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Free yourself from beauty standards and celebrate the naturalness of the monobrow

The monobrow is more common than people realize, but unfortunately the standard of beauty still differs with this feature. 

It is one more of the natural aspects of the body and it can happen when you don’t shave your eyebrows

Currently, it can be a way to protest the standards and you can also break free from this if you want. Below, learn more about it.

What is monobrow

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The unibrow is just a confluence between the eyebrows. That is, it is characterized by the abundant presence of hair between one and the other, creating the image of a ‘single eyebrow’. Despite being a biological phenomenon, many people do not accept the naturalness of eyebrows. It is enough to remember that the fashion of not long ago was to model thin eyebrows .

Today, the trend is more focused on eyebrow design and many women are already aiming for thick eyebrows . However, the various procedures or modeling on the rise continue to prune the naturalness of the hairs. After all, assuming the natural model of the eyebrows is also understanding that the perfect and symmetrical aesthetic is about requirements preached by the standard of beauty.

Is it rare to have a unibrow?

In truth no. The unibrow, or sinofris, has a genetic origin. That is, depending on each person’s genetics, hair may appear with more – or less – intensity. What actually happens is that many people disguise the monobrow under the pressure of aesthetic standards, which suggest a model stipulated as ‘perfect’.

Remember if

Modeled eyebrows can be one of the standards imposed by society. You can follow, or not. The important thing is to break free from these rules and not judge other women who have chosen to leave their eyebrows natural.

How to remove the unibrow?

The monobrow can be the great love of the life of those who have it, but not everyone can like to include it in the look, and that’s okay. The really important thing is to break free from the standard models imposed by society, because just the act of not judging already makes a big difference in building a better world.

If you don’t want to keep your unibrow, here are some ways to remove it:

  • Tweezers: it is indicated to remove excess hair from the eyebrow, especially if they are thinner. You can resort to tweezers if your hairs do not appear in extreme abundance;
  • Wax: wax is indicated for those who have thicker hair and in greater quantity. It’s a quick alternative for those who just want to remove the excess between the eyebrows;
  • Razor: it may be the most suitable option for those who want to remove hair without feeling pain, but it is a procedure that must be repeated weekly. The razor cuts the hairs superficially, so they keep growing day after day;
  • Laser hair removal: this is a procedure that can remove and even reduce the amount of hair that grows in the region. Although it seems like a definitive procedure, laser hair removal holds hair growth for up to two years.

Choose the method that you like the most, after all, you are completely free to know what is good or bad for your body. But, if you are considering sticking to the more natural look or simply want to understand more about it, move on to the next topic to check out a list of celebrities who have stuck to the monobrow.

5 Famous women with monobrows

It’s impossible to talk about a unibrow and not remember Frida Kahlo. In the past, some societies also considered this look to be an element of beauty. Currently, some celebrities have already said goodbye to the impositions and adopted the natural look of their monobrows, see who they are:

1. Sophia Hadjipanteli

celebrate the naturalness of the monobrow - 02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Model Sophia Hadjipanteli is the first name when it comes to monobrows. Despite being heavily attacked for her decision, the model has not given up showing her natural beauty and continues to show off her eyebrows.

2. Giovanna Grigio

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Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Brazilian actress Giovanna Grigio made a point of publishing a photo on her social network with the caption ‘habemus monobrow’. She shared this photo to show off her makeup-free face with her eyebrow hairs growing and taking their natural shape.

3. Scarlett Costello

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Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Since 2017, the American model, Scarlett Costello, has assumed her monobrow and has told in interviews that she has already been called a ‘pretentious feminist’ and an ‘ogra’. Before adopting her natural look, Scarlett always had to shave her hair. However, after becoming known to them, she does not always have to withdraw.

4. Mariana Goldfarb

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Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

The model and TV presenter Mariana Goldfarb exposed her monobrow on social networks and suffered a lot of criticism. Despite the comments, Mariana never stopped sharing her natural beauty and talking about the dangers of aesthetic impositions on her followers.

5. Sharareh Siadat

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Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

At the age of 30, Sharareh Siadat became known for accepting her monobrow. The New York artist has previously reported in interviews that she was bullied as a teenager, leading her to hide her monobrow for over 24 years. Today, she is known as an active figure against aesthetic standard impositions.

The monobrow is a detail that leaves the face of the owner with a unique and authentic look. If you feel good about her, expose yours without fear. Do you know another detail that many women want to change in their bodies, but which is completely natural and beautiful? Exactly, the hip dips !

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