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Thermal protector for hair: protect strands from excessive heat

Heat tools cause damage to your locks. Therefore, it is essential to apply a thermal protector for hair before using them. 

Hairdresser Carolina Franco, from Franco Hair , talks about the benefits of the product and gives tips that will help you choose the ideal one for your hair type.

What is a thermal protector for?

According to the hairdresser, the thermal protector is a product applied before using heat tools, such as a dryer , straightener, curling iron and hair diffuser

It is recommended for all types of hair, as it “minimizes damage caused by excessive heat, such as breakage, dryness and loss of shine”.

The professional explains that this happens because the product creates a protective barrier, reducing the direct transfer of heat to the hair.” 

Therefore, it preserves the health and healthy appearance of the locks. “In addition, the heat protectant facilitates the styling process, making the hair more manageable and manageable.”

Product benefits

People who have beautiful hair can also benefit from using a thermal protector, as it will protect the hair. Below, the hairdresser highlights the main benefits of the product:

  • Reduces damage: the thermal protector for hair “forms a protective barrier that reduces direct exposure of strands to intense heat, minimizing breakage and other damage”.
  • Prevents dryness: “by creating a protective layer, the product helps preserve hair moisture, preventing dryness caused by excessive heat.”
  • Preserves shine: “heat protection helps keep the hair cuticle sealed, resulting in shinier, healthier hair.”
  • Prevents split ends: “by preventing damage caused by heat, the product prevents the appearance of split ends, keeping the ends of the hair healthier”.
  • Maintaining elasticity: “the protective barrier maintains the natural elasticity of the hair, reducing stiffness and weakening caused by heat”.

Natural elasticity is important to prevent the strands from breaking easily due to the force of traction, normally done when brushing the locks with a hairdryer. Therefore, when elasticity is compromised, strands are more easily damaged.

How to choose the best product?

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To choose the right product, you need to consider some factors, especially your hair type and chemical procedures. Check out the professional’s tips:

  • Check the ingredients: “opt for thermal protectors formulated with silicone, keratin or panthenol. For chemically treated hair, look for products with gentle formulas that are free of sulfates and parabens.”
  • Protection for high temperatures: “check if the product offers protection for the temperature of tools you usually use. This is especially important for blonde hair that is more sensitive to heat.”
  • Light texture: “ curly hair can benefit from thermal protectors with lighter textures, as they do not weigh down the strands and do not leave them looking oily and without definition.”
  • Intense hydration: “chemically treated hair needs thermal protectors that offer deep hydration to prevent additional damage”. So, “look for products enriched with natural oils or moisturizing butters.”
  • UV filter: “ blonde hair , especially bleached hair, is more susceptible to damage caused by UV rays. Therefore, choose a product with sunscreen for hair .” There are some types of leave-in that offer sun and thermal protection in the same product.

According to the professional, regardless of the hair type, it is important to do the adaptation test. So, first, apply the product to a small strand to evaluate the result. “This helps to avoid allergic reactions or incompatibilities with the product”, explains the specialist.

How to use thermal hair protector?

Applying the product correctly guarantees greater protection and increases the anti-frizz action , leaving the hair more aligned. Below, the hairdresser teaches the main steps to take advantage of the benefits that thermal protector offers:

  • Clean, damp hair: “apply to clean, damp hair immediately after washing and conditioning. Be sure to remove excess water, leaving strands damp but not soaking wet.”
  • Moderate amount: “Use an appropriate amount, usually the size of a small coin for medium hair. Spread the product between your hands and work it through your hair, focusing on the ends and length.”
  • Avoid the roots: “avoid applying heat protectant directly to the roots to avoid making your hair oily quickly.” So, “concentrate on the areas most exposed to heat.”
  • Uniform distribution: “comb or brush your hair after applying the thermal protector to ensure it is uniform on all strands.”
  • Division into sections: before using curlers, “divide your hair into sections to even out the product throughout.”
  • Distance from tools: “maintain a safe distance between your hair and the dryer to prevent the protector from evaporating or damaging your hair.”
  • Optional finishing: “after styling the strands, you can use a hair finishing spray to fix the hairstyle and add extra shine”.
  • Frequency of use: “in general, it should be applied whenever using heat tools to protect the hair”.
  • Contraindications: it is contraindicated for people with allergies or sensitivity to specific ingredients. Therefore, “it is important to check the packaging label to avoid products that may trigger an allergic reaction”.

Furthermore, if the person “has specific medical conditions related to the hair or scalp, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional or hairdresser before using the product”.

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