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6 benefits of using the octopus brush on your curly hair

The octopus brush is a sensation among the curly ones. She accompanies the curvature of the wires and helps to protect and shape them, not to mention that it stimulates growth. Hairstylist specialist in curls Marcella Dias, from Mega Studio Be Emotion , spoke about the subject and brought tips on how to use the brush. Follow!

What is an octopus brush?

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According to Marcella Dias, “it is a brush with a different design, which follows the curvature of the scalp and helps improve blood circulation in the region”. The product came from outside Brazil and has rows of individual bristles, which gives more flexibility and makes it easier to comb the locks, as it follows the movement of the strands. “It tends to pull less, which results in little discomfort to untangle and a low rate of breakage”, concludes the hairstylist .

What is the octopus brush used for?

The indication for use, according to the professional, is to “detangle, mainly, curly and curly hair , but it is also widely used for finishing and fitting”. It is its separate and flexible bristles that contribute to the smooth functioning of these types of wires.

Benefits of the octopus brush

You’re curious to find out what the benefits of the octopus brush are, aren’t you? Know that the curly favorite has many positive points and, in addition to making the hair more beautiful, it also contributes to the health of the scalp. As examples, the expert cited the following:

  • Increases the blood circulation of the scalp;
  • Strengthens the hair;
  • Stimulates hair growth;
  • Less discomfort when combing and untangling the hair;
  • 90% less hair breakage;
  • Increases curl definition and volume.

It is worth mentioning that the benefits were observed in comparison with traditional brushes. Still, this model promises a different experience when combing or making the tape. For sure, you will like it!

How to use the octopus brush

The professional also brought a tutorial to use the octopus brush on her hair. You’ll realize that there’s not much of a secret and the item can, yes, be part of your hair care routine. Check it out below:

  1. With wet or damp hair, apply a little styling cream to the ends;
  2. Use the octopus brush to untangle the strands, start at the ends and work your way up;
  3. The brush can be used with the bristles more open or more closed. It all depends on the shape of the curl, so adjust as needed;
  4. Comb strand by strand, calmly and carefully. Then let it dry naturally.

In addition to brushing, it can be used to tape. In this case, there are more steps and you have to wrap the ends of the wires. Another difference is in the combing cream, which will be applied along the entire length.

Where to buy octopus brush

The price of the octopus brush varies a lot, from lower values, between R$ 7 and R$ 18, to another from R$ 29 to R$ 60. Here are some suggestions of where you can buy the model:

  1. Época Cosmetics ;
  2. Damn Streak ;
  3. C&A;
  4. Drogasil ;
  5. Bahia Houses .

Now all you have to do is choose which store to buy your brush from and test it out to untangle or finish your hair. It is worth mentioning that, despite being more suitable for curly hair, wavy and straight hair can also have the octopus brush at home.

Tutorials to leave amazing locks with the octopus brush

Previously, you’ve seen a more basic step-by-step on how to use your octopus brush. Now, how about taking a look at complete tips that include not only detangling, but also finishing the locks? Check out!

How to finish with octopus brush

Nicole Aleksiejuk does the finishing and taping of the threads in the video. She brings tips for choosing the brush at the time of purchase and shows how to start combing, in addition to mentioning the creams used. In the end, she leaves her opinion and says that the octopus brush surprised her a lot.

Octopus brush on short curly hair

Rayza Nicácio talks a little about the brush and shows how she combs and finishes shorter hair. She also talks about the sensations when using the product, waits for the strands to dry on their own and leaves her opinion for those with shorter curls.

How to use octopus brush

Stella Vieira tells in detail how she uses the brush to detangle and comb her hair. She recommends not putting the clip on the product while she is combing the hair, only when making the tape.

As you saw in the videos, the octopus brush should always be used with damp hair and accompanied by a combing cream or leave-in . Never without cream or with dry hair, as they are more susceptible to breakage.

What did you think of the octopus brush? Are you thinking of adding it to your hair care routine? You will love the result on your hair. Now, enjoy and also learn about fitage , a simple technique that helps define curls.

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