Afghan crochet: Easy pattern ideas for inspiration

Crochet Chic Mira


Although there are some great crochet baby blanket patterns available for beginners, each of these is sized to fit an adult (although could be made smaller for little ones).

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If you want an easy crochet afghan pattern then you just need to learn how to crochet a granny square.  


Giant Granny Square Crochet Afghan

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Another easy crochet afghan pattern is to make a whole bunch of tiny crochet squares and stitch them together into one big blanket.

Battenberg Blanket

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However, instead of working them in the round, you create them by working in rows, which some beginners prefer.


HDC Squares Crochet Blanket

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If you have never heard of linen stitch before, don't fret; it's just made up of single crochet and chain stitches.

Linen Stitch Crochet Afghan

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You repeat it again and again, across the row, and from row to row. 


Modified Moss Stitch Crochet Afghan

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If you know how to work the double crochet (called the treble crochet in this pattern because it's written in UK crochet terms) then you can work this blanket.

Double Crochet Striped Afghan

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