Add Style with Crochet Fringe: Don't Miss These Free Patterns!

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Crochet fringe is the perfect touch. It adds a fun design detail, changing the style of any crochet pattern. Fringe can be long or short. It can be used on one, two, or more edges of a project. It can be subtle or it can completely make or break the design.

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Fringe is something that we see in all different types of yarn crafts, not only in crochet. 


Crochet Wall Hanging with Fring

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 When you have to change colors in every row of a striped crochet blanket, you end up with lots of ends to weave in.

Southwest Afghan Free Crochet Pattern with Fringe

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The great thing about crochet fringe is that it adds an extra element to the most basic designs. This is a double crochet scarf with extra long fringe. 


Crochet Fringe Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

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This pattern demonstrates how to make a crochet tassel and then how to apply a set of such tassels to one row of a simple infinity scarf to create a beautiful fringed bottom.

Tassel Fringe Infinity Scarf Free Crochet Pattern

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The detail that ties it all together is the fringe; this is where we see that braids can be incorporated into crochet as fringe. 


Braided Fringe Crochet Flower Scarf Free Pattern

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