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Septum Piercing 101: A Comprehensive Insight into the Trend

Septum piercing has long captivated individuals seeking a blend of tradition and modernity in their body art.

This unique and bold form of self-expression, positioned right at the center of our face, offers a chance to make a statement like no other.

In this guide, we’ll embark on a comprehensive journey, exploring the intricacies, beauty, and care considerations of this enduring trend.

What Exactly Is a Septum Piercing?

A septum piercing is situated in the nasal septum, the cartilaginous division between your two nostrils.

Contrary to popular belief, the piercing doesn’t puncture the cartilage but rather the softer region of tissue below, often termed the “sweet spot.”

Key Details

  • Location: Septum or the soft tissue beneath the cartilage wall dividing the nostrils
  • Cost Range: $40-$100
  • Pain Intensity: 7 out of 10
  • Healing Duration: 4-6 months
  • Aftercare: Twice-daily saline solution soaks and a hands-off approach

Professionals employ various methods to keep the septum stabilized during the procedure, such as using receiving tubes or clamps.

The piercing is carried out using a sterile, single-use needle, followed by the insertion of septum jewelry.

The Monetary Aspect: How Much Does a Septum Piercing Cost?

Depending on the studio’s reputation and your geographic location, you can expect the cost of a septum piercing to range from $40 to $100.

It’s crucial to remember that while cheaper options exist, they often compromise on safety and quality. Hence, it’s advisable to invest in a reputable studio for your septum nose piercing.

Material Choices for Septum Jewelry

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Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a favored material for septum jewelry due to its hypoallergenic properties, significantly reducing the risk of allergic reactions.


Titanium is another hypoallergenic option that is also incredibly durable. It is generally more expensive compared to other metals but well worth the investment.


For those with extreme sensitivities to metals, niobium is a solid choice. It’s mid-priced and offers low risk for allergic reactions.

Types of Septum Jewelry

Septum Clickers

These are hoops with a hinged closure that makes them easy to insert and remove. The outer edge often features decorative elements like gemstones.


Circular barbell jewelry fits snugly into the septum piercing and can be flipped up to conceal the piercing effortlessly.

The Pain Spectrum and Recovery Timeline

Though individual experiences may vary, most people describe the sensation of a septum piercing as a quick, sharp pinch. It often leads to involuntary tearing, a natural reaction to any form of nose stimulation.

Complete healing typically takes 4-6 months, although some level of comfort can be expected within 8 weeks.

Essential Aftercare

Proper aftercare is crucial for preventing complications such as infection or irritation. Regular saline solution soaks are recommended. It’s also advisable to keep soaps and skincare products away from the piercing during the initial healing phase.

Potential Complications: What to Watch For

Infection and Irritation

Symptoms like swelling, increased pain, and pus are telltale signs of infection. If you’re prone to allergies or frequent colds, it may be best to avoid getting a septum piercing during those periods.

Granulation Tissue and Scarring

Some individuals may experience granulation tissue—a bumpy formation at the piercing site, often mistaken for scar tissue.

Changing Your Septum Piercing

Changing the jewelry should only be considered after the piercing has fully healed, typically around the one-year mark. Special septum retainers can be used to conceal the piercing effectively without removing the jewelry.


Septum piercings offer a unique and personal way to express your style. However, it’s crucial to be informed about all aspects, including how much a septum piercing costs, what types of septum rings are available, and where to find nose piercings near you.

Whether you’re contemplating your first piercing or adding to your collection, this guide aims to answer all your questions and prepare you for a smooth septum piercing experience.

Always remember to consult professionals for septum piercing near you and abide by recommended aftercare routines for a hassle-free healing process.

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