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Spots on the skin: 08 main types for you to pay attention to

Know that spots on the skin can arise due to different factors. From excessive exposure to the sun, causing a burn, to natural signs, such as freckles or moles. 

In any case, it is essential to keep an eye open and go to the doctor if you notice any changes in your skin. 

This is what dermatologist Dr. Carolina Pellegrini, from Hospital Santa Catarina – Paulista, in addition to explaining more details on the subject. Follow the article!

What are skin spots?

According to Carolina, “blemishes are changes in the natural color of the skin. They can be black, dark brown, light brown, whitish, reddish and purplish, of extremely variable size and shape”.

Types of skin spots

The types and causes of spots on the skin can be the most diverse. The dermatologist cited as examples: “allergies, mycoses, infections, vascular problems, excessive sun exposure, autoimmune diseases and skin cancer”. Check below for more details:

Ephelides or freckles

“These are dark, reddish, brown or brown spots that appear due to increased melanin. 

They usually appear in adolescence, in people with lighter skin, especially on the face, chest, arms, shoulders and back. 

In addition to sun exposure, especially without using sunscreen, they can appear in childhood or pre-adolescence due to genetics,” explained the dermatologist.


According to Carolina, “they are dark or brownish spots that usually appear on the cheekbones, forehead, nose and upper lip. They get worse with sun exposure, heat and visible light, such as cell phones and computers”.


It is a type of stain very similar to melasma, but it usually occurs during pregnancy. It is the result of hormonal changes common in this period.

Solar melanosis

“A buildup of melanin caused by overexposure to the sun or hormonal issues. The spots appear on the back, hands and décolletage”.

Chemical burn

These are dark spots that appear on the skin after a substance reacts with sunlight. The most common is caused by lemon.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Carolina mentioned that this type of stain appears due to inflammation. “It can occur after performing an aggressive aesthetic procedure or after the appearance of acne”.

White spots

They are the result of some diseases. Pellegrini commented that “they could be due to mycosis, excessive sun exposure, dermatitis, vitiligo or tuberous sclerosis”.

Pink, reddish or dark spots/signs

Skin cancer often presents itself this way. In addition, the stain involves “spots or moles on the skin that itch, bleed or show changes in color, size or consistency, as well as wounds that never heal”.

Questions about skin spots

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Carolina pointed out that “every blemish on the skin requires a visit to the dermatologist, so that an assessment can be made and the best treatment indicated”. 

In addition, in an interview with Dicas de Mulher, she clarified the main doubts on the subject:

Women’s Tips – What type of skin blemish should I be concerned about?

Carolina Pellegrini: “every stain should be examined by a dermatologist, however, the most worrisome are moles or signs on the skin that itch, bleed or show changes in color, size or consistency. You should also pay attention to wounds that never heal; asymmetric moles, with one side different from the other, with irregular edges, with different colors, with more than 6 mm in diameter and that change color, shape or size”.

Does Stress Cause Skin Blemishes?

“In some cases and depending on the level of stress, the person can develop seborrheic dermatitis, some allergies and acne, for example. And, they all can cause blemishes on the skin.”

How to identify spots on the skin?

“Any and all skin color changes, whether lighter or darker than your skin tone, could be a blemish.”

What are the areas of the body most subject to the appearance of spots?

“Face, neck, décolletage, hands and legs are the areas most subject to the appearance of spots, as they are more exposed to the sun”.

Are all skin types prone to blemishes?

“Yes, however, two types are more prone: black skin – due to its higher concentration of melanin – a protein present in the body that colors the eyes, hair and especially the skin; and elderly skin – it presents more spots for several reasons, among them the changes in the skin itself and in the blood vessels that happen during aging and due to excessive exposure to the sun”.

When to go to the doctor?

“As I mentioned before, every blemish on the skin should be evaluated by a dermatologist, the professional in the area is the one who can say whether that blemish is a sign of a more serious problem or not. So, if you notice changes, make an appointment”.

As you can see, skin blemishes don’t always involve anything serious. In any case, you must always be aware of any change in your skin color, including the appearance of moles. Now, what do you think about reading the article about skin whitening?

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