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Streamline Your Bathroom: 10 Organizing Tips for Ease

From a toilet to a bathroom with a jacuzzi, the Streamline Your Bathroom is one of the most important pieces of furniture in this room.

Hygiene items such as toothpaste, cotton wool, shampoo, toilet paper rolls and bath towels – are stored inside the Streamline Your Bathroom.

In some cases, secondary objects such as makeup, perfume and hair accessories can be accommodated in the same place.

In most bathrooms, the cabinets are usually under the sink, in others models that occupy the entire wall or even shelves or shelves can be adapted. 

One option that went from the office directly to the bathroom is the wheeled chest of drawers, practical as you can move them throughout the house.

Due to the accumulation of hygiene items and cosmetics in general, a general mess can take over your bathroom cabinet

This carelessness with organization ends up getting in the way of your day to day, even more so when you need to put on makeup and not even lipstick, you can find it.

If you’re tired of wasting time, we’ll teach you how to organize your bathroom cabinet. Here are ten tips that will make your life easier, just keep reading!

1. Remove all items

How to organize a bathroom cabinet - 01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

The first point for you to succeed in organizing the bathroom cabinet is to know the objects that are part of this furniture. 

So, set aside a period of the day to remove all the items from the closet (all of them!) and take the opportunity to know how much space is available there. 

Oh, don’t forget to clean it on the inside too. If it’s messy, it probably has untouched dust, hair, and even bugs.

2. Select, remove or catalog

You’ve cleaned out the closet and all the items are lined up on the floor. At this point you should:

  1. See what you or your family actually wear. Whatever is stopped, put it in a box for donation;
  2. Check to see if cosmetics are within their expiration date. If they are expired, they must be discarded;
  3. Note which of these items you use the most and leave them together;
  4. Finally, sectorize all the objects (in the next step we will teach you how to do this).

3. Use baskets to sectorize cosmetics

How to organize a bathroom cabinet - 03
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

It’s time to put the items you and your family use back in the closet. But you won’t do this task anyway, right? 

To better accommodate your cosmetics, you should sector all items, that is, divide them by categories (for example: everything related to hair should be together). Therefore, you will need:

  • Plastic boxes or baskets without lids;
  • Plastic labels for easy identification.

Of course, there is the possibility of replacing the plastic boxes or baskets with another material of your choice, but think about the practicality of cleaning these organizers. 

Another point in favor is that plastic or acrylic are usually more affordable for purchase. Try to opt for boxes without lids because these items, when exposed, will facilitate the search and your daily life.

About the size of these boxes, you should see, after the sectorization, the amount of things of a theme that you have and be based on it. You can even buy baskets of different colors in order to separate product categories. 

And finally, try to reserve the space at the front for those products you use the most (remember we talked about them in the previous topic). That makes it simpler to catch them on the run, right?

4. Invest in glass jars to store cotton swabs and cotton

How to organize a bathroom cabinet - 04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

This tip is easy and totally sustainable. Here you will not need to spend money. Reuse glass jars, such as jelly and palm hearts, to store cotton swabs and cotton. 

These objects are very delicate and we must be careful not to come into contact with the humidity in the bathroom, which is why the lid is essential.

In addition to cotton and cotton swabs being easier to access and tidy, of course, you can also use the pots for bathroom decoration. There is the possibility of placing an aromatic candle or even succulents inside.

As for the organization of these pots, you can choose to leave them in the closet or on the countertop. It just depends on your preference.

5. The wicker or natural fiber box looks beautiful to store towels

How to organize a bathroom cabinet - 05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Anyone who likes a rustic or natural touch will love this tip! You can buy a wicker or natural fiber box to organize towels, from face to bath towels. Another item that you can store inside these boxes is toilet paper.

If you don’t know how to arrange the towels in the box, our tip is to make tubes so that they are less bulky and also more tidy.

Attention: in case you didn’t like the option of putting toilet paper rolls in wicker boxes, there are organizers for this object. They are usually metal and the rolls are stacked to take up less space.

6. Use dividers in the drawers to organize the bathroom cabinet

Drawers, like everything else in the closet, should be organized as well. Inside them, you can put smaller items, such as skin creams in general, as well as soaps and toothpastes.

The ideal is also to sectorize these drawers, dividing by categories. Define a drawer for each theme (important to check how many items and drawers are available). 

Don’t forget to also organize the closet drawers, ok? To make it even easier, you can buy drawer dividers or use materials such as cardboard or fabric to make some. The important thing is to use your creativity and keep the drawers tidy!

7. What not to keep

Although it is very common, it is important to note that some items should not be left in the bathroom. The most relevant are the medicines and make-up that can spoil due to the humidity present, in addition to the wide variation in temperature.

Sometimes it is not noticeable, but humidity can interfere with the quality of makeup and medications. Try to reserve space in your bedroom or kitchen (preferably out of the reach of children) to accommodate these items.

8. Minimalist bench is the best option

How to organize a bathroom cabinet - 08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest

Don’t forget that the bathroom countertop is often an extension of the closet. Try to reproduce the same steps as the closet on it, making it as minimalist as possible. Ideally, the countertop has only a toothbrush holder and a soap dish.

If you still want to have objects that are easier to see, such as cotton swabs or cotton, you have the option of placing one or more shelves in the bathroom. It will definitely be cleaner and more practical.

Did you like our ten tips on how to organize a bathroom cabinet? As you can see, they are very simple and will help you in your everyday life! Be sure to comment below, which one of these ideas you liked the most!

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