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Monochromatic makeup: how to make a sophisticated make-up with shades of the same color

By all indications, the monochromatic makeup trend is here to stay. This type of makeup involves applying the same color (and often the same product) to multiple areas of the face so that lips, cheeks, and eyes match. 

Makeup artists teach how to create a modern and practical look by combining lips, cheeks and mouth

The result, which may seem bland, is actually balanced and practical. To help you adopt the technique in your productions, Blog Mira a Melia talked to two professional makeup artists. See expert advice below.

For makeup artist Sandro Barreto, responsible for the beauty of Samantha Schmütz, Roberta Sá, Adriana Birolli and other celebrities, the important thing is to know how to dose. “There are products that are super functional to apply to the mouth, eyes and also as a blush. I recommend the creamy ones, which are easy to use,” he says.

The look considered sophisticated by many professionals does not have to be the same. Sadi Consati, makeup artist and consultant at O ​​Boticário, recommends applying small variations of the same color so as not to get a ‘stoned’ effect on the face. “Take the most closed tone of color for the mouth, the intermediate one for the eyes and a softer one for the cheeks. You keep the same color, but with different nuances, thus providing depth and movement in the makeup, ”he indicates.

Monochromatic Makeup Variations

Monochromatic makeup-01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Monochrome makeup can also range from soft and subtle to bold and bright. It all depends on the color you want to use. 

For the first effect, opt for more neutral tones, such as soft pink or peach. For the latter, choose any color from the rainbow – from red to violet. 

Sandro Barreto and Sadi Consati indicate the same tones for those who want to try the technique: coral, pink, peach, orange, earthy tones and red. “To get the monochromatic makeup right, it’s important to know which tones best match your skin tone, but these tend to work very well on all skins”, says Barreto.

The best thing is that the technique works for any season and you don’t need to be an expert to perform it. 

Who gives the touch to get the monochromatic look right is the make-up artist at O ​​Boticário: “It is very important to know how to apply the product and observe that, in certain points of the face, one cannot exaggerate. 

A hint? Put the product on little by little and observe the nuances, that way you have more chances of getting it right”, teaches Consati.

Another issue that women need not be worried about is the combination of makeup with clothes and accessories. 

You can put everything together and keep the modernity up to date: “Combining it with the look is very cute, it’s delicate and beautiful. 

But always following the color tone variations in makeup, clothes and accessories. And not matching is also very nice and cool”, opines Consati. 

Barreto, on the other hand, gives an important tip: “Depending on the event or the purpose of the outfit, I think it’s worth changing the make-up and sticking to the classic, that way you don’t make mistakes and it also doesn’t come out badly spoken… (laughs).”

10 photos that show the versatility of monochrome makeup

Makeup artist tips make it clear that there are many ways to include this technique in your look. 

See below several ideas to try, either in everyday productions or on more special occasions.

1. A monochrome make-up goes well in discreet productions

Monochromatic makeup-02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

2. As it is in coral tones

Monochromatic makeup-03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

3. It can also be more pulled towards pink

Monochromatic makeup-04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

4. Or to red, ensuring an impactful look

Monochromatic makeup-05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

5. Combine with a different outline

Monochromatic makeup-05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

6. Capriche in the shade

Monochromatic makeup-07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

7. Or bet on classic earth tones

Monochromatic makeup-08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

8. The result is an elegant makeup

Monochromatic makeup-09
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

9. The technique can also compose a more fun look

Monochromatic makeup-010
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

10. And even gothic. There are endless possibilities!

Monochromatic makeup-011
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Combine the pro tips with the ideas above when choosing the monochrome makeup that best suits the occasion. In addition, of course, to being faithful to your personal taste and personality.

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