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InícioFASHION & BEAUTYWhat to do for the nail to grow fast and strong naturally?

What to do for the nail to grow fast and strong naturally?

Weak nails, which don’t grow and still break, no woman wants to have. Therefore, making the nail to grow fast and strong is a fundamental and necessary task for anyone who wants impeccable hands.

Meanwhile, the use of cleaning products and even a work routine dependent on the hands causes the nails to weaken. 

And to solve that, today we’re going to teach you some tricks to accelerate their growth and make them stronger. Follow the tips and see the difference in a few days.

What gets in the way of the nail growing fast?

Who never treated hair and skin care as essential, but used fake nails to hide brittle and poorly maintained nails ? So that’s the first factor that prevents your nail from growing.

As she is breaking at first she needs vitamins, essential care like a correct manicure and even a few days without nail polish, free to breathe. Nails also need hydration, cleaning and care with abrasive products.

So if your nail doesn’t grow and you don’t stop and analyze these factors, certainly nothing will change. So, start trying these tips today to help strengthen your nails .

How to make nails grow fast at home

The process to recover a weakened nail is very delicate, so it is very important to follow some tips before this happens, see below:

  • Have a diet rich in vitamins, iron and nutrients, especially vitamin C;
  • Avoid the habit of biting your nails as much as you can;
  • Never use the file on a dry nail, wet it with water before sanding;
  • Use gloves to handle cleaning products;
  • Beware of too much nail polish, give your nails a break;
  • Prioritize hydration, use creams, oils and everything that is good for the nail to grow fast;
  • Keep the manicure up to date and if that doesn’t solve it, think about taking supplements to strengthen them;
  • If you still don’t have good results, go after a specialist, nail breakage can be a sign of illness.

Recipe for nails to grow in a week with salt

Assuming everything is fine, you want your nails to grow fast and strong and they are healthy, here’s a trick that can help a lot. 

Mix 2 spoons of tea tree oil, half a spoon of salt, 2 cloves, 1 crushed garlic and 2 spoons of saline.

Leave the nails soaked for 25 minutes and then remove. Do this twice a week and see the difference, the serum and oil have multiple benefits for the nail to grow fast.

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