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Prescription for Nail Grow: 11 infallible tips to grow faster

Do you really want to see your nail grow in a healthy way? However, what you’ve been experiencing in the last few days is exactly the opposite? 

Then you are reading the perfect article for you. Even more… did you know that your food directly influences nail health?

The nail is composed of keratin and maintaining the right level of this protein depends on simple and easy care in our daily lives. That way, thinking about it, our blog brought fundamental tips to strengthen your nails. 

We also brought you a homemade recipe for your nails to grow back healthy and shiny, recommended directly by a dermatist. So, if I were you, I wouldn’t miss this reading for anything.

What is good for making nails grow fast?

First, it is good to understand the causes of nail weakening. If we have a deficiency in the production of nutrients responsible for keratin, our nails become weak, dull, brittle and do not grow as they should.

So that this component so important for the protection of our finger tips, namely the nail, is always in good shape, it is necessary to ingest: vitamins A, complex B, C, D, E , along with silicon, selenium, magnesium, calcium and iron.

What to do to achieve long nails?

If seeing your nails grow is your dream and you really want to get rid of everything that prevents it from coming true, pay attention to these tips below. After all, a change in habits will have to come about, for your nail to grow:

  1. Abandon the habit of biting your nails;
  2. Do not remove the cuticles completely, as they protect the nails against fungus, trauma and bacteria;
  3. Always use strengthening base;
  4. Let your nails breathe without nail polish at least twice a week;
  5. Swap the acetone-based nail polish remover for one that does not contain this component;
  6. Maintain good hydration in your hands and fingers, using essential oils;
  7. When using sandpaper, do not make back and forth movements, but rather, sand in a single direction;
  8. As for toenails, always keep them dry. Thus, you will stay away from the mycoses that affect the nails;
  9. If they are peeling, don’t use gel nails;
  10. Protect your hands with gloves when handling cleaning products;
  11. Take care of your diet and include foods rich in all the nutrients mentioned above on your menu.

Recipe to stimulate nail growth

According to dermatician Patrícia Elias, in collaboration with the article written for the Globo.com website on 11/29/2021, to prepare a powerful homemade recipe, separate:

  • Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera) – 1 full tablespoon
  • Cloves – 10 units
  • Minced Garlic – 1 clove
  • Coconut oil – 1 full teaspoon

To see your nail grow with this home remedy, apply it every day, preferably before going to bed, under your finger tips, on the sides and in the area close
to the cuticle.

Wassup, did you like these tips? With new habits, food re-education and discipline, your nails will be beautiful, healthy and the length you’ve always wanted. A hug and see you next!

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