsala tone. The most suitable stones are those that have earthy tones to harmonize the look, but if you want a very different contrast, bet on colors like navy blue. Also, don’t overdo your accessories if your dress model is already full of details.

5. What nail colors go well with marsala?

marsala bridesmaid dress - 05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Among the most delicate and harmonic colors with the marsala tone are nude, white and pink, as long as it is a shade lighter than the dress. The francesinha is a great suggestion, as it leaves the look well balanced. Of course, you can use other colors as long as it feels good and is part of your personality.

By following these tips, you will certainly be able to create a balanced and elegant look with the marsala godmother dress. To complement your search, go to the next topic and see beautiful dress models and note what were the details that balanced the color.

40 Photos of marsala bridesmaid dresses that prove the beauty of this tone

To make the look even more harmonized, try to choose the dress model before thinking about the details. That way, you’ll know the balance point of your look. See it in practice:

1. Lace dresses are perfect for daytime weddings

marsala bridesmaid dress - 06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

2. Smooth models call for cutouts with striking slits

marsala bridesmaid dress - 07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

3. And mermaid dress models in marsala are magnificent

marsala bridesmaid dress - 08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

4. Embroidery makes you look like royalty

marsala bridesmaid dress - 09
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

5. And why not two slits? You can all!

marsala bridesmaid dress - 10
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

6. Lace and sequin details blend and complement each other

marsala bridesmaid dress - 11
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

7. The more closed look with darker marsala tones

marsala bridesmaid dress - 12
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

8. You can use lighter shades too

marsala bridesmaid dress - 13
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

9. And if you prefer, choose a fabric that exudes shine

marsala bridesmaid dress - 14
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

10. Or a model with a simple print

marsala bridesmaid dress - 15
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

11. One-sleeve dresses are exuberant

marsala bridesmaid dress - 16
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

12. And those with a more wine-oriented tone are also perfect

marsala bridesmaid dress - 17
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

13. Cutouts on the bust make all the difference in the godmother’s look

marsala bridesmaid dress - 18
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

14. Slit, ruffles, sleeve and anything you want

marsala bridesmaid dress - 19
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

15. Rock your marsala godmother dress

marsala bridesmaid dress - 20
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

16. Combine your dress with lighter accessories

marsala bridesmaid dress - 21
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

17. Or that contains more shine, like the silver tone

marsala bridesmaid dress - 22
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

18. Every detail will make all the difference in your bridesmaid look

marsala bridesmaid dress - 23
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

19. What do you think of the red + marsala combination?

marsala bridesmaid dress - 24
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

20. Redheads also achieve a completely harmonic look

marsala bridesmaid dress - 25
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

21. Use and abuse ruffles with tulle

marsala bridesmaid dress - 26
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

22. Glitter creates an interesting contrast in marsala

marsala bridesmaid dress - 27
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

23. The details on the waist help enhance your body

marsala bridesmaid dress - 28
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

24. When in doubt, smoother models ask for more present accessories

marsala bridesmaid dress - 29
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

25. That way you can be bold in the details

marsala bridesmaid dress - 30
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

26. And your look will still be balanced and in harmony

marsala bridesmaid dress - 31
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

27. So think carefully about what you want to emphasize

marsala bridesmaid dress - 32
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

28. Models full of details ask for simpler accessories

marsala bridesmaid dress - 33
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

29. After all, the dress will already be your protagonist

marsala bridesmaid dress - 34
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

30. Pastel pink can be a balance color for these models

marsala bridesmaid dress - 35
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

31. Or you can go for the classic nude

marsala bridesmaid dress - 36
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

32. Always remember that you can wear marsala shoes too

marsala bridesmaid dress - 37
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

33. The cut of the dress needs to value your personality

marsala bridesmaid dress - 38
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

34. Be a ruffled strapless top

marsala bridesmaid dress - 39
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

35. A model with crossed details

marsala bridesmaid dress - 40
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

36. Or a round sprinkled with embroidery

marsala bridesmaid dress - 41
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

37. Leave everyone enchanted with your beauty

marsala bridesmaid dress - 42
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

38. And enjoy every minute of this beautiful ceremony

marsala bridesmaid dress - 43
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

39. The bride and groom will never forget this day

marsala bridesmaid dress - 44
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

40. And you won’t forget how beautiful you looked with them either!

marsala bridesmaid dress - 45
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Too beautiful, right? The marsala godmother dress is very elegant and full of personality. To guarantee your model, take measurements of your body and guarantee beautiful dresses in the stores below.

Where to buy marsala bridesmaid dress

Do you think the marsala tone represents your personality? Then it’s time to take action. If you want to buy a dress instead of renting it, take a look at the selection of stores on the list and choose your model:

  1. C&A
  2. dafiti
  3. aliexpress
  4. Extra
  5. Kanui

Did you like the marsala dress tips and inspirations for godmother? Don’t forget that balance is key to this look. And to complement your look, how about checking out ideas for short hairstyles for godmothers ?

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