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InícioFASHION & BEAUTYThread by thread micropigmentation enhances the eyebrows with a natural effect

Thread by thread micropigmentation enhances the eyebrows with a natural effect

There are different methods to enhance the eyebrow, but thread-by-thread micropigmentation stands out for providing a more natural look. 

Specialist in natural techniques for eyebrows, lips, eyes and areolas, Deise Damas, explains the procedure and clarifies the main doubts. Follow!

What is thread-by-thread micropigmentation?

Thread-by-thread micropigmentation is a filling technique that models the eyebrows with the help of a demographer. 

According to the specialist, the method “is current and leaves the eyebrow more natural than other procedures”. 

Deise Damas also comments that “the color used in the pigmentation depends on the skin tone and hair”. In this way, the result is more uniform and harmonious with the entire face.

How is thread-by-thread micropigmentation done?

In this filling technique, pigment is added to the surface layer of the skin using a demograph. “We simulate the thread through a design of hairs, ‘drawing’ one by one and filling in the gaps in the eyebrows”, explains the professional. 

After the procedure, it is necessary to “avoid the sun, wetting and scratching the region to achieve good results”.

Frequently asked questions about thread-by-thread micropigmentation

Micropigmentation is among the most popular aesthetic trends in beauty salons. Many bloggers and influencers have already bet on the technique. 

However, is this the best option for you? Before you decide, check out some questions clarified by the expert:

Women’s Tips – How long does micropigmentation last thread by thread?
Deise Damas – The procedure lasts, on average, from 6 months to a year and a half.

How is the healing?
Because it is a softer technique, healing is very quiet and starts to heal in around 7 days.

How much does the procedure cost?

The technique costs an average of R$ 1,000.

Does micropigmentation thread by thread hurt?

Before and during the procedure, topical anesthetic is applied to the region, so it is practically painless.

Are there contraindications?

Pregnant women and people with autoimmune diseases need medical clearance to perform micropigmentation.

What are the necessary precautions?

Before the procedure, it is necessary to suspend the use of acids in the region to be pigmented. After micropigmentation, as already mentioned, it is important to avoid sun exposure, wetting and scratching the region.

It’s common to feel itchy and try to rip off the scabs during the healing process. However, it is essential not to do this to avoid contamination by bacteria. 

Also, use mild soap without rubbing your eyebrow and sunscreen for your face when you need to expose yourself to the sun.

Thread by thread micropigmentation videos

In the selection of videos below, you will follow the step by step of micropigmentation thread by thread, the before and after of the technique, as well as reports from youtubers. Check out!

Thread by thread micropigmentation: step by step

The time has come to check out the micropigmentation technique in practice. Expert Danny Silva shows step by step and the materials used. In addition, she brings professional information about the method. Watch!

Thread by thread micropigmentation: before and after

Youtuber Luciana Vilela shows what her eyebrow looked like before micropigmentation and the result after the procedure. In addition, she talks about care during healing and how her process was.

Experience with thread-by-thread micropigmentation

Youtuber Thalyta Arruda tells about her experience with micropigmentation thread by thread. She comments on the necessary care and the negative part of the procedure. Was it worth it and did she approve of the result? Watch the video and check out!

As seen, thread by thread micropigmentation is recommended for people who want harmonious and more natural eyebrows. However, if you haven’t decided on the method yet, you can enhance your look using eyebrow shadow.

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