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Simple engagement: how to organize a special and unforgettable event

Simple Engagement is an important milestone in the couple’s life and can take place in different ways, according to the couple’s reality and wishes. 

But most couples choose to have a simple engagement party, taking into account that they will already spend a lot on the wedding itself and on the household trousseau, among other points.

Carol Rodrigues, a ceremonialist at Avec Toi , comments that engagement is an intimate moment shared with those closest to you. 

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that the celebration is genuine, affectionate and simple. However, a simple engagement also requires planning. 

Check out everything you need to take into account below, as well as photo and video inspiration.

Tips for organizing a simple engagement

Simple engagement - 01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

The ceremonialist Larissa Santos, from Seraphine Eventos, comments that the engagement party can be planned and executed with the help of friends and family (although there are companies in the market that specialize in this style of party).

There are countless possibilities when it comes to organizing a simple engagement. It all depends a lot on what the couple understands by simplicity, after all, what is simple for some people, may not be so simple for others.

There are, for example, couples who hold an engagement party just for family members. There are those who call some close friends and, still, those who opt for an engagement for two. In any case, engagement calls for planning and special care, as it is a unique occasion in the couple’s life.

Check below the main points you should consider when organizing a simple engagement.

Who to invite

“To promote a simple and elegant engagement party, it is important to pay attention to the number of guests present… Since it has an intimate connotation and a shorter duration, your guests will need attention, and thinking about those closest to you will facilitate this dynamic” , comments Larissa.

According to the ceremonialist, in a simple engagement, parents and siblings of the bride and groom, closest family members and closest friends of the couple must be present. “Leave the conveniences for the wedding date”, she advises.

How long before invite

Larissa explains that, as the preparation time for an engagement party is relatively short, the ideal is that the invitations are distributed to the guests about 30 days before the date of the event.

In some cases, the couple and the family agree together when and how the celebration will take place, which eliminates formalities regarding the invitation.

Choice of location

Larissa explains that the choice of location for the event comes right after deciding how many people will be present, what style the party will have and the menu to be offered.

“For example, if you want to offer a dinner, it is important that the space has enough tables and chairs for everyone present to be seated. If the bride and groom have space at home and/or a ballroom inside the condominium itself, a positive point for the financial spreadsheet”, comments Larissa.

Other good options are a farm (family or rented), a restaurant or a simple ballroom.


When decorating the engagement party, it is interesting to have the participation and help of friends and family.

“The story of the bride and groom must be told through the elements present in the decoration. Putting your hands in the dough making minimalist flower arrangements, separating family heirlooms, renting some elements to improve the decor and spreading many memories through photos will guarantee a cozy atmosphere and with the couple’s identity. And as a bonus, to unite the family even more”, comments Larissa.


Most couples don’t want to spend a lot when thinking about a simple engagement. But even so, it is necessary to plan and budget for services and general expenses so that there are no negative surprises.

One tip is to keep in mind how much you want/can spend on the engagement, and then start with the quotes. Thus, you already work with a “final value” and spend only what you can!

“Because it is an intimate and smaller party, all help from friends and family is welcome. Using personal and parental collections is a way to save on the party. It is always important to remember that, for couples who want to have a big wedding party, the savings and financial planning start from there”, comments Larissa.

There are good ways to save money when organizing your engagement. Some couples offer food and ask guests to bring whatever they want to drink, for example. Decoration can be done at home, and the menu can be simple without ceasing to be tasty.

The most important thing is that the engagement has to do with the couple’s style and is a happy celebration!

What to serve

Simple engagement - 02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

The choice of the menu is a decisive point for the organization of an event. Check below good menu suggestions for a simple engagement.


Larissa comments that the barbecue is an excellent option for a simple engagement party, as it dispenses with some protocols and makes the event more laid-back. “The contribution of friends and family in this case is also possible”, she comments.

Carol reinforces that, if the couple are lovers of a good barbecue, why not do it to celebrate the engagement?! “As in marriage, the couple should seek to translate the couple’s personality into the event”, she says.


A lunch is a great option for a simple engagement. It can be held at a parent’s house or on a farm, for example.

“If the bride and groom choose to serve lunch, they can and should count on the help of waiters and waiters in case of not hiring a specialized buffet, so that the party hosts are not overloaded”, advises Larissa.

“Reducing menu options is also important. Explore the salad options (three types), a type of meat, a side dish and a dessert (which can be cake and sweets)”, suggests Larissa.

If the couple chooses not to hire anyone, it is interesting to think of a very practical menu so that it is not overloaded. After all, an engagement is already an intimate celebration, so it’s essential that everyone present enjoys the party without worries.


“When the idea is to promote a dinner at the engagement party, it is recommended that the couple have the help of at least one waiter. The menu can also be reduced, for example, with a pasta and two sauce options. It is also important to remember to offer food options for vegan and vegetarian guests, if applicable”, guides Larissa.

If the engagement dinner is very intimate, just for the couple and the parents, for example, you can do something very informal, serving pizzas or some type of cuisine that the family enjoys (Japanese, Arabic, etc.). But it all depends a lot on the style and desires of the couple.


A cocktail is the most usual solution. “At a less traditional and more modern party, it’s easy to work with cold food stations and canapés and finger foods, served in bowls that are easy to serve and handle. This makes the party more dynamic and informal”, comments Larissa.

If the bride and groom don’t want a lot of work, they can also look into the possibility of holding the engagement in a restaurant, so they won’t have to worry so much about the menu.

The options are countless. Anyway, reinforces Larissa, it is important to think of a dynamic menu and not too extensive, but that respects the time and climate of the date of the event.

“A cake and sweets table and a lot of personalization that tells the couple’s story (such as photos of their journey together until the proposal) are always the highlight of the party”, emphasizes Larissa.

40 Simple and charming engagement photos to measure

With simplicity, you can organize a beautiful and charming engagement, just use your creativity. Get inspired by some images!

1. A decorated corner may be what you need for a simple engagement

Simple engagement - 03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

2. Soft colors and wooden accents make for a romantic and beautiful decoration.

Simple engagement - 04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

3. Picture frames make for a personalized decoration

Simple engagement - 05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

4. A table full of details, but simple and charming

Simple engagement - 06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

5. A simple engagement can be performed at home…

Simple engagement - 07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

6. Or in a ballroom!

Simple engagement - 08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

7. Bet on plants!

Simple engagement - 09
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

8. A message on the entry table can enhance the decoration

Simple engagement - 10
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

9. Because it’s the details that make all the difference!

Simple engagement - 11
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

10. How about betting on a wreath as a decor highlight?!

Simple engagement - 12
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

11. Because love lives in the details!

Simple engagement - 13
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

12. Flowers add life and romance to the occasion

Simple engagement - 14
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

13. A simple engagement for two can count on a surprise request

Simple engagement - 15
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

14. Red is all about an engagement decoration…

Simple engagement - 16
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

15. Makes the environment romantic and full of life…

Simple engagement - 17
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

16. But green and white don’t leave anything to be desired either!

Simple engagement - 18
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

17. A simple and beautiful engagement can also be innovative

Simple engagement - 19
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

18. An intimate engagement looks wonderful with flowers

Simple engagement - 20
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

19. Lighting can make a difference…

Simple engagement - 21
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

20. As well as fruits in decoration!

Simple engagement - 22
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

21. A heart of flowers placed on the mirror looks different and beautiful

Simple engagement - 23
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

22. A simple and beautiful engagement party can have themed sweets…

Simple engagement - 24
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

23. Or with a fancy cake…

Simple engagement - 25
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

24. The important thing is that it matches the couple!

Simple engagement - 26
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

25. A message can make a difference…

Simple engagement - 27
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

26. As well as a creative and personalized souvenir!

Simple engagement - 28
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

27. Simple rustic engagement is guaranteed success…

Simple engagement - 29
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

28. Just like a simple beach engagement

Simple engagement - 30
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

29. Succulents are great options for simple engagement favors

Simple engagement - 31
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

30. The image of Saint Anthony can be successfully used in decoration

Simple engagement - 32
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

31. A simple blue and white engagement looks classic and elegant

Simple engagement - 33
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

32. When you can see the whimsy in every detail

Simple engagement - 34
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

33. The Mini Table idea is a sure bet for a simple engagement

Simple engagement - 35
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

34. Red and white bring a contrast beyond charming!

Simple engagement - 36
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

35. Decoration with yellow is charming and different…

Simple engagement - 37
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

36. Just as the combination of orange and woody tones is rustic and beautiful

Simple engagement - 38
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

37. A beautifully decorated corner might be all you need for a simple engagement!

Simple engagement - 39
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

38. The decor can include objects that make reference to the couple’s lifestyle

Simple engagement - 40
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

39. Lace can make any simple decoration much more elegant

Simple engagement - 42
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

40. A simple engagement is by no means synonymous with a dull engagement!

Simple engagement - 43
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

A simple engagement can bring together a lot or a few people, or even be an occasion for two, the most important thing is that it has the couple’s identity!

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