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InícioFASHION & BEAUTYThe controversial and problematic old money, style of the great heirs

The controversial and problematic old money, style of the great heirs

If you usually follow fashion trends , especially on social media, you’ve probably come across the old money aesthetic. 

To understand more about this topic, style and image consultant Manuela Casali shares valuable information. Check out!

What is old money style ?

According to the professional, “the old money style is an aesthetic associated with the way of dressing of the great heirs, that is, the millionaires whose fortune comes from generations and generations of families”. 

This definition that has everything to do with the name, which means ‘old money’ in the literal translation into Portuguese. 

Thus, this aesthetic bears similarities with preppy, “a term related to the ‘pretty’ style of students in British and North American private preparatory schools”.

This style is marked by “more classic looks, including references to traditional sports of the wealthy classes, such as golf, tennis and equestrianism”, points out the professional. 

Despite the aesthetic going viral on social networks, the consultant informs that it is not a novelty, as “it is a preppy aspect, which emerged in the 70s”.

The resurgence of aesthetics is part of fashion cycles. Casali believes that in this case, “the resurgence of aesthetics is an opposition to the exaggerated and extravagant look of the emerging classes, which is very much associated with ‘bad taste’. 

In fashion, we call it ‘kitsch’, a term that refers to a cheap imitation of something more sophisticated”.

Old money style issues

Depending on the perspective, this aesthetic can be problematic. The consultant explains that clothes often resemble “a search for an appearance of what we are not, because looking like a millionaire does not make anyone truly rich”. 

In this sense, adopting the old money aesthetic “may indicate an attempt to escape reality”. Therefore, it is important to think about the negative impacts of the culture of appearances on mental health.

The lack of diversity also ignores “all the discussions raised around discrimination against black people and other non-white groups that have gained ground in recent years”. 

Considering the current socioeconomic scenario, “to proudly display items from very expensive traditional brands is almost like an obscenity, as a large part of the population has been economically impacted due to political crises”.

Despite the problems, there’s nothing wrong with liking to dress that way. Even, depending on the perspective, the absorption of the old money style by different people can be seen as a resignification of the symbols that were for so long associated with the elite.

Old money style features

This aesthetic is reminiscent of the style “of characters from series that were successful in the 2000s, such as Gossip Girl”, comments Casali. 

In addition to this particularity, the professional talks a little more about the main characteristics of this style:

Key parts for old money

The controversial and problematic old money-01
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Carla

The essential pieces for an old money wardrobe are “tailored jackets and blazers and impeccably tailored trousers. 

It is also common for well-structured shirts, polo-style shirts and knitted pieces such as vests, sweaters and cardigans”. The design of these pieces is “inspired by classic brands such as Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Hermès”.

Classic plaid print

The controversial and problematic old money-02
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Anna

The old money style runs away from very flashy or different prints. Thus, the aesthetic values ​​“classic plaid patterns, such as the famous tartan”, similarly to preppy. This choice has an explanation: they are more classic prints and linked to the elite.

Elite sports references

The controversial and problematic old money-03
Retrieved from Pinterest – Lauren Pacheco

Sports traditionally related to the financial elite also have a place in old money . This style is present in “pleated skirts, like a vintage tennis uniform”. This is because “the practice of these sports relies on traditionally more elegant clothing”. 

Another example is the use of “scarves inspired by the classic models of the Hermés brand, which are tied around the neck” and make reference to equestrianism.

Simple makeup

The controversial and problematic old money-04
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Vic Hollo

Closely related to the clean girl aesthetic, the old money style avoids exaggeration and contrasts, opting to maintain “simple and well-done makeup”. 

The specialist explains that “culturally, we see minimalism as a choice of sophistication and elegance”, so it is interesting to bet on this naturalness.

Carefully combed hair

The controversial and problematic old money-05
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Magdalena Paw

Here, aesthetics follow the same line as makeup. They are usually “up or down, but always with a neat appearance, without fancy hairstyles and nothing exaggerated”. You can also do hairstyles with the use of gel or pomades to keep the strands in place. 

Obviously there are problems, mainly because the idea of ​​’carefully groomed’ is socially constructed and associated with straight hair.

The old money aesthetic is far from extravagant pieces and vibrant prints, preferring elegant compositions. To complete the look, bet on delicate jewelry, such as pearl necklaces or golden accessories.

10 old money photos for those who want to adhere to the style

Did you like this aesthetic and want to adopt it in your day-to-day? So check out a selection of 10 photos to get inspired and put your ideas into practice:

1. Invest in timeless and elegant pieces

The controversial and problematic old money-06
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Olya

2. With straight cuts and formal look

The controversial and problematic old money-07
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Sarah

3. Bet on earthy tones

The controversial and problematic old money-08
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Elodie Romy

4. In checkered print sets

The controversial and problematic old money-09
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Helene Lecomte

5. Or with solid and sober colors

The controversial and problematic old money-010
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Magdalena Paw

6. Colored pieces need to have more discreet tones

The controversial and problematic old money-011
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Florence

7. Because the style values ​​more neutral colors

The controversial and problematic old money-012
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Jeanne Menard

8. Social pieces even appear in summer looks

The controversial and problematic old money-013
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – House

9. Complete your look with tights

The controversial and problematic old money-014
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Cherry

10. Or white socks and dress shoes

The controversial and problematic old money-015
Image: Retrieved from Pinterest – Jihoon Kim

By opting for durable quality pieces, you guarantee items to create looks that can be repeated for years and enjoy them in new combinations each season.

Videos about old money

Want more visual references of this style? Check out the selection below and find more information to put together looks within this aesthetic. 

Also, be inspired by historical and visual references, such as characters who use old money in their daily lives:

The old money problem

In this video, the stylist and fashion researcher explains the resurgence of the old money aesthetic and the controversy surrounding this aesthetic. In addition, she shares what are the key pieces to dress this way.

Meet the old money style

The trained specialist in fashion and clothing design talks about the resurgence of aesthetics. 

The professional uses the song ‘Old Money’ by singer Lana Del Rey as a reference and also lists characters that are examples of this aesthetic.

Old money , the tiktok trend

The image and style consultant explains the old money trend and the characteristics of escapism present in this trend. 

Here, she highlights the striking aspects of this aesthetic in clothing to assemble a very old money wardrobe .

Although controversial, the old money style is a very current fashion trend. In addition to preppy, this aesthetic dialogues with dark academia and coastal grandmother.

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