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InícioFASHION & BEAUTYSpooky Halloween Makeup: 30 Tips for getting ready at home

Spooky Halloween Makeup: 30 Tips for getting ready at home

Halloween is a date that brings opportunities for those who like artistic makeup and to be creative when it comes to dressing up. 

Whether for a special event or to create content for social networks, the options are many. 

Get inspired and check out the tutorials at the end of the article that will help you with this production.

Halloween makeup tips

Do you want to do a different make-up for Halloween, but you don’t know how or what products to use? Check out makeup artist Ligia Vicentin’s tips for those who want to dress up at home:

  • How to make your skin white: the professional explains that when you are going to dye your skin white, it is important “before everything else, your skin is clean!” Colormake and Catherine Hill “basic products, which are generally used and easy to buy”, but for those who want “more potent options for professional use, I recommend those from Kryolan and Makeup Forever, as these are more difficult to buy, usually only importing !”
  • Quality products make the difference: for those who want to make a production with fake blood, the indication is to use Colormake “you can do a lot of ‘fun’ things… terrifying in fact”, she also highlights that it is important, to guarantee a result satisfying, using a good eyeliner or black pencil, products that most women already have at home, but “if I have to recommend a brand, Inglot 77 eyeliner”.
  • Glue stick for eyebrows: the makeup artist explains that she hides her eyebrows using glue stick “and, after the glue dries, I apply high coverage concealer”.
  • Bet on opaque shadows to create bruises: in this case, Vicentin lists that the main colors you need to have on hand are “green, purple, red and yellow and black”.
  • Makeup fixer: to ensure make-up durability, the professional recommends “using makeup fixer, some brands like: Kryolan, Benefit and Urban Decay”.

Now that you’ve checked out the tips to be successful in your artistic production, check out a selection of different makeups to inspire you and step-by-step tutorials to make some models.

30 photos of makeup for Halloween

Do you want to do a different makeup for Halloween, but are you having trouble imagining the result? 

Check out this selection of 30 different makeups, with options that vary in themes and degrees of difficulty for production, for different styles and levels of knowledge about makeup.

1. You can be inspired by classic figures such as witches

spooky halloween makeup-01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Laura Hellchoseme

2. In remarkable characters from horror movies

spooky halloween makeup-02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Brenda Tavares

3. Take a more classic approach

spooky halloween makeup-03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Aline Oksanna

4. Or with a fashion retelling

spooky halloween makeup-04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – sydney

5. Get inspired by mythological figures

spooky halloween makeup-05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Isabela do Patrocinio Silva

6. Or using creativity to create conceptual productions

spooky halloween makeup-06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – lost unicorn

7. Neutral makeup and fake blood are great allies

spooky halloween makeup-07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Miranda D

8. Innovate and be creative

spooky halloween makeup-08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Ismeiow

9. Whether to bet on a scarier look

spooky halloween makeup-09
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest –Jenni Rose

10. Or more glamorous

spooky halloween makeup-010
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – ruby

11. You can be inspired by Juma and become a jaguar

spooky halloween makeup-011
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Aline Souza

12. And if you prefer an extra touch, include bruises

spooky halloween makeup-012
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Gabrielle Cabral

13. Do your version of the skull makeup

spooky halloween makeup-013
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Emma Farrell

14. Use other classic elements like spiders

spooky halloween makeup-014
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Lara Luiza

15. Be more realistic makeup

spooky halloween makeup-015
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – dianobody

16. Or without worrying about it, like this bat eyeliner

spooky halloween makeup-016
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – sam

17. Speaking of bats, vampires couldn’t be left out

spooky halloween makeup-017
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Mehak

18. Making a more minimalist reading

spooky halloween makeup-018
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Maartje

19. Or betting on an elaborate version

spooky halloween makeup-019
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Thamires Terra

20. Get inspired by comic book characters

spooky halloween makeup-020
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Lorena Castilho

21. In the version you prefer

spooky halloween makeup-021
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Valery Rivas

22. Make a very macabre version of a demon

spooky halloween makeup-022
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Natasha Steffany

23. Or a little devil

spooky halloween makeup-023
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – STUDIO MARILIA DUARTE

24. You can also opt for a more dreamy concept

spooky halloween makeup-024
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Beatriz Couto

25. Or seek inspiration from elves

spooky halloween makeup-025
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Anastasia

26. And use vibrant colors

spooky halloween makeup-026
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Jana

27. Or even add a floral touch

spooky halloween makeup-027
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Ruby Jones

28. With a bloody make-up, you can’t go wrong

spooky halloween makeup-028
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Emma Farrell

29. You can adapt the graphic design for halloween

spooky halloween makeup-029
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – teddy graham

30. Or do a simple and minimalist halloween makeup

spooky halloween makeup-030
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Ana Paula Lages

I could see that it is possible to do creative makeup and lavish style during Halloween, both for those who like more bloody and frightening productions and for those who prefer something more magical and dreamy. 

Have you managed to decide which style you are going to bet on? Continue reading and check out makeup tutorials.

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